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  1. Now here is a question to follow!
    As someone who got a 5% table mortgage from the government to put up a house when first married, after gathering a deposit, I would be interested to see if overarching trade agreements stop us from providing this useful, almost necessary, citizen incentive today. (We were both working including some evening work to get the deposit, and if we had less income we could have got a 3% mortgage.)
    Good question Ms Edmunds.

    …He predicted developers would build apartments as small as possible, so-called shoebox apartments, which would become the new affordable housing.
    They would have tiny awning windows in apartment blocks stuck in the shade.

    “When there’s a housing shortage and people have to take what’s available then definitely it will go that way.”
    At present developers usually stuck to a minimum of 50 square metres, in part because of banks’ regulations.
    “That will definitely have to change because when you’re looking at these small apartments it is first home buyers and people looking for a more affordable home.”

    Holloway said he was anti-sprawl, however, the push to get councils to loosen up urban / rural boundaries would eventually open up more opportunity and would help move the country out of a housing crisis and give people more choice…

    Strange how people talk about the urgent need for new housing. But no-one refers to the unreasonable level of inflow of overseas house buyers – more than the country can stand. Slow down the immigration and give us time to make plans to suit the nation, not the other way around.

    First up on google for Hyden Donnell:

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    Rosemary Dempsey, the inventor of Kiwi Onion Dip, is our greatest living New Zealander.

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  4. Gwynne Dyer is good stuff in this recent piece for those who perversely like tragi-comedy. It’s happening anyway so you might as well larf.
    So there we suddenly are, with three of the four biggest Western countries, containing about half of NATO’s population, facing elections that may radically change their political orientations. In the American and French cases, their next governments may be hard right, with fascist undertones.

    The United Kingdom’s election is the soonest and the least alarming, so let’s start there. The Tories (Conservatives) have been in power for fourteen years by now, so time would have eroded their popularity even if they had wonderful and successful policies. Their policies were neither of those things.
    They left the European Union (Brexit) and lost free access to Britain’s largest market by far. They imposed savage and needless austerity measures simply to serve their ideological goal of shrinking the state. British family incomes at the end of their fourteen years in power, astoundingly, are actually lower than they were at the start.

    Things went crazy in the last five of those years, during which the country had four different Tory prime ministers but only one election. Once Brexit was done the party ran out of ideas, so the Conservative members of parliament broke up into vaguely ideological gangs and started fighting each other.
    One prime minister was forced to resign for serial lying (Boris Johnson), another for crashing the economy (Liz Truss). The British economy rotted, the National Health Service is near collapse, and Prime Minister Sunak’s final obsession was to “get the flights going” to export asylum-seekers from Britain to Rwanda. (Cost: more than $1 million per person.)
    That will never happen now, and the only question for the Conservatives is whether this election will be merely a catastrophe (two terms in opposition and then maybe a come-back), or a full-scale extinction event from which there is no return.

    The Conservatives have been in office for more than half the time since the ‘modern’ party was founded 190 years ago, but apart from Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists in the years before the Second World War they have never before had to face a challenge from the right.
    Nigel Farage’s Reform UK Party is nationalist, populist and dog-whistle racist, but it is a far more sophisticated operation than Mosley’s ridiculous blackshirts. Farage’s goal is to supplant the traditional Conservative Party as the natural home for right-wing Britons, but he is not averse to achieving that goal by a hostile take-over of the Tories…


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