UK Election shock result for British Culture War Right: Winners, Losers and Predictions


Wow what a fascinating election.

Jonathan Pie hilariously sums up the obscenity of the last 14 years of Tory Rule…


…the despicable austerity of the Tories has caused a generations worth of damage and underfunding of crucial services so much so that the British People have limped to the polls in depressingly nothing numbers to give a useless chinless chump like Keir Smarmer into power.

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The real story however is the enormous wins by the British Culture War Right in the form of the Reform Party that didn’t even exist 5 weeks ago.

Their total vote vs tiny representation will spur the demand for MMP over the next 5 years.



Identity Politics: The power of negative Identity Politics where white people are centred as the victim against woke cultural over reach has emerged as a real movement with the enormous wins of the Reform Party. This will become radicalised over the next 5 years.

Using anti-semitism as a weapon: Smarmer used the claim of anti-semitism to under mine and over throw Jeremy Corbyn who won back his seat as an independent. Using anti-semitism as a weapon against the Left has ensured a meaningless Labour Party with zero chance of real reform.

Social Media Hate algorithms: Brexit was the first test of negative Identity Politics and became the format MAGA adopted. Older Labour voters punished by the free market gravitated towards Brexit after being attacked by younger Labour online activists and it was this friction which generated the momentum and hardened feelings. The enormous gains by the Reform Party now show how powerful negative identity has become as an election mobiliser.


British Democracy: It was a pathetic low turn out again. Last election it was 67.3%, this time it will be less than 70%.

First Past the Post Elections: The push against FPP will be made by The Reform, Greens and Lib Dems.

Palestine: The anti-semitism purge under Smarmer means the issue of Palestine will be ignored by the new Labour Government.

British Services: Public services will not get the extra funding they need because Smarmer won’t tax the rich. UK Labour is locked into the same economic centrist straitjacket the NZ Labour Party are locked into.

British Conservatives: Total repudiation. Too right wing for Labour voters, not right wing enough for Reform voters. They are a destroyed political value in an ocean of right wing culture war polarisation.



Smarmer is just as limp as the NZ Labour Party and won’t manage to do any of the things required to stop the UKs managed decline. That lack of change will see the next 5 years drift while the Reform Party plays into the disillusionment and twists it into more polarised extremism.

The Reform Party wins tonight will be the seeds of Labour’s doom being sown.


  1. While personally could not stand Corbyn he was a true Labour person in the mold I was brought up to believe a Labour politician was .Labour lost under him now they have another Blair type to lead them. People do not want the Labour many on this post dream of either here or in the UK

      • National are Squeaky Clean is right ,,,, and Trevor is making stuff up to support his personal opinion ,,

        ,,,, long term Tory/right wing rule ( the British conservatives just had a 14 year run) lead to a voters revolt with only 23% voying for them,,,, Likewise over a decade of rule by National here in AoNz saw them drubbed in 2002 gaining only 20.93% of the party vote

        People do not want right wing neo-lib Govts ,,, either here or in the UK.


        British ‘democracy’ has seen their pro- Zionist Lino labour party get 63% of the seats on 34% of the votes cast ,,,,

        Their percentage of the votes was down from Corbyns 39.99 share in 2017 ,,, and although their 2024 percentage share is slightly up from Corbyns 2019 result by 1.6%,, this was after years of undermining and attacks by the zionist wing of his own party and the media,,,, but due to lower voter turnout in 2024 Corbyn in 2019 had more people vote for Labour under him with 10.3 million doing so, and that dropped to 9.7 million under Starmer.

        Starmer the uber-zionist and human rights law abuser did piss poor in his own electorate, getting 18,884, in 2019, he got 36,641. …. His personal vote halved in this general election.

        Corbyn got 24,120 votes this election,,, to win his seat from Labour as an independent.

        Summing up “No British political party has ever won such a big majority with so few votes”.

        ,,,, and the rise in the hard right happens when conventional politics is obviously failing the many to benefit the few.

        Neo-lib Governments worldwide from Lino Labour party’s/the Usa Democrats/our NActs/the Aussie Liberals etc etc have failed.

        Western democracy is now a dysfunctional shit show ,,,,

        The stats show that long term

    • Jonathan Pie could be saying the same thing about our current coalition government in a few years.

      It just reinforces the absolute shit we are fed by right wing conservatives that they are better managers of the economy and money. They are only managing that money for about 3% of the population. They are rip off merchants. But somehow it will be the fault of wokeness. Yes folks Liz Truss would have been fine if some bloke wasn’t wearing a dress.

    • Trevor the NACT bot/troll- how much are they payin’ you Trev? Like the Tories and NACT, you don’t care about ‘society’ because it doesn’t exist as far as you’re concerned- just individuals, survival of the fittest eh! Oh, and short-term thinking because we know that the human race won’t survive if we continue in the direction you wants us to go. Dumb!

  2. Everyone knows that, like New Zealand, Labour and the “Conservatives” are two sides of the same coin. The UK has effectively a false choice that is only there to provide the illusion of a democracy. This Uniparty model is by design in an FPP election system (UK and USA) to provide people a binary choice (that are more or less identical in everything that actually matters), and remarkably holds up well even in an MMP environment where I am somewhat surprised Labour and National remain by far the largest parties.

  3. Sadly, this is all too true. Just to enlarge on this for those who’ve been following this election and the US one. The reputable independent polls were predicting a massive Labour win as much as two years ago. Out of a 600+ parliament, the Tories will be lucky to clear 120.
    Theoretically, it should give Starmer a better than two-thirds majority, enough to bring in serious political and much needed reform to the British electoral system, like PR and elimination of hereditary lords, leading to an elected upper house. He also will have enough to request re-entry to the EU. All of these are wanted by the left of the Labour party, but are unlikely, because Starmer makes Hipkins look like a ultra left radical. He’s a useful as tits on a bull. He’ll probably do enough for a second term, but then the Tories will be back with a new revitalised line up. How do the French say it?
    Ca plus change, ca ne plus change pass.”

    • The left of the Labour Party most certainly do not want to rejoin the neoliberal EU. Jeremy Corbyn was opposed to it longer than Nigel Farage was.

      Of course, UK Labour has pretty much finished kicking out anyone who isn’t an insane zionist maniac with economic policies indistinguishable from the Conservatives by now, so it’s a bit of a moot point.

      • Sorry, Mohammed, but that’s just not true at all. At the very best, what you’ve said applies to a tiny minority of the UK left, and does little justice, in fact is an insult, to the overwhelming majority of people who voted in a Labour, Lib-Dem, SNP, SF, independent government over there.
        I have relatives on both sides of the fence there, so know first hand how inaccurate your comment is. Especially regarding the EU and political reform. To find this out for yourself, ignore MSM and critically read and watch certain authorities on these matters.

        • Scum like Starmer, Blairite filth, are not ‘leftist’.

          Did Corbyn- the symbol of the actual left which the Labour party has kicked out- support the EU? Of course he didn’t.

  4. One thing I forgot to add to earlier comment…
    The one main thumbs up for the FPP system and thumbs down of our MMP system is if you stand for your electorate and lose you are out of Parliament with FPP.
    Under our MMP, no matter how fucking terrible an MP you are (left or right) if you are high enough on the list, you have a job for life!

    • MMP recognises the reality: people vote along both lines, party lines and candidate. They get a balanced recognition of both. FPP not so much.
      The world is not as childishly simplistic as Generally wrong needs it to be in order for him to feel comfortable.

    • Yes a candidate in an electorate shouldn’t be on the list. Such a rule would change the whole dynamic of candidate selection and retention.

    July 2/24 In the second half of the 20th century, the structure of the British electorate was relatively straightforward. At its core, identifying with a party came down to your attitude to economic inequality and what (if anything) you thought the state should do about it. It’s a simplification, but not a massive one, to say that the political map was one-dimensional: left versus right, Labour versus Conservative.
    But this has changed in recent decades. The EU referendum didn’t break down along left-right lines. Instead, Brexit divided the electorate into social liberals and social conservatives…

    The six types of voter
    The British electorate can now be divided into these six groups:

    The “middle Britons”, who are largely in the centre politically. They have no clear party affiliation and are hard to win over. They account for over a quarter of the electorate.

    The “well-off traditionalists”, who are politically engaged, with economically right-wing and socially conservative views that align with the Conservative party. They’re likely to live in the south-east.

    The “apolitical centrists”, who are the least politically engaged group. They are relatively young and tend to have lower incomes. They’re the least likely to vote, but if they do, they are likely to choose either the Conservatives or Labour.

    The “left-behind patriots”, who have left-wing economic views but are conservative in their social outlook. They mostly voted for Brexit, and are more likely that any other group to support Nigel Farage’s Reform UK party.

    The “urban progressives”, who are graduates and professionals, and are very likely to vote. They lean strongly to the left on economic issues and are liberal on social issues.

    The “soft-left liberals”, who are also likely to vote. They are university-educated and left-leaning on social issues, but more centrist on the economy….

  6. Voting must be mandatory. One must vote! It’s that simple. Then, go off and be as free and as loopy as one wants. Go crazy! But one must vote! Do you want to be a lost soul? No! Then fucking vote!

  7. I’ve come to accept that neoliberalism has been locked in, and it will continue until total global system collapse – economic, social, environmental collapses or war. Or any combination. The only certainty is that certainty.

  8. The people have spoken, the UK government utter crap. Conservatives lost rather than Labour won, no one in their right mind would vote for Starmer the human rights lawyer advocating for genocide.

  9. Well the dominatrix community is going to be dealing with a lot of very upset naughty little boys. They might refrain from using the word ‘spanking’ in the short term.

  10. Who’d think, that you could get an even worse political system than the yank system…throw in a guy that makes Biden look competent and yeah, money must be tripping all over itself with this shite show they just served up to voters. And the Reform party…sounds like Winnie’s mob.

  11. a big message for Luxon here .Just because you have a shit load of money does not mean you know how to run a country .Rish has more cash than the king yet he has failed big time as it is not so easy yo fleece 65 million as it is to fleece a few hundred customers or employees .You cant manipulate 65 million because you dont own them like you do your employees ,try sacking that many

  12. Ironic that in spite of a landslide victory, Starmer made Labour less electable. Fewer by several million votes compared to previous election under JC, his own vote tanked, JC’s was much higher, only 60% turnout, meaning Labour had only garnered 20-21% of the electorate. Not expecting anything but at least the vile Tories were annihilated.

  13. Statistics don’t lie.

    “No one in Britain should see the Labour Party, Keir Starmer and his top team as triumphant warriors. They’ve cynically gamed our outdated and anti-democratic electoral system, disenfranchising the left and being as insipid and soulless as they could for so long that the inevitable Tory collapse simply handed them a landslide victory by default. But the reality is, they’re less popular than they were under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. And the statistics prove it ”

    ” And clearly, we should be shouting more than ever about how awful our electoral system is, giving Labour 63% of parliamentary seats despite it only winning 34% of the votes (“the lowest won by a post-war single party government”).

    At the same time, we absolutely should be comparing Starmer’s 9,698,409 votes in 2024 to Corbyn’s 12,877,918 votes and 40% vote share of 2017 (or even Corbyn’s 10,295,912 votes in 2019, despite the brutal media smears against him and the party’s disastrous adoption of a second-referendum policy).

    And we definitely ought to highlight that we just saw the second-smallest voter turnout since 1885, at 60%, showing mass disenchantment with establishment politics. Additionally, we should keep insisting that it was the Tories that lost, not Labour that won, as BBC polling expert Sir John Curtice has said.

    The mass manipulation of the media with the BBC leading in its campaign to discredit him , the establishment and BREXIT denied Jeremy Corbyn the premiership in 2019. And those in his party who are there to feather their own nests and are financially blackmailed by big donors also worked against Jeremy using a anti semitic campaign to assist in his destruction.


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