Banning Gang Patches vs hiring more Mandarin Speaking Police Investigators: What actually going after Organised Crime would look like if we weren’t playing games


Here’s a story…

Lingerie thief drives car into adult store’s manager in attempt at getaway

A shoplifter who deliberately drove into the manager of adult store Peaches & Cream has been handed her just desserts in court.

Hamilton woman Kayla Jean Smith, 29, appeared in the Hamilton District Court on Friday, on charges of assault using a blunt instrument – namely a blue Toyota Corolla – shoplifting, and aggravated assault.

Some of those charges arose from an incident at the store on Anglesea St, just after 3pm on April 19 last year.

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Smith entered the shop and collected five items of lingerie off the shelf, to the value of $320.

With the skimpy clothing in hand, she skimped on paying – instead running out of the store and onto the street with the store manager hot on her tail.

Smith ran to her car, which was parked in a driveway by the store, and got in. The manager saw her, and started walking towards her. Smith stopped the car three metres in front of her.

The manager yelled for her to give the lingerie back. Smith yelled back: “Get f…ed”.

Then she hit the accelerator, hitting the manager with the front of the car. The victim was forced up onto the bonnet of the vehicle and carried along for a couple of metres before being thrown backwards onto the road.

The manager suffered a concussion and bruises and scratches, but was otherwise unharmed.

Smith, meanwhile, had an explanation for the police when they caught up with her: “It was not me. I am being mistaken for a woman called Olivia”.

…she wouldn’t even own up to her own appalling behaviour and pretended ‘Olivia’ was to blame.

What a little charmer!

And why was she running over sex shop managers and stealing lingerie?

Because of the meth.

Of course.

Here’s another wee gem on my Bus route no less…

Auckland bus attack: Justin Waipouri jailed for unprovoked stabbing of fellow passenger in Newmarket

Methamphetamine addict Justin Coy Waipouri had not slept in three days when he turned to a stranger seated near him on an Auckland bus and began to stab him without warning.

Now the 46-year-old has been sentenced in the Auckland District Court for the brutal and unprovoked attack, which he acknowledges was “foolish” and something he regrets.

“What happened on that bus was unacceptable,” Judge Peter Winter said before ordering a sentence of three years’ imprisonment, adding that commuters should be entitled to take public transit without the fear of random violence.

The attack occurred just before 9.30pm one Thursday in May 2022 as the Auckland Transport bus travelled along Broadway in Newmarket. Waipouri and the victim were both on the rear seat of the bus, with another passenger between them.

“As the bus neared the intersection of Remuera Rd and Broadway, Mr Waipouri began behaving erratically, punching the ceiling and complaining of the air conditioning,” the agreed summary of facts for the case states. “[The victim] intervened by telling Mr Waipouri to relax and calm down.

“This enraged Mr Waipouri …”

The defendant then lunged at the victim, throwing punches.

“Using a knife or similar bladed item, Mr Waipouri stabbed [the stranger] four times, thrice in the torso and one in the neck,” court documents state.

The defendant later said he had been up for several days due to methamphetamine use and wasn’t thinking clearly. He had got it in his mind that the stranger was about to attack him so he struck first, he explained.

Waipouri got off the bus after the attack and tried to flag down another bus. When the bus driver refused to open the door for him, Waipouri struck the bus, smashing the glass. For that incident, he was charged with intentional damage.

Waipouri pleaded guilty to both charges last June and had been awaiting sentencing since.

In a victim impact statement written two weeks after the incident, the man who was stabbed said he still hadn’t returned to work as a result of his serious but not life-threatening injuries.

“I don’t know why the male attacked me,” the victim wrote. “I was just trying to help him and calm him down.”

He said he was fearful that Waipouri might be granted bail since the victim would soon have to start using the bus again to get to work.

“I’m afraid something like this might happen again,” he said.

Waipouri was granted electronically monitored bail in April last year so he could enrol at Grace Foundation, a live-in rehabilitation facility. But he absconded from the facility in September and was at-large for six months before being arrested again in March this year. He had been in custody since then.

…wait for the twist…

The father-of-seven has genuine remorse for what occurred and wants to start fresh after release from prison, perhaps using his carpentry qualifications to earn a living, the court was told. He also wanted re-establish a relationship with his children.


What a way to bury the lead!

I don’t want to sound judgy, but if you are stealing lingerie and running over store managers for Meth money, if you are a father of 7 on a 3 days meth bender playing stabby stabby games with fellow bus passengers, may I humbly suggest you are fucked.

They are not living their best lives.


Justin and Kayla’s life has been ravaged by Meth, they are making decisions based on the desperation of an addict. The complexity of their lives will not be solved by any of the law and order announcements the Government made last week.

A watered down 3 strikes law, removing the Treaty from Corrections, removing Section 7aa from Oranga Tamariki, military boot camps, warrantless arrests for 14 year olds, a new classification of youth offender, more police foot patrols and  banning patches won’t do a fucking thing for the lives of Justin or Kayla because none of those listed things help Justin or Kayla heal from their addiction!

If we were serious about tackling Organised Crime, we wouldn’t be banning Gang Patches, we would be hiring more Mandarin speaking investigators!

The 501 syndicates have taken over the domestic month market and have flooded NZ with cheaper more pure meth from their South American Cartel links, what has solidified the market has been the use of Chinese shadow banking here in Auckland who are using mirror lending tactics with South American Cartels.

The expose in the Financial Times at how wide spread Chinese shadow banking for criminal organisations has become also notes Auckland in the global chain of this criminal empire.

Nothing national are saying is anything more than virtue signalling rhetoric for their frightened electorate.

It’s more important to bash Māori gangs and promise retribution against them than it is it actually deal to the financial structure of Chinese shadow banking that is enabling 501 syndicates to profit from the billion dollar meth trade.

We are easily manipulated muppets.


  1. There have been numerous incidents of people being attacked while waiting for or while traveling on a bus.

    Which only puts more people off using them.

    Seems the cops are going to have to start putting police on buses to help restore confidence, deter offenders and uphold the law.

  2. The Coalition are working at speed to deal with the crimes you describe and many others,for that they should be commended.Should more be done to catch money launderers? Yes.

  3. Organised crime… are you meaning the four now foreign owned but were once Kiwi banks now making more money out of us in *net profits than any other banking in the world with the exception of Canada while we have desperate homelessness and 600,000 people living in poverty as costs leveraged on what were once public assets, like electricity for example, sky rocket to infinity and beyond? Any cop’d only need to speak English to catch those organised criminals don’t you reckon?
    * $180.00 a second 24/7/365.

    • yes even crime in NZ is now foreign owned .Mexican meth suppliers and Chinese money cleaners are just two examples .While we spend every cent we have chasing petty crimes these big time billion dollar turnover crime gangs are creaming it tax free and not worried about being caught because there will always be a replacement to fill that space .Slip a few k to party donations and a few free piss up dinners and Bobs uncle is as safe as houses .

  4. One of the coalition parties is responsible for having had a Chinese spy in it’s ranks( this is now proven).
    National were and still are corrupt.

  5. Why deal with crime? When you can support the Renter class to make more profit from it. This is the usual lazy bullshit from national and co.

    Look on the bright side. Uber can suck more money out of the economy with a fear of riding public transport.


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