If this many Kiwis were leaving NZ under Labour, msm would be screaming for blood, yet under National, total free pass


Migration: New record for Kiwis leaving New Zealand as exodus deepens

Migration figures for April this year show a record number of Kiwis have decided New Zealand is no longer their home.

Stats NZ figures show 81,200 New Zealand citizens left our shores in the past year, a 41 percent increase on April 2023 and an increase on the previous record in March of 78,200

Of course Kiwis are fleeing this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government!

Of course the deeply flawed student loan system that drives young graduates off shore to repay that debt is part of the problem.

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Of course capitulation to donor interests rather than the public good are driving Kiwis off shore.

Of course our lack of investment in people, infrastructure and public services is driving kiwis to leave.

The truth is that as climate change damages more of the planet, our kiwis will flee back home as NZ will be relatively better off climate wise than the rest of the planet.

We need universal investment into social housing, green technology, sustainable adaptation degrowth capitalism and free public services that are properly funded.

We need free public transport, we need to nationalise early childhood education, we need state backed means for state tenants to buy their own homes and we need a vast increase of funding into the Arts.

We can do this by legalising a Cannabis market alongside targeted taxes that lower taxes for the working classes while increasing them for the richest and most polluting.

There is a better way of being NZ, this neoliberal free market bullshit is the problem!

We need a Kiwi Socialism that taxes the wealthy to fund the infrastructure we all need.

The wealthy have only built that wealth from a society and community that fostered their entrepreneurship!

It is righteous they pay more tax for a society that enabled that wealth.

The political project of the right is to underfund public services and then hold up privatisation of the services as the solution once they go to shit.

If this many Kiwis were leaving NZ under Labour, the mainstream media would be screaming for blood, yet under National, the Press Gallery give them a total free pass.


  1. Shifting overseas isn’t a snap decision, this economic and social malaise was caused by Labour, only the politically one eyed would try and blame the Nats.
    It’s Labour getting the free pass in discussing why people are leaving, not to mention the role of the media in creating this rainbow friendly, racially divided, immigrant flooded, infrastructure lacking, crime riddled, low wage paradise.

    • Exactly. Speaking as a “Rightie” I’m certainly willing to pin some blame on useless National for failing to give hope to young people – but that’s because they just don’t have the balls to really change things. Despite all the screaming here about roll-backs that’s actually easy to do but what National are incapable of doing is anything more than incremental change going forward.

      And after six years of Labour that’s not enough. People are looking at this, placing a big chunk of the blame on Labour, but also seeing that National are just treading water, at which stage Labour will return in 2029 or 2032 and we’ll be right to pissing money against the wall and incompetent management. Oh – and you can forget your Old Labour or “Anarchist-Communist” crap of thinking you’ll just be able to grab free money from “the rich”. All you’ll do is hit up the upper-income middle class while the truly rich use an army of accountants and lawyers to avoid you. And of course you still think giant, state-owned businesses are the way to go.

      This is why my kids and their friends are leaving: they have no faith or confidence in either side to make things better in the country.

    • “Shifting overseas isn’t a snap decision, this economic and social malaise was caused by Labour,”

      Closer to the truth: People with enough get up and go to actually up and leave early are generally the ones that can and have read the writing on the wall, and want to leave before the real consequences of NAct’s economic and social vandalism really bites. Watch and wait, the migratory hemorrhaging will get a lot worse.

    • The thing is, Keepcalmcarryon if people thought National was going to get the country back on track, they wouldn’t be leaving.

    • Nah you dickheads, it was started under Key and National as evidenced by McGehan Close. Key made a video of Wellingtom stadium as the numbers leaving,now it’s half of the North Island and of course they’re leaving,Nationals policies have divided the country and the pro.otion of low wages has driven people overseas.
      Labour’s tenure kept professionals here. No amount of your tribalism right wing garbage can deny that.

    • If it was Labour’s fault that people are leaving that would have ended with the COC being elected, the evidence that it continues & is increasing now that 3 years without Labour is confirmed suggests that you are just making excuses without the intellectual ability to present a credible argument.

    • And yet they were tripping over each other to get back when the sh!t hit the global fan in 2020. Can’t have been too bad here after all.

      And the facts are, only now when you see the enormity of things being cut by this far right madhouse in order to gift money to their donors, do you realise all the beneficial things Labour had actually instigated.
      Facts speak louder than propaganda and Newstalk ZB reckons.

      • That was largely fear driven re tripping over each other to get back.

        The fact things had to get so bad that it is only now you can see the benefits Labour provided, points to how minimal they were.

  2. 100% But selling orf state housing in the U$K has been a disaster. Poverty and homelessness has become an open nightmare and private landlordism a parasitic blood sucking vampire offering no security of tenure. That brain dead Thatcher who the ass licking tory scum adore and put a statue up for was the beginning of the end!

  3. Kiwis are appalled and disgusted by Australia doing all this horrible horrible horrible mining of minerals and gas and having all this money to burn for infrastructure and social programmes and well paying jobs. Out of principle kiwis would never move to such an offensive country! They would rather be principled and stay here in NZ as it slides into the 3rd world. Ay Martyn!!! That’s what you should rage about…these unprincipled kiwis deserting their own woke little country.

    • Funnily enough this was the basis of an email convo I had yesterday with an old Gen-Z mate living in Britain who wanted to know how my oldest son (Engineering degree) was doing in getting a new job, having been “downsized” in 2023. I told my mate that my son didn’t want to leave NZ because he thinks it’s important to stick around and build a community. USA? Britain? Even Australia? Nope.

      My mate had no time for that and this is his response:
      I know a complete dipshit no-brains that is earning over AUD$250k per year driving a truck at a coal mine on the Gold Coast. He doesn’t even go under ground so the $250k doesn’t include danger money.

      The saddest thing in the world at the moment is that I can’t argue with this – and neither can my oldest son.

      • Working in mining in Australia was probably the best thing I did for my career. As an engineer, your son should have no problem finding a well paying job that could financially set them up in ways not possible in New Zealand.

  4. If all your ‘Kiwi Socialism’ measures were implemented there wouldn’t be many if any people left to tax. They’d all be in Australia. The politbüro taxman would come after you my friend and don’t you dare complain then. But hey, you’d be living in New Poverty Nirvana once known as New Zealand.

    • Lols, that didn’t happen the democratic socialist economy of NZ of 1950s through to 1980s, quite the opposite.

      • It’s not generally known but “Richard Christie” is actually the nym for the scriptwriter of Back To The Future where a teenager goes back in time to the world of 1950’s America. It’s a really cool story.

    • They’re leaving now dickhead because of your right wing neoliberalism Government. Frack the hell out of your pimple sized country and when it implodes, pat yourself on your egocentric back, you twat.

  5. There is also no screaming about this from the opposition either.

    Nor is there an alternative Budget

    No opposition to PPPs, congestion charges and user-pays.

    We need better opposition

    • Apparently TMP is the only real hope according to some here, which says if you’re hoping for the opposition to save you, you’re probably screwed or should get on a plane to Oz & save yourself.

      • That’s the problem, many are leaving, Gerald Mann.

        As for the opposition, they have a vital role to play. And to date, they have been largely hopeless.

        Labour have yet to form policy and don’t plan to until the run up to the election. Leaving them politically impotent.

        TMP seem to have got themselves all caught up in seeking another parliament.

        And the Greens are largely missing in action. For example, they failed to produce an alternative Budget. A lost opportunity to shine, widen and grow their support.

    • Sigh
      This is revisionist history

      Absolutely nobody was stopped from leaving NZ

      I repeat again, nobody was stopped from leaving NZ

      Having to apply for an MIQ space on return =/= being stopped from leaving.

      • James Thrace – Bigger Sigh…Air NZ, and other airlines refused to carry passengers without Government approval…ie Covid Passports….

        Keep up the Jacinda regime propaganda.

      • TDB is responsible for enabling idiotic, uneducated and poorly thought out comments like Nathan and Bob the first.
        Thank you James for putting facts ahead of crazy conspiracy theories and hatred of one of our greatest ever PMs.

      • James – It was called the Covid passport…and the Government did stop people…revisionist history is what your post is.

    • Nobody said they couldn’t leave Nathan.
      The issue was contrary to popular belief most other countries had their borders closed.

    • During covid the kiwi diaspora were all trying to return to a kind country doing a pretty good job of looking after the peoples health during a pandemic. The ‘lack of deaths’ in the pandemic stats for NZ v comparable countries shows why people wanted to return not leave.

  6. As the Coalition Government’s economic ‘reforms’ and tax cuts are explicitly aimed at those leaving – by making NZ a better economy and place to work they may want to stay – those journalists highlighting the migrant outflows would be justifying the need for the Government’s economic reforms.

  7. no coal mines on the gold coast and just read two stories today about how shit AUS is and how the rental market is fucked in WA with an mp earning 167k cant rent a place so is living in motels or camping out in his car and tent .100 % dearer to go out for a feed and college kids that are kiwi cant go to uni and they pay $125 to go to the doctor .My old freind who does FIFO IN WA has just been made redundant .

  8. Some journalists could be trying to take that angle. However, the fact people are leaving in numbers suggests they don’t believe this Government’s economic reforms are going to fix things


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