Much More To Do In Building Our Urban Density – Green Party


While today’s announcement shows some support for bolstering urban density, it will not be enough to turn the tide on a status quo of urban sprawl.

“Today’s changes to support density are a good start but effectively amount to a drop in the ocean compared to the waves of urban sprawl the Government will unlock with its broader policies,” says the Green Party spokesperson for Urban Development, Julie Anne Genter.

“While today’s announcement includes some good initiatives that support density, the direction of this Government, especially in regards to its transport policies, will see our cities sprawl and their efficiency decline.

“If we want smart and efficient cities, we need to prioritise building homes where the infrastructure already is. Compact cities allow people to easily and affordably get to the places their lives revolve around.

“Mixed-use zoning and enabling more housing and shops around strategic transport corridors are a good step towards building the density we need to bring our cities to life. However, disjointed greenfields development and a transport policy that prioritises cars will see a status quo of sprawl continue.

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“We literally can’t afford more car-dependent sprawl – especially with the urgent need to reduce emissions. Sprawling suburbs will see the efficiency of our cities decline and their pollution rise.

“The solutions to the housing and climate crises are the same: denser, greener cities that are less reliant on cars and enable more nature both in and out of the city.

“By prioritising density, we can build cities that are fit for the 21st century. We can create vibrant and efficient urban spaces that are able to accommodate our communities without being a burden upon our environment,” says Julie Anne Genter.



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