You don’t have to be white to be a Redneck Cracker!

We should not judge a person on the colour of their skin, we should judge a person on the colour of their neck and collar!

Don't judge a Cracker by the colour of their skin

There is a weird argument being pushed by the Right that we have ‘enough’ Māori in Parliament so why do we need a Māori Parliament?

It’s a similar argument pushed by ACT who claim they can’t have an anti-Māori agenda because they have so many Māori MPs.

It’s a defence that says, ‘how dare you claim racism when we are Māori’, the hilarious reality of course is that Identity is built on emotional ideas that transcend skin colour!

You don’t have to be white to be a Redneck Cracker!

Just like Parliament is full of landlords and only passes legislation that enables and empowers those landlords, the Right can co-opt any skin colour to their warped values of self interest!

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It’s like saying black Police can’t be racist when their context and connection to power ultimately dictates the truth of the relationship.

You don’t have to be white to be a Redneck Cracker and that’s why you can accuse the ACT Party AND National AND NZ First of pursuing an anti-Māori agenda despite having many Māori in their ranks.

Electorally harvesting malice and spite isn’t limited to the colour of ones skin.



  1. Black is white ,boys can be girls and up is down for the left so they can be morally superior.
    It’s racist to assume Maori aren’t just as capable as anyone else if holding different political views.

    • You are incapable in seeing past anything but your right wing view. Your only argument is you don’t like left wing politics yet you can’t argue why? You fall in the troll category.

  2. Doesn’t this raise the question of what characteristics does a Māori have to hold in order to be ‘a real Māori’ or ‘truely Māori’?

      • Of course you’re right(wing) KCCO, because the left wing govern for all of New Zealand not like the wealthy like your lot. The budget gives evidence to that.

  3. Well you certainly don’t have to be a racist to be a complete wanker. That’s what Seymour is. A shit stirrer who either doesn’t have answers to real problems or is just cynical enough to create an issue that wasn’t really a big one before he went all Don Brash. He’s creating division to keep his job. He’s said himself he’d be happy to represent just 15% of voters. Why because he’s just a tosser basically. A waste of some level Intelligence. He and Peters don’t get on because they are strikingly similar.

    • Yep ..well said…how anyone can take any notice of anything that dribbles out of Seymour’s mouth is beyond me.

      He is such a naive little narcissistic egomaniacal sociopath that says nothing more than something disturbing about the woeful state of
      7% of the N.Z pysche.

      And as for that equally naive Brooke van Velden being put in charge of safety….God help us…what the fuck would she know..

  4. I think the collective Kiwi we are being push-pulled into into a race, class, income or lack there of, educated or lack there of, have / have nots civil war to divide us against each other to take *our country off us.
    The sack of scum who are our current lot of political cat turds found in our sand pit are not there for us at all, surely we can at least agree on that. luxon’s a business manager, he could care less for you or me. Peters is an an all bought and groomed Machiavellian Confederate with plain and clear connections to the dawn of neo-liberalism. There’s that photograph of him leaning into Don Brash who was, in turn leaning back all beguiled and besotted with the wheezing pinstripe and that photograph is now nowhere to be found on the internet. A photograph that was taken of them outside a Wellington Cafe at about the time of The Wine Box Inquiry when Big Bare of Chest Don was Reserve Bank Governor. ( The Reserve Bankster. A huge money laundering scam.)
    All this writing about Crackers and Rednecks here is valid. There are Crackers and Rednecks out there. Jesus Christ are there what, but that’s not it in and of itself. The aim of such dreadful vernacular is to pitch hurt to induce rage from Maori to divide then to conquer.
    Divide and rule policy (Latin: divide et impera), or divide and conquer, in politics and sociology is gaining and maintaining power divisively. THIS INCLUDES THE EXPLOITATION OF EXISTING DIVISIONS WITHIN A POLITICAL GROUP BY ITS POLITICAL OPPONENTS, AND ALSO THE DELIBERATE CREATION OR STRENGTHENING OF SUCH DIVISIONS.
    Maori and Farmers ( First Nation people and primary industry) should walk in, sit down, pour a beer, wine, roll one up and then, most importantly, do nothing except get along. The Agents of the Deep State who’re pretending to be politicians would have no fucking idea what to do about that.
    * As a non Maori person I try to use the word ‘our’ with the utmost respect.
    ( You! Yes you. You know who you are. You’re the fuckers who know. Our AO/NZ’s a rural economy and you’ve been scavenging from it for more than 80 years. You’ve been thieving money from our rural economy and you’ve been hiding it away and now, you know you’re game’s up. You’re fucked aren’t you?
    You tried MMP to hide the dirt and that didn’t work. Then you tried Hayek and friedman’s neo-liberalism and that’s not good for any longer term scam so you’re discovering because you’re running out of agrarian paid for assets to sell. You’re one last chance at slipping out the back with our billions is to assimilate Aotearoa / New Zealand into Australia. You’re going to sell the Kiwi car to the Australians with a rotting corpse in the boot.

  5. David Seymour has a point, and at the same time he is missing, or evading, the real point. The argument should not be about race. From the Maori side at least it never was about race through the nineteenth century and well into the twentieth. The argument was always about sovereignty, that is, over whether Maori rangatiratanga or British monarchism should determine the fate of our land and its peoples. For the past 184 years many Maori have supported the cause of British colonialism (we call them kupapa) and many have fought against it. The same is true of Pakeha, although the proportions for and against colonialism have been very different between the two races. It is not a matter of being a
    “redneck cracker”. It is a matter of serious political choices.
    The question to be asked of everyone, Maori or Pakeha, is “Do you accept the British monarch as sovereign in New Zealand?” This is the question that the colonial regime asks of every member of parliament, every police officer and military person and every new citizen, and it will accept only one answer, which is the affirmative.
    Tangata motu ask the same question, but they are more accepting of difference. Under rangatiratanga, you will be free to remain a British monarchist if that is your choice, except that you will not be able to impose your choice upon others as you do now.
    When we all enjoy the genuine democracy, personal freedom and mana of rangatiratanga I suspect very, very few of us will want to identify as colonialists or British monarchists.


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