MEDIAWATCH: Spinoff decries the death of their last revenue source

Spinoff TV - we will not smile for the patriarchy

Is this the end of NZ reality TV as we know it?

Some of the biggest shows on television might well be airing their final seasons in 2024. Duncan Greive explains why.


Duncan Grieve weeps over the death of NZ Reality TV, an industry The Spinoff has made so much money from. His tears over another dying revenue source for The Spinoff are delicious.

Reality TV is garbage.

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TVNZ put money into FuckBoy Island FFS!

The Spinoff started out as a glorified press release company who wrote content around Reality TV and published it pretending that was culturally legitimate copy. It branched out into woke social engineering with NZ on Air funding, but with so much budget smashing under the new Government, there is no way The Spinoff will get $6million more from them, so the death of Reality TV also shuts down a revenue stream for The Spinoff.

I’m glad garbage Reality TV is dying and the parasitic industries that feed off them and nurture them will also get strangled off.

What will middle class women wanting to bitch about MAFS do now?

Who cares?



  1. It’s horrifying just how unfunny the ‘dating shows’ that the intended market enjoys are. The only mass market ones that are even slightly funny are MAFS and Milf Manor. Nothing as good as Joe Millionaire.

  2. I’m pleased to say I never watched/listened to these programmes.
    I’m a fan of the only realistic main stream media outlet Mike Hosking and crew.

    • Deepest sympathy @ BtF and all who sail in you, and to his dadda-ji and the folks on Waiheke Island.
      Hardly any wonder His wife went cross eyed.
      They’ll be playing victims before too long and trying to get their wealth out of the country. ( I’ve often though that SWIFT link isn’t as good as it needs to be )

    • I applaud all things that hinder the functioning of the reality TV industry. In my view, reality TV and the purging of almost all informative and intellectual content from TV helped to destroy the free to air platform.

      Hosking and his parrots were amongst those who drove intellectual content into the ground. It happened a long time ago.

      The Spinoff? No loss to me. To my knowledge I’ve never listened to it, watched it nor read it. I’ve heard it mentioned by M B but I’ve never cared to even know what it offered, nor where to find it.

  3. ” Reality TV is garbage. ”

    Bomber producing that kind of crap has assisted amongst other things to destroy any credibility our television medium once enjoyed.


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