8pm live tonight: Waatea Straight Talk with Shane Te Pou + Paddy Gower + Bomber + Tim Selwyn + Paul Morgan + Brian Henry on Gloryvale


8pm Live Tonight: Straight Talk with Shane Te Pou

8pm Patrick Gower 

8.20 Political Panel Tim Selwyn + Bomber

  • Latest TVNZ Poll – what does the swing back to the Government mean?
  • Aratere grounding – what does this mean politically for infrastructure in NZ?
  • Government fulfils half its cancer promise
  • How will Boot Camps solve youth crime?
  • Why is the Government taking the Treaty out of Corrections at a time of spiralling incarceration?
  • Is the NZ Economy going to crash this year?

9pm Paul Morgan Maori international trade

9.30 Brian Henery – Legal rep Gloryvale survivors. We talk about Maori that have left gloryvale

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