Political Caption Competition


Destiny Church Poster


  1. Wot is A…? My world is becoming – https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/unintelligible
    illegible impenetrable incomprehensible indecipherable meaningless opaque unfathomable vague. Weak matches. ambiguous equivocal fathomless inarticulate incognizable incoherent indistinct inexplicit jumbled muddled obscure tenebrous uncertain unclear unexplicit ungraspable unknowable unreadable.

  2. While I have no time for Destiny church Noah built & preached for 120 years, the animals came onto the ark before the door was shut so people had every opportunity to be saved. I expect most readers don’t believe in this God rubbish & that is their choice however if there are any consequences they have to accept them also.
    Disinformation is rampant & while the poster brings to light obvious conflicts with a shallow view of what Christians believe 2Pe 3:9 presents a balanced view of the situation.

  3. Poor , stupid kiwi … see what NACTZIs did ?
    While we distracted you with what you kiwi do best …. looking over just one shoulder to the sub groups we stitched you up to hate… you fell for it.

    So long suckers !

  4. Frantic banging on the ark door.. Let me in! Let me in!!

    God: Is that you Mr Luxon? I hope you got plenty of swimming practise in Hawaii, .. or was that Te Puke, lol.

    • More banging on the ark door.. but this time more politely..

      God, this is Mrs Luxon here. Mr Luxon asked me.. Well he wants me to say to you that you have to let him in because he is entitled.

      God: Rolls eyes..

      Mrs Luxon: By the way, I also make a really good afternoon tea for $110, but I’ll do it for you for a $100.


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