Waatea News Column: The true cost of damaging race relations is more than the current $1m legal bill


The cost to date of all the legal issues this Government’s anti-Māori and anti-Treaty agenda has sparked from various Iwi forces is now just over $1million dollars.

For a Government that promised to slash unnecessary costs, splurging a million to defend an antagonistic race baiting political agenda promoted by the extremes of the electorate seems remarkably hypocritical!

It’s not the money value however that measures the true damage of this current Government’s race baiting performance art.

A couple of months ago,  the Political Right manufactured a culture war attack on Auckland University by claiming Māori space for students was, and I quote, ‘KKK’, ‘Separatism’ or ‘Segregation’.

ACT, NZ First and National all made those claims against a space inside Auckland University that had been there for 40 years! What was revealed this week was that after the Political Right made these absurd allegations, staff and students received death threats!

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When University Staff and Students can receive death threats because the Political Right are playing political theatre with dangerous rhetoric, you appreciate the true damage of this anti-Māori agenda goes well beyond the dollar value the Crown is having to spend to legally defend their anti-Treaty agenda.


First published on Waatea News.


    • A billion is nothing Gordon, remember the 1.5billion additional funding for mental health and the only outcome was 1 additional bed.
      Andrew little upon hearing of this from a journalist exclaims ‘i will look into that’….no follow up, no one knows where it went.
      So when you talking about lunches/houses think back at Labours waste of billions, although I doubt you will….ask permission from your wife.

      • Remember the $50 billion spent during the covid pandemic to stop businesses, banks and landlords from going belly-up, no one knows where it went! That’s $10,000 for every man woman and child in the country? If you didn’t finish covid with an extra $10,00 in the bank then it wasn’t given to you so, who was it given to? The government needs to send out a search party to find who got the $50billion and tax it back. I suspect $50billion trickled up.

      • When you can explain where the money went your complaint might make sense, I suspect that the answer will be that National affiliated entities were taking far more than their share or otherwise hindering progress & as a result the money got wasted.
        We have a public system that is supposed to be independent of politics & which overall is almost corruption-free but we really have no idea what stubborn people can do to hinder political ideas that they don’t support.

  1. The Treaty of Waitangi is actually our country savior from foreign shark intervention even the Chinese acknowledge our treaty thru FTA. Pakeha that are anti-treaty need to think hard why politicians like paaart Maaaari Seymour want to interfere in the Judiciary responsibility to administer their duty in upholding the spirit & partnership of our country founding document. Is it because his friends at the Atlas Network have our country best interest at heart? I doubt it remember Pakeha & Maori are connected whether it be thru marriage or friendship this is our country and we need to stick together not be divided as these fucken politicians want to push their agenda.

    • Quite right Stephen. The fact Seymour is so determined to destroy the Treaty should tell us that it’s very valuable, despite it’s inconsistencies.
      There’s a reason he wants it gone and we can be sure it’s not for our benefit.

  2. It is a sad reflection on our collective immaturity. I am Maaori, but look Paakeha. In these divisive times it is my Mana Motuhake that gives me strength, not my colonialist pale skin.
    We are a society of many colours, and we should embrace these as part of our Pacific Paradise Milk Powder Colony.


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