MEDIAWATCH: How long before the Paywalls come up at TVNZ?


If you look at how hell bent this Government is on user pays and privatisation…

Bishop talks up value-capture & congestion charging

Bishop talks up value capture and congestion charging

Infrastructure, Housing and RMA Reform Minister Chris Bishop gave a major speech about infrastructure to Local Government New Zealand in Wellington on Friday, including:

talking up the use of value capture, congestion charging, water meters, tolling, and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs);

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…the question has to be asked how soon Paul Goldsmith will start pushing for paywalls for TVNZ.

Paywalls are increasingly being used from the Democracy Project to all Newspapers and many media outlets meaning poor people don’t get access to public information which adds to their reliance on misinformation and disinformation.

TVNZ using Paywalls would be a means for National to argue people are showing their trust in TVNZ while providing a revenue stream.

National wants user pays to replace public funding, so why wouldn’t they try Paywalls on as a means to undermine accountability and do it cheaper.


  1. Got to pay for those tax cuts some how .Look out for the increase in ACC levies coming to us very soon .That will be another leap in rego costs for the car to start with then medical centers will be charging $100 for an ACC visit .Dont say they wont because some already charge $25 .

  2. The one great mystery, other than aliens, Jesus and the pyramids is how bishop finds his underpants of a morning. Only the self titled ‘right wing’ could vote for such a wee lamb of a thing and so, there he is. When he drools someone surely asks ” Wanna hanky buddy?”
    The great New Zealand Institutionalised Lie is the problem and it’ll continue to blight us until the pustule that it is, is popped.Two questions: How do we earn our money? The second question is who spends it? Currently, both of those questions can only be answered by MSM lies.
    AO/NZ is 5.2 million people. 3 million of those are of voting thus earning age. But we only have agriculture to earn foreign exchange by way of exporting foods and wool etc and those farmers only number 50 thousand.
    Lets see here. 3 million minus 50,000 thousand = 2,950,000. What the fuck do the other 2,950,000 do?
    “Tourism and trucking earns it and bloody good on ’em! And Auckland! City o’ sales, I mean sails. Bloody good on it too. Without rich crooks, the now foreign owned banks and K road the country’d fuckin’ slide into th’ fuckin’ gutter.” Well, look around Auckland? The view’s starting to fade into a shit ghetto without the Class or music.
    And that, is what’s giving Baldy Locks sleepless fucking nights. Bishop will be sweating in his panties. There will be Kiwi business tycoons fuelling up the Gulf Streams as our farmers suicide or de stock, which is happening and oh look? The four foreign ( Australian) owned bankster scum have us by our grotesquely over squeezed balls. Did you know? Since we’re agrarian in our economy and so is Australia then how come the four Australian owned banks, the most profitable banks in the world second only to Canada Banks have us mortgaged to a lethal degree? How did that happen? Have you leveraged that Big Black Powerful ALL-COCK 4×4 double cab with the snorkel and the Big Chrome Bar against your house that’s soon to be wroth less that its letter box? You have….? Well, you’re fucked then.
    This shit, all this shit will certainly lead us to losing our country. @ Maori? Forget Te Reo. Better learn how to beg for a Dingo Burger in an Aboriginal dialect.

    • You need to update your information, Dairy exports $11.2 billion, business and personal travel $10 billion, followed by meat, wool, logs, horticulture. Farming is still vital but not the 90%+ that it was 50 years ago. The Australians dig their wealth out of the ground and could still prosper financially without farmers although they might go hungry, that would improve their waistline though.

  3. TVNZ should have been sold off years ago, whilst it still had a decent price tag.
    Nowadays it costs more and more to own it as advertising revenue and returns are less and less year on year.
    Also stop the funding of maori TV, there is 40-50mil saving a year for a channel that no one knows the viewership or salaries/costings.
    TVNZ has to be transparent as it’s tax payers money being used, but not maori TV…it’s still tax payers money used to keep it running, and probably no one is watching in any significant numbers to warrant it.

  4. If TVNZ started using paywalls, I think you will find people would stop using TVNZ.

    Which would then reduce their ability to generate advertising revenue.

    That will become a lose-lose situation.

  5. TVNZ is not long for this world, when your competition is YouTube and Netflix. There is almost no reason to watch anything on TVNZ. In fact, given the amount of nonsense spouted on our local TV channels every day that does nothing but rot your brain, you could argue “good riddance”.

  6. Yep country boy, all those queen Street farmers driving those over sized cars with snorkel s are in bed with the banks.

  7. Martyn – Both TVNZ and TV3 do not allow comments on their clips on YouTube…the truth hurts too much regarding their “journalism”

  8. Putting TVNZ behind a pay wall will not make anyone watch it. TVNZ is going under and no one other than the luvvies will shed a tear.

  9. ” National wants user pays to replace public funding, so why wouldn’t they try Paywalls on as a means to undermine accountability and do it cheaper ”

    No surprises there. Publicly funded state media that used to serve the interests of New Zealanders has been hemorrhaging viewers and attacking our once relied upon biased free news and broadcasting standards that served us so well.

    It is the inevitable destruction of public broadcasting that was always an important structure of our negotiable liberal free democracy that has been under attack with every neo liberal government for the last 40 years.

    It is a symptom of the times and I personally don’t care if it hides behind a paywall the actions of the TVNZ board over the last few months has severed the special relationship they had with Kiwis with programs like Fair go that fought for the little people and was a Kiwi institution.

    Those decisions to remove iconic programs that still connect many despite the advances of technology.

    The continued destruction of what’s left of the the country we once understood and loved has taken another step to creating a third world country.


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