Statement From Labour Housing Spokesperson Kieran McAnulty – Labour Party


“It’s all well and good to want to ensure development opportunities, but unless the Government fronts with infrastructure money, councils are limited in what they can offer by ways of expansion,” says Labour housing spokesperson Kieran McAnulty

“Labour is open to any measure that will lead to more housing and will lend support where it is likely to work, but not at the expense of building standards or loss of elite productive soil.

“There is an opportunity here, but the short-term thinking means it runs the risk of ending as a shambles. This shouldn’t be used as a way for the government to avoid difficult discussions about density or fronting up with funding.

“It may look good on paper but this announcement hasn’t been thought through, and the Government has again opened themselves up to being all talk,” Kieran McAnulty said.


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  1. NAct essentially want to keep immigration rates up in order to maintain the sugar high of artificially manipulated investment figures.
    This is not about housing existing NZers, it’s about crowding more newbies in.

  2. Expecting councils to pay for further infrastructure will result in higher rates required.

    Areas with higher rates deter buyer demand, increase rents (putting off renters) while forcing current occupiers to consider leaving. Becoming rate refugees.

    Who do we expect will want to live in overpriced, overcrowded, crime ridden denser cities?

    As Labour also knows a thing or two about being all talk, it’s a real shame you lot didn’t get this sorted while in power. And as evident by your press release, you still have no solution.


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