Govt Takes Transport System Further Down Dead End Road – Green


The Government’s Land Transport GPS is another example of short-term thinking that will hurt our climate and communities.

“The Government is on a one-way road to nowhere with its antiquated transport plan. Today’s announcement will see the safety of our communities sidelined and our reliance on fossil fuels supercharged,” says the Green Party spokesperson for Transport Julie Anne Genter.

“Aotearoa desperately needs a balanced, resilient transport system. The Government’s plan will fall significantly short of this.

“Higher public transport fares simply mean more pain for communities already struggling with the cost of living. This also disincentivises people from using public transport – that means more congestion on roads.

“Drastically reduced funding for safe biking and walking will consign our children to being driven everywhere. For those who can’t drive due to age, income or disability, this transport plan will limit mobility and independence.

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“Investment in the rail freight network will no longer be cross-subsidised from revenue generated from road users – this is effectively the death of rail. Undermining rail makes no sense when we need viable alternatives to take pressure off our roads.

“The Government will deliver worse outcomes for everyone in New Zealand, even those who need to drive. Short-term thinking is setting up our transport system for failure,” says Julie Anne Genter.



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