Keith Locke’s Funeral


We buried Keith on Tuesday.

It was a full house at the Mt Eden Hall. Many people wanted to pay their respects to a human being who touched so many minds and hearts.

It was a beautiful service, here were the flags of solidarity hung on the walls..

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…there were songs, stories, remembrance of the cruel manner Winston, Prebble and National MPs bullied Kieth in his first year.

Despite that bullying, Kieth won many backbench awards for actually getting things done.

His belief that you had to work across the spectrum was his strength.

His intellect was unequaled and he would constantly trip up Politicians and Officials who clearly hadn’t read reports.

He was the first person to truly break open the Ahmed Zaoui case and the cavalcade of lies the Government used to imprison him. If not wasn’t for Keith, Zaoui would have been left with a lawyer unable to defend him.

Muldoon would call the Locke family the most notorious communists in NZ.

Kieth was spied on by the SIS since he was child.

He had a 400 page security file on him.

When a man as humble and kind as Keith is an enemy of the state, we are all lost.

His funeral was a wonderful celebration of his intellect and his life and our thoughts are with his whanau and his dear Michelle, who was the love of his life.

He has been a friend for 25 years.

I walked out of Keith s beautiful funeral to learn Assange had been freed.

A moment of justice in a dark world – Keith would have been proud

If Keith is in heaven right now, I know he will be unionising the angels.

Rest in Peace dear comrade




  1. Peters should be subjected to a royal commission of inquiry and then we could all pull up a chair and watch to see where that inquiry would lead.
    There is this saying ; “Everything’s connected to everything else”
    Our politicians are criminals, our legal and tax systems favour the banks and the ultra-rich which, of course, means they always did and we now have homelessness, dire poverty and a housing scam promoted by foreign owned banking on extraordinarily rich lands which can also support 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires with a minimum of $50 million each net and four foreign owned banks, namely Australian banks and Australia is our primary industry competitor. I wonder if there’s anything going on there that shows the Australian banks deliberately tanking OUR agrarian primary industry and our societies generally in favour of their own wealth creation?
    Have you posited those questions Martyn Bradbury? Have you ever thought about asking those questions? Have you thought about the graphic anomalies found inside our politics? Have you thought about the glaring inconsistencies in the basic commonsense logic of our society and our once-were First World infrastructure? Then have you leaned the traumatic inconsistencies against the edifice of common sense to get hints and clues as to what it is that’s actually and really and dangerously going on here. Or have you been warned to not start up the bloods and passions of we, the general public? Satisfy their curiosity but don’t enflame them.
    What is it that you are up to here @ Martyn Bradbury? Your inconsistencies are beginning to show through your makeup.
    I wonder? What would AO/NZ be like now if your mate Kieth Locke had unionised farmers then got them together with their down-stream service industry to flush out the parasites? Would we have [this] now? Poverty in Paradise? Billionaires with multiple mansions both here and abroad who can sail the oceans in multi-million dollar boats? Australian banks stealing $180.00 a second after the all bought and paid for IRD has taxed it, read laundered it, out from under our noses while we must walk past the hungry and homeless who will never know what it’d be like to have a dog lying in front of the fire in their own home?
    ” I dunno what it is but there’s definitely something going on upstairs…”
    The difference between me and Nick Cave is that I DO know what’s going on upstairs. Dodgy fucks doing crooked shit and we’re the fallen and more are falling everyday. We need a forensic and very public royal inquiry into our economy and the criminal politicians dug up into it.

  2. cb You write such thoughtful hard-hitting comments that don’t skirt the problems. Please don’t hit our blogmaster. He seems very busy, keeping discussion going well and I hope he stays well and doesn’t get the new Covid or bird flu.

    Not everyone can keep bouncing up after bruising encounters with facts, half-facts, near facts, lies, white lies, black lies, lack of any vision, and so on. But someone needs to as otherwise I fear that climate change effects and mass hypnosis, and the giants of Netgoth will never stop. Howard Hughes ended up on the toilet with long hair unkempt, eating chicken soup*. But these s.ds will keep living on, grafting bits on and grifting. We mustn’t let too much of that sad, bad stuff creep in to our minds and attitudes. I think just do what we can from whenever we become aware that we have been ignoring what is happening to our world and society; no longer science-fiction.
    * (Query – did he or didn’t he, have a talent for math?

  3. While I appreciate your good intentions you can’t deny God in most of your articles then say if Keith is in heaven and expect to remain credible on religious matters. Thankfully our God judges us according to what we know and not by some man made system so if Keith lived according to the light he had (see Micah 6:8) there is hope that he could rise in the resurrection.

    • Bonnie. Bradbury said “ If Keith is in heaven”, not that there is a heaven, which is a different matter altogether. Where Bradbury errs is constantly denying “God”, with zilch attempt to define God, or to say what he means by “ God”. Most commentators also assume that having a spiritual dimension in one’s life needs this God, possibly because New Zealand is not only intellectually arid, but has a long history of anti-intellectualism.

      This is evidenced on a regular basis by the dimwit Golden Calf worshippers of the Beehive. Unfortunately, the most overtly religious politicians, like English and Luxon, have been the biggest ratbags, and with the Catholic Church having abolished Purgatory, they are probably headed for that ever-expanding dark hole which constitutes a fascinating part of our mysterious multiverse, to exist forever and ever as motes in each others’ eyes, just as we now do in theirs.

    • Bonnie I don’t know how you can speculate about Keith Locke the way that you do considering his contribution to the betterment of society here on earth. I just don’t know. If anything, he’s a good example of how having a splendid hands-on mother in the here and now, may be a positive sort of way to go.

  4. Just read the comments. Well, Orwell said the Left are all a little crazed. One or two hobgoblins in every Left mind. Better though than the rich crazos, also here.

    I did some numbnut work in Locke’s parliamentary office 20 odd years ago, never saw him, but it was for our good Left cause. Spent most of my time looking the 10 floors down at the sleekit Wellingtonians.


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