Simeon Brown is a fundamentalist Christian who has weaponised impatience to kill more people on roads

Thought and Prayers to all those who will die on the roads because of Simeon Brown!


We didn’t have an election last year, we had a grudge fuck against Labour.

People had become so embittered post Covid they elected a repugnant Government bonded by their shared joy in using an anti-Māori, anti-Treaty, anti-Renter, anti-worker and anti-environment agenda that is waaaaaaaaaaay too extreme for the basic Kiwi.

Sure, the hate algorithms of social media that continues to toxically polarise our politics will see more support to ACT and NZF but the middle will recoil in disgust at these culture war revenge fantasies masquerading as social policy.

I despise Simeon Brown, he is a fundamentalist Christina with all the smug undeserved confidence with believing Jesus loves you, just like Luxon. His weaponisation of impatience on our roads will kill more NZers for Jesus…

More deaths and injuries expected on Auckland roads due to Government’s plans

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Auckland Transport has adjusted its targets for the number of people who’ll die or have serious injuries on the city’s roads, because of the Government’s policy on road safety.

In its draft Statement of Intent chair Richard Leggat wrote it had become ‘increasingly difficult’ to meet Aucklanders’ expectations in light of the new government’s draft Government Policy Statement (GPS).

“The draft GPS has signalled a shift in Government expectations for transport outcomes,” Leggat wrote.

“[It] reduces funding for safety through speed and infrastructure improvements and signals changes to rules around speed limit changes, potentially reversing previously lowered speeds. So, we project deaths and serious injuries to decrease only slightly, if at all, compared with previous targets.”

Auckland Transport’s target for deaths and serious injuries next year has been lifted from 616 to 631 and for the following year it’s been raised from 591 to 621.

…Simeon’s bloodlust knows no end, perhaps he feels he’s serving up souls quicker to Jesus or maybe he doesn’t give a fuck?

Let’s be very honest.

We are such a cheap bastard nation altho we don’t build safe roads or well engineered roads.

We build cheap goat tracks through Mordor.

And because we are such a nation of cheap bastards we have this appalling carnage on the roads that costs us 4% of GDP!

4% of GDP from terrible car crashes!

It’s a social obligation and responsibility to properly fund and build safe roads when the damage being caused is 4% of GDP!

BUT because we are a nation of cheap bastards, instead of building and engineering safe roads we simply lower the speed limits which generates gridlock, impatience and extreme frustration because there are no upgrades to infrastructure to cope with the huge levels of immigration!

Of course we should lower speeding limits but this must be ON TOP OF better built roads and better engineered public safety and we do that by TAXING THE FUCKING RICH!

Not user pays, not more privatisation, we need a Ministry of Green Works that builds the roads and we need to propel fund it by TAXING THE FUCKING RICH!

We need to see our roads as part of the common good and engineer it for safety, adaptation to climate change and funded by TAXING THE FUCKING RICH!

We ghave an extremist right wing racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government who are pushing more children into poverty and killing more on the roads.

Thought and Prayers to all those who will die on the roads because of Simeon Brown!


  1. You criticise Brown for his Christian beliefs but “pray” for those who will die on the roads.
    Who or what are you praying to ?

  2. The roading lobby
    The landlord lobby
    The fossil fuel lobby
    The gun lobby
    The employer lobby
    The MIC lobby
    The banking lobby

    They may dress it up in religious garb. It’s just National doing their thing, enriching their already rich and powerful mates, (including themselves), at everyone else’s expense,
    Traffic congestion and pollution and road death chaos benefits the roading lobby.
    Climate chaos benefits the fossil fuel lobby
    High rents and homelessness benefits the landlord lobby (not to mention their big windfall tax cuts)
    Gun deaths and gun crime benefits the gun lobby.
    High unemployment and low wages benefit the employer lobby
    High interest rates benefit the banking lobby
    War (and even genocide) benefits the MIC lobby

    • Forgot one, the anti-treaty lobby
      Divide and rule benefits the anti-treaty lobby, ie all of the above other lobbies.

    • “Gun deaths and gun crime benefits the gun lobby.”

      No they don’t, they benefit the Police (increased budgets & powers) and oppressive governments that want to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens.

  3. Isn’t he just a repulsive little weasel of a man (an overly generous assumption probably). Half the time he announces things he has a petty immature “ha ha” look on his face.

    • Yes…another smug know nothing…
      National’s full of them!

      What the hell does he know..What are his credentials?

      It’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t have a practical bone in his body.

      This is borne out by his ridiculous decisions….increasing speed limits around schools to make a 20 minute journey 15 seconds faster!! WTF!!!!

      You can see he looks completely out of his depth wandering around construction sites wearing his hi-vis vest and white helmut telling Engineers with 40 years experience that they need to hurry up or come
      up with better ideas. The ignorance is breathtaking in it’s naivety.

      It’s embarrassing…he’s embarrassing…the whole Coalition
      of Chaos is… embarrassing..N.Z.. RIP..

      • I often ask myself what credentials any of them have. Office boys and girls.
        Few have any real practical experience and, as you say, look totally out of their depth on worksites telling vastly better educated people including engineers, what they are doing wrong.
        They’ve all promoted themselves well beyond their abilities.
        As for claiming to have Christian values. Not in my book. The are cynically cruel as all bottom feeders are, making a quick buck from other people’s mistakes and misfortune.
        Unlike Luxon I’ve looked up the meaning of ‘bottom-feeder’. As usual, he’s got it wrong.

  4. Kiwis are so obsessed with cars. We have the highest rate of car ownership per capita in the world. Being able to get in a car to go somewhere is something taken for granted by many these days. Many people don’t understand the way cars work, and the physics involved with piloting a 1+ tonne piece of steel, glass and plastic at 100km per hour. Instead they are too focused on texting, calling and checking their social media status whilst remaining unfocused on the main point of driving. Concentrating on the road.
    Self driving cars are a fair way off in NZ because we won’t have the 6g network required for them for at least 5 years and we all know NZ’s track record on new infrastructure is lack lustre anyway.
    Yes successive governments are to blame for the appalling state of roading, but equally Kiwis need to rethink how we are going to get around in the future. Obviously the idiots keeping seats warm in offices don’t have the solutions. Our public transport system is woeful indeed but how many people prefer the ‘convienience’ of owning a car than using a bus or train?
    Like houses, cars have become more a status symbol than a form of utility. The culture needs to change. Cars will continue to become increasingly unaffordable and complex to run and maintain, parts will also become unavailable for many older vehicles. They will become obsolete. The world is changing and us Kiwis need to wake up and realise this is the 21st century we are living in. Move with the times. Adapt and overcome or be left behind.

  5. What is the “GRUDGE FUCK ”
    The 750,000 who didn’t vote.
    The Cookers in Act and NZ1st.
    The anti vaxers etc in the So called freedom coalition .
    All of them ARE THE GRUDGE FUCK that allowed this Coalition of Idiots to be elected.

    Along with the ME ME ME ME alone and screw anyone else vote.
    Along with the Asian immigrant vote who dont recognise our Polynesian Social Community model.
    The only thing that matters to them is making shitloads of money and immigrating their old folks.

    • Along with all the Dairy owners who wanted to continue selling cigarettes. All the while moaning about being robbed and making the tax payer pay for their shop security.

    • You would think immigration was about making a life and fitting into the new country. For the country its to gain some energetic contributing skilled worker citizens. How does providing superannuation for people who have never worked here fit into that? How does immigrant landlords fit into that? How does McDonalds chefs fit into that?

      Question. If NZ had a 10 year moratorium on immigration would GDP per capita be higher or lower at the end of 10years?

  6. If Jesus came back to earth today he would probably storm into the Beehive and give them all a good thrashing. He would probably be killed as a terrorist.

    That’s what happened last time.

    From Wikipedia the online encyclopedia

    ……he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables; And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house a house of merchandise.
    — John 2:15–16, King James Version[9]

    “the importance of the episode is signaled by the fact that within a week of this incident, Jesus is dead. Matthew, Mark, and Luke agree that this is the event that functioned as the ‘trigger’ for Jesus’ death.”[29]

    …..Jesus’s actions probably prompted the authorities’ decision to have Jesus arrested some days later and later had him crucified by Roman prefect Pontius Pilate.[36]

  7. There is only one christian organisation in NZ and that is the Salvation Army.They practice what they preach .
    The rest are just money hungry pilferers .They are just about making money for the Men at the top .The skin head gang leader and his bible bashing followers are a prime example .I have workrd for some of these so called christians and I can assure yo none will make it through the pearly gates .
    As sure as eggs this lot of arseholes will not

  8. There is only one christian organisation in NZ and that is the Salvation Army.They practice what they preach .
    The rest are just money hungry pilferers .They are just about making money for the Men at the top .The skin head gang leader and his bible bashing followers are a prime example .I have workrd for some of these so called christians and I can assure yo none will make it through the pearly gates .
    As sure as eggs this lot of arseholes will not

  9. When I die I hope to go to a heaven where everyone has a sense of humour because there’s a high probability I’ll materialise naked. Fervent God bothering is a mental illness, let’s face it. We don’t know what the fuck’s going on out there so lets pack a lunch and wait and see. Perhaps a bottle of wine and a joint too. Oh, and matches or a lighter. A good book in case everything’s closed for the day. A pair of shoes? No one’s mentioned holy thistles in any of the ‘Good Books’. Sun block because , y know, go to the light? A sleeping bag until we get our bearings once the sun comes up. A phone card! Condoms, moisturising cream, bandaids, a road cone and a fluro vest? A wheel barrow would be useful and quite Godly if you think about it. I’d like to take my dog so that’s a doggie bag or two to go and then there’s her dog roll with her bag of special treats, that raw hide wrapped in dried chickens strips. Flares, a siren, some crisps, a pair of binoculars, a whistle, some string, a drunk groupie with good coke, my old ’62 Dodge Dart with a full tank that never runs out.
    Wouldn’t it be easier though to do all that stuff before we die. Fuck the hideous Luxon, semen stains, sleazemore whinnie bleaters … God? Take them back? Send us something useful like drugs and good comedy.


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