MEDIAWATCH: Boomer King Wayne Brown an easily triggered snowflake on ZB vs Willie Jackson on Q+A


Jesus wept – how much of a little bitch is the Boomer King Wayne Brown?

Here he is whining like an easily triggered millennial snowflake about all the criticism he faced from his appalling handling of Auckland downing…

Real Life: Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown hits out at Auckland flood critics again

Wayne Brown believes his credibility has bounced back following what he calls an “onslaught of ill-informed nonsense” by media in the wake of the 2023 Auckland Anniversary Weekend floods.

The mayor came under heavy media scrutiny last year for a perceived lack of visibility and taking too long to declare a state of emergency after a summer’s worth of rain fell in a single day, resulting in four deaths and the evacuations of thousands of Aucklanders.

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Brown would later apologise to Auckland for “dropping the ball”, admitting his communications weren’t fast enough on the day and that he was “too slow to be seen”.

But in an interview with Newstalk ZB’s Real Life with John Cowan that aired on Sunday night, Brown said he now recognises “a lot of that stuff was just bulls***”.

…what a whiney little bitch!

The argument that Wayne Brown wasn’t responsible for the rain is such a bullshit response – there was no communication with the communities being impacted for 4 fucking hours! That is on him, I’m not demanding he stops the rain, I’m demanding he lead in an emergency!

Let’s be very, very, very clear about what happened here.

You had a Metservice whose forecasting was woeful (and needs investigating).

You had Auckland Council Emergency Bureaucracy who had pretty much signed off for the day on Friday for the long weekend and who were very shitty about being dragged back.

You had a grumpy inexperienced Mayor who was pissed off his tennis match had been cancelled because of the rain.

The Auckland Council Emergency Bureaucracy spent most of the afternoon justifying doing nothing.

You had a Mayor who doesn’t do social media at all and so didn’t understand what was going on in real time.

As the enormity of what we were confronting starts to build, both the Auckland Council Emergency Bureaucracy and the Mayor were spending more time and energy justifying doing nothing than actually doing anything.

By 4pm we knew the rainfall was unprecedented, we knew houses were being flooded and we knew emergency serves were already in high demand.

The Auckland Council Emergency Bureaucracy and the Mayor began seeing attempts to push them into action as a political blame game as opposed to actually saving Auckland.

There were shouting matches between the Mayors Office and everyone else desperate to call the event an Emergency so they could take over.

While this argument and blame game is occurring with an incredibly embarrassed Auckland Council Emergency Bureaucracy and the Mayor, the people of Auckland had no communications whatsoever between 6.14pm and 10.30pm.

Because NZ is a cheap country, our civil defence funding has been reduced to a messaging system to tell people what to do, that messaging system was utterly missing when Auckland needed it most.

The following press conferences where Wayne’s only concern is to defend his own incompetence and inaction were a slap in the face to every Aucklander.


The look on Chippy’s face as Wayne Brown tried to defend his inaction as Auckland drowned!

NZ became so used to Jacinda reacting effortlessly in a crisis that we forgot how difficult leadership is and why when we vote it matters!

To watch Wayne still hold onto all of this and bitch about it on a. right wing network like ZB is pitiful and speaks volumes of what an arrogant old Boomer he is!

Compare Wayne’s self pitying wallow on ZB with the brilliance of Willie Jackson on Q+A!

He was so good on Q+A that TVOne News AND Newshub both covered it!

Labour MP Willie Jackson responds to claims of TPM data misuse

Labour’s Willie Jackson reveals why he didn’t speak at Budget protests, gives verdict on Māori Parliament

Fresh from his Oxford Debate victory, Willie reminded everyone on the left over the weekend why he is such a star for labour.

The ease with which he answered those tricky race issues that always trip politicians up is why he is Labour’s secret weapon.

Willie’s political career has not been spent calling for separatism, he has argued from a a class perspective that Māori must work together with Pakeha to build the promise of the Treaty.

That desire to work together is a message many pakeha want to contribute to especially while the extreme anti-Māori and anti-Treaty agenda of this hard right racist Government plays out.

Willie reveals he and the Greens weren’t allowed to speak at the Parliament protest on Budget Day because they wouldn’t agree to a Māori Parliament. That is a strategic blunder for the Māori Party and highlights that if they don’t have a shared platform between Labour, Greens and the Māori Party before 2026, the Right will use this friction as political ammunition.

Willie’s desire to work together on the bread and butter issues that impact the vast majority of Kiwis is the message Labour needs to espouse rather than esoteric Māori Parliament visions.

Wayne’s interview on ZB was self indulgent boomer bullshit, Willie’s interview on Q+A was hopeful and inclusive.


  1. 100% !!! Willy Jackson is so good he should be and needs to be the leader of the Labour party. Why isn’t he?????!!! What is the reason???? He is the best politician in the whole of parliament. Something is holding him back…is it because he is black? Hipkins needs to relinquish leadership, take a page out of Andrew Little’s playbook.

  2. Len Brown and Phil Goff created the Auckland shambles. Wayne Brown is not perfect trying to manage it.

    Willy trying to be all centerist to make a play for Opposition Leader role.

  3. I beg to differ about the performance of Willie, he got called all sorts of names on QnA Youtube comment sections but that expected from a bigoted pakeha society when maori issues are concerned. I would of prefered him to say to Jack “has the treaty of waitangi oppressed non maori” that would of IMO shutdown a lot of the bigots making spurious claims of separatist, apartheid, and Maori aren’t indigenous BS its just pathetic the vitriol spewed unbelievable.

    • Ohhh my, another good laugh has been given.
      You should be a stand up comedian Tipene…your posts are comedy gold!
      Keep up the posts, please don’t stop.

    • it’s fuckin tragic. as a paleface I’ve had a few conflicts when people pipe up with their racist BS in front of me. Lost a few so called friends over it. Having said that, there are plenty of pakeha who know which side of the treaty they’re on – and it ain’t the crowns. I wish a few more would wake up and see that the crown is nobody’s friend.

  4. Willie for PM. Twice the man Winston Peters is, and he isn’t Nga Puhi – lol. As for Wayne Brown – he’s not too bad as a Mayor. We’ve had worse.


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