Malcolm Evans – Shame Jones



  1. Good ‘Evans. I thought that Jones, S. had a persona and approach that would appeal to a good number of voters and speak their language (so to speak). I was thinking of the guy on the street yes, but not the petrol-heads particularly. He seems to have chosen a prosthetic when he needs to settle for ascetic in his influential position. But unfortunately he has found a different forte, and doesn’t play it piano.

  2. Just one earthquake and one fissure away in the alpine regions for f#king up entire complex river systems all the way to the sea from antimony and cyanide mining ponds.

    Long after the mines are closed and the offshore company walks away….. it’s EVERYBODY’S water.

    Shane: ” No wuckin forries , I’ll have had my fame and long dead ! ”,company%20has%20continued%20its%20activities.


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