We can afford $2.9billion for rich landlords but can’t afford to feed our kids at school

ACT Party school food policy

‘Significant risk’ to delivery of school lunch programme — Govt document

Multiple risks with the cost-cutting revamp of the Ka Ora, Ka Ako school lunch programme have been revealed in documents proactively released by the Government.

From next year, more than half of students eligible for a school lunch, those in Year 7 and up in the programme, will switch from receiving a meal prepared daily by the school or suppliers to a scaled back lunch which could contain fruit and vegetables, pre-packaged food, heat and eat meals and/or sandwiches and wraps to be constructed by students. Primary students will continue receiving the existing offering.

The change will see the cost of the programme set up under the Labour government reduced by approximately $107 million each year.

David Seymour’s boasts that he had cut a deal that cost less for food in schools were always bullshit.

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What he was really doing was degrading the entire system for a cheap food system that benefits a large corporation and not the grass roots of the school community.

Once again ACT have opted for the cheapest option economically and ethically.

Let’s be very, very, very clear about what is happening here.

This Government does not have $321million to feed the hungriest children nutritious food, but they do have $2.9billion for the richest landlords!

That is a political choice to push children into poverty so the richest can benefit…

Officials warn up to 13,000 children will be pushed into poverty as a result of benefit changes

…just like promising cancer drugs and reneging on that, we are seeing the mask slip on this Government so you can see the naked ideological fanatics these right wing politicians truly are.

They are psychopaths who will push the agenda of their corporate donors beyond the common good of us all.

We should be ashamed of this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government.

If you are not angry right now, you are not paying attention!

This could well be the first one term National Party Government ever because Luxon is so weak and Winston and Seymour so strong.

We are a better people than this Government.


  1. Out of idle curiosity, which “large corporation” is benefiting from this particular piece of slash’n’burn?

  2. What’s playing out over school lunches is a clash of visions about what is the role of the government.
    Parent’s responsibility verses the State as the parent.

      • Why on earth woud a state want a low wage economy?

        Mind you, considering the state’s policies to have low productivity thorugh land use restrictions and the pro-housing taxation system, you might very well be correct.

    • As soon as politicians stop talking about Child Poverty and do something about Poverty and Make New Zealand Egalitarian Again kids will be turning up at school with lunches prepped by mums who can afford to stay at home and look after the kids.

    • when parents are effing useless or having to work 3 jobs and the kids go wanting, then what? Send them to Gaza for a life lesson?

  3. The standard is already dropping .My grandson had a jam sandwich served to him on friday .It was even on low value white bread .And we are in an epidemic of child hood diabetes ,is it going to improve ?NO .

  4. When did taking responsibility for feeding children fall to rhe state full time . I am happy to help anyone when they fall on hard times through no fault of their own. Illness, redundancy can happen to any one and the children should not suffer but when it happens for all then surely something is wrong with the system.

    • Correct, something is wrong with the system. Years of a neoliberalism system has created such an adverse affect that people find it difficult to put food on the table. Meanwhile landlords get $1000’s in rebates and no one blinks an eyelid.

    • yes the system is fucked hence we have school lunches ,rent top up working for families ,tax credits for ece and no doubt the list goes on .Get poverty out of NZ and make things more equal then we wont need such thins as above will we

    • Trevor are the farmers going to take responsibility for polluting our waterways and what about the private businesses who flew to PNG and are now stuck, who is now paying for their accommodation and flights, why it us the taxpayer, double standards again. The revolt is coming people are sick and tired of the well-heeled milking our system for their own personal gains sucking of Luxon’s tit that is us the taxpayers we are being milked.

  5. If a contract is put to supply packed lunches for high schools a company like Compass would be well placed to win that contract. A British owned company they already supply meals to many hospitals in NZ. LSG Sky chefs, who provide Air NZ meals might be interested. So, local initiatives squashed and a multinational company increases its turnover and profit.

    • Can farmers make their own lunch too and clean up their shit in our rivers and waterways and landlords and private schools pay for their own businesses same with the lot that went to PNG who is paying for their flights and accommodation, my taxes

    • Small Farmer – Parents/Caregivers…however, many schools in poorer areas, are offering food during holidays as well.

    • The low wages earnestly being saved by parents should be suffice to cover school holidays as well as food banks( now becoming defunct under this government) grandparents and friends.

      • Why are there no starving adults? As a parent, the first thing you’d do is feed your child over feeding yourself. If a child is not being fed, then where are all the starving adults?

  6. Scrap the whole scheme. At birth every child will receive, from the state, a set of David Seizmore branded bootstraps.There, fixed it for ya.

  7. Tell me one person who voted for this rabble of a government, shame on you
    Let this be a lesson to you the National Govt has never been a friend of the working class, never ever

    • I did Graeme….and bloody happy they are enacting what they campaigned on.
      I am not disappointed in my vote, happy about it.

    • I am not ashamed to say I voted National and I hope in 30 months time I will feel proud to vote for them again. I have voted Labour in the past but see nothing from their 6 years to entice my vote and they have not I desired me as the opposition.

  8. We should all be embarassed that we even need a school lunch program .Its a blight on our country that things have got to a point where we need such things .In the 50s and 60s we did not need such things .A small amount of research will tell you that the big difference back then wa that low income earners and busness owners that earn low income did not pay tax and the rich pricks paid 50% ,just saying

    • I rarely agree with your thoughts Gorden but on this I do .It is embarrassing we need a food programme for school children . We need a program to get families to only have the children they can care for with the wages they earn.. We do need to aspire to earning higher wages through training and education.

      • Trevor you constantly amazed me.
        How about you support things like a decent wage structure so the majority of people don’t need to have such things as school lunches, working for family tax credit, accommodation allowance, subsidised public transport.
        It would have been really good if the economy had not been turned from a reasonably equitable one into one that led to all the corporate subsidies we have today. Be honest and admit that none of these things would have been needed if wages had kept up with costs over the last 50 years.
        As an older person I can speak from the experience of being bought up in a family of 8 children by a single income earner and his wife.
        They received a reasonable income topped up by the family benefit as it was back then and the tax system was far more equitable than today. You make me smile with your comments when you talk about education and income aspirations and this lot have just canned free fees that enables people to get started and have put tertiary fees up 6%. On top of that they have done away with fair bargaining agreement and reduced the increases in minimum wages to below the rate of inflation, benefits treated the same while allowing and condoning rapid increases in rates, insurance etc.
        I suggest you get out in the real world of those like myself and Gordon so have a bloody good look at others and then look at yourself and ask yourself self why you denigrate those who for whatever reason and there will be many, you consider to be inferior to you.

  9. If the state can give farmers millions and clean up their shit, landlords a big fat rebate, yet rents continue to climb and they can give private schools millions and now pay for private business owners accommodation and new flights in PNG they can fucken give our kids a decent lunch, bloody hypocrites.

  10. I believe that having children is not just an emotional choice but an economic one. This system where people don’t have enough to eat is not changing because it only hurts the bottom feeders and most of the most comfortable among us are more concerned with their all-exclusive lifestyles to give a shit that the future of the country will be seriously compromised.

    Not having children must be financial reality that needs a serious reality check like never owning a property, being mostly debt free including paying back a loan to study for decades, realistically paying for childcare and education costs, and being continually squeezed by successive governments to be levied to pay increasingly more despite your tax cut.

    As a country the way this economy doesn’t work or provide for all people instead of a minority of interests regardless of who is in government then wanting children but not being able to provide for them adequately means like home ownership having a family is simply out of reach.

    It’s a cruel reality of market economics and the system we keep voting back in that anyone who is financially challenged cannot support having children that won’t go hungry and be denied basic economic rights after their born.

    • Does that mean people who live in Eastbourne should not be using food banks or charities they should move to a cheaper suburb. And let’s not stop there if our elderly own homes but need welfare we should force them to sell.

  11. Yes Gordon, but only 300 ‘ rich pricks’ live in this country. Can we rely on them?

    If Nats were smart they would regulate Landlords to pass on rent reductions and maintain house WOF.

    Kids ‘ Don t even eat the school lunches’


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