Wait? WHAT! Brooke spends $50000 to make sure taxpayer funds are spent well and how much has the Anti-Māori agenda cost?


Wait? WHAT!

Brooke spends $50000 to make sure taxpayer funds are spent well???

Fred Again tour passport saga: DIA review cost taxpayers $50,000



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How about not spending the $50 000 in the first place for political virtue signalling purposes Minister?

Wouldn’t that save some coin?

Can no one else see the irony of demanding a report into if taxpayer money is spent well costing $50 000?

Meanwhile the legal bill for starting. race war has breached $1million…

Govt spends nearly $1m defending policies affecting Māori

Legal battles challenging the Government’s so-called “anti-Māori” policies have cost taxpayers nearly $1 million in fees so far – and more cases are on the way.

…for a Government that wants to cut costs and yet has borrowed more than the previous Government in their first budget, these people seem very at ease spending yo money on bullshit.

When Labour borrowed it was to save us from Covid.

When National borrow, it’s to fund tax cuts for their rich donor mates.

This is what we is now, this is what hating Jacinda has mutated us into.



  1. Along with a million on consultants for a tunnel through a fault line in wellington.Also no metion in the budget abot how much we will be wasting on stopping our much needed new ferries because nact had not thought of them first .No doubt one of their voters wants to take over rail and the ferries for a $ and sell it back to us for billions which willis wil be only too happy to do .

  2. A story in the Chch Press at the weekend tells of a socalled charity society led by a fraudster that was given money by the state…A background check would have exposed her .While it was only a few thousand I wonder how this could have happened and how often it happens .

  3. Yeah fucken hypocritics using tax payers money to bash Maori. The “Treaty of Waitangi” isn’t a contract its a partnership akin to a marriage and that was between the Maori nation & the British crown two sovereign entities. These fuckers, fucking around with “culture wars” instead of bringing the cost of living down and building more houses is more important than lining their rich mates pockets fucken digusting bastards!!

    • Heehee ‘a partnership’…akin to marriage
      Bwaaahhh keep the jokes coming, always good for a laugh your posts Tipene.

      • Seems you’re just ignorant or dumb either one its difficult to decipher which is you? The Treaty of Waitangi comes under International law sign between two sovereign nations. The codified law on treaties is the Vienna Convention on the law of Treaties (VCLT)
        Preambles 8 parts 85 Articles
        Came into force on Jan 27 1980

        :Meaning the agreementment must be kept
        :Means states are bound to fulfill in good faith the obligations
        assumed by them under treaties

        :Article 26 of (VCLT) Every treaty in force is binding upon the
        parties it and must be performed by them in good faith.

        :Article 27 0f (VCLT) Strengthens the rule by saying that;
        No party to a treaty might attempt to justify it failure to
        perform any of its international treaty obligations by
        invocation to its internal law

      • half of state taxes should go directly to Maori. Why align with an over-reaching, all powerful “Crown” when Maori offer a local alternative? Devolution away from the “crown” is the only future and it will come. Crown = state = centralized = shit. I love how the big C Conservatives always promise more local control – but NEVER give up the purse strings of Central Government. How would they plunder our taxes for their cronies if they did that?

    • Multiculturalism is where we’re at now Stephen. Just think of it as partnership in a polygamous marriage (or polygynous if you’re a sexist bigot.)

        • Remember the analogy next time you rant about too many immigrants into the country. You think newbies want to pay for Maori separatism when there are mosques, madrasses and temples to be built along with Diwali, Chinese New Year, Eid, Pasifika and Lantern Festivals to celebrate our diversity and unity?

  4. There is no amount of other people’s money these corrupt filth will not spend in the hopes it will embarrass nominal left-wing parties like Labour.

  5. Love the pile on by the financially illiterate.

    Did anybody think how much was SAVED from DIA for that $50k expenditure. Bomber would have you believe that there was no wasteful spending and therefore $50k was wasted?

    Get a grip guys.
    I know this is a socialist site and so everything that the gummint does is bad.
    So you join the media with one eyed views of the world.

    But really!!!! Do you really love burning your tax dollars for no real reason.

    • Well if you don’t like a socialist site, go back to your conspiracy site or Fox News for your one eyed view.
      Otherwise you could try a neoliberal site which suits your view that won’t provide for an alternative point of view to others.
      Your financial illiteracy is on full show here.

  6. ” There is no amount of other people’s money this corrupt filth will not spend in the hopes it will embarrass nominal left-wing parties like Labour. ”

    Another one who still believes the NZLP is left wing.

    All aboard for planet Key.

    ” This is what we are now, this is what hating Jacinda has mutated us into. ”

    Bomber it was a lot more than just hating Arden. She stood down and was replaced in time to turn things around and even after the bonfire of a lot of contentious policies and with no real answers to the carnage of the cost-of-living fiasco, they still managed to lose badly after one of the greatest landslides in support for one party.

    Just like their previous nine years in opposition they had nothing to offer except a few cents of your grapes.

    And judging by Hipkins recent comments about this being a one term government he still can’t answer why they lost and gave us the COC.


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