Luxon weaponises public service against Māori Party to create brown-screen


By weaponising the Public Service against the Māori Party over the Manurewa Marae allegations, Luxon has doubled down on what is already a deeply anti-Māori agenda.

This Government are attacking Section 7aa of Oranga Tamariki, they are attempting a race war inducing referendum on the Treaty Principles, they are removing Te Reo from state agencies, they are attempting to remove the Treaty from all legislation, they are attempting to amputate Māori representation at local council level and now they are weaponsing the Public Service against the Māori Party – at what point do we acknowledge that this is an anti-Māori agenda Government?

Prime Minister Chris Luxon is manufacturing a brown smokescreen because hard to reach Māori family might have received a KFC voucher they weren’t entitled to!

This all from a Government who awarded Bill English $500 000 over a text message to condemn State Housing while promoting his daughters company as the solution, but it’s da Māoris that need scrutiny!

What’s more damaging to NZ Democracy?

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Iwi community groups juggling multiple Government Agency contracts whose internal Chinese walls may have bled through or multi-billion dollar mining interests buying their own legislation and directly influencing Economic policy for their gain and our environmental loss?

Andrea Vance has based her story on disgruntled Destiny Church acolytes and suddenly the entire Public Service is on Defcon 2 ready for nuclear strikes, if you want to promote allegations from people who support painting over rainbow pedestrian crossings that’s your business but isn’t the feeding frenzy over these Māori Party misdemeanours when far greater corruption is occurring a tad convenient for the Government?

Newsroom reports this week that Luxon has purposely manufactured his Parliamentary sitting weeks so that he is hosting 25% less press conferences while this Government misuse urgency to ram through more unchecked law than at any other time in NZ political history while granting 3 Ministers unchecked powers. If only Prime Minister Luxon was so demanding of scrutiny of his own use of power as he is of the Māori Party.



  1. Te Pati Maori behaving like unruly teenagers in Parliament, spouting asinine accusations, and sporting look-at-me dress-ups, are providing jolly good reason for people to avoid them like the plague.

    • Yes Snow White, they should just stay quiet like good little Maoris eh?
      For good measure beat them with a cane for speaking Te Reo.
      I think your name covers a lot of bases including your racist rhetoric.

        • Because if you took time to watch parliament TV they ALL behave like unruly teenagers not just TPM.
          Add her attacking TPM for dressing to their culture then you bet your bottom dollar Snow Whites comment is racist, but thanks for asking James.

        • Snow White is saying that any Maori that do not act according to their standard should be avoided which would meet any reasonable definition of racism since the complaint against their actions relate to the way different cultures explain things. It is fairly normal not to enjoy all the way other groups do things but it gets problematic when SW insists there’s only 1 way to protest.

          • Bonnie. Snow White did not insist that “ there’s only one way to do things.”

            Matter of fact I sometimes remind religious door-knockers that there are many paths to the top of the mountain.

    • Yep, vote Labour or the Greens and get te Pati Māori. Simple equation really, “were you against apartheid in 1981, if so why do you want it in NZ now?”

      • Vote National and you get the awful , criminal ACT and NZ First parties. As for apartheid, under this racist government it’s starting to happen.

    • @ Snow white.
      You could really do with a couple of good E’s then sat down at a kōhanga reo class with a teddy bear and a thumb to suck. It’s a known fact that hate added to stupid equals prostate cancer and loneliness.

  2. While we are Maori bashing we are getting water ready to be sold off to the highest bidder and we are going to raise the speed limit to 120 so the ranger drivers can cause more kaos on the roads and more people will be killed and maimed jamming up the health system further along with all the smokers and vapers .

    • Really ? Then the government should increase the speed to 160 kph then a lot of cars trucks and motorbikes can do the speed easy.

      • I mean that’s easily within the acceptable envelope of a 1.2L Nissan Pulsar on a highway and you don’t even need Tram Rd to do it. Makes sense to me

  3. It’s little wonder TPM requested the professional impartiality of a police investigation. The Public Service are neither of those things.

    • Maybe Maori should be fully compensated at current market rates for their losses – oops there goes NZ into bankruptcy – don’t for a second think the gravy train you allude to comes anywhere near the actual losses Maori have encountered.

      • If we have to pay them for their losses then they should pay for the advances that the colonialism brought.End of bitter tribe wars, end of slavery, end of canablism, education and a heap of other advancements.
        That said the Maori were robbed so are due some redress and allowed to get their language back

        • Sounds like they lost a bunch of interesting stuff and gained a bunch of boring things. Those few slaves Maori had were captives taken in combat. I don’t think a regime that is actively colluding in the enslavement/imprisonment of people like Julian Assange for more than a decade just for telling the truth about war crimes can cast any stones.

    • ” Because if you took time to watch parliament TV they ALL behave like unruly teenagers not just TPM. ”

      God don’t waste your precious time watching these well paid entitled shits make a farce of representing their constituents and donors in the plutocracies house.

      Until you watch them you don’t realise how fucked this country has become.

    • ” The gravy train has been slowed way down….maori elite not happy.
      Awww diddums. ”

      Its been replaced with the Nasties gravy train and the real elite are more than happy with their investment.

      Everyone else out here gets fucked over again. That’s why the rich are……….rich.

    • The gravy train? Are you f’ing kidding me? That’s what wanker Luxon, his real estate junkies. and the increasingly freeloading dairy sector are on. Shane Jones is having gravy poured down his throat.

  4. So how about Maori weaponize against the public service and create a brown wall.

    If there’s a path to join the Tangata whenua and become whole in these lands, I will walk it and side with my brothers and sisters.

    Kawatiri is my river. Te Kuha is my mountain. I only need a family.

  5. The usual method of targeting indigenous arperation is to make allegations a marketing technique employed whether true or not the damage is done. Similarly with the unproven rape and beheaded babies allegation committed by Hamas was given airtime by MSM & officials before any investigation had even started was damaging even though these stories have now been debunked. The Hasbara lies and the pakeha MSM lies have similarities if not mirror each other uniformly it’s no wonder our country allies with an apartheid state besides both being an european colonial state.

    Free Aotearoa

  6. An inquiry under the control of Deputy Public Service Commissioner Rebecca Kitteridge, a CIA agent who hates New Zealand and the left?

    Yeah, that sounds like a idea. I’m sure it will be fair.

  7. If the government is looking for a bunch of sharks to sell us our water, then the Labour Party should come out with a statement saying they will renationalise it. Without compensation. Presumably then no one will buy it right?

  8. Incorrect Marco the decrease is the result of the overflow of Labour’s policies. If the right are happy to blame the left for the state of the economy then they simply have to accept the results of good smoke free policy by Labour. The National government policies will reverse the good work done by Labour, fact.

  9. *Farmers and Maori unite at an industrial level then strike until the rats are forced to abandon the woodpile.
    * Yes. I’m aware that many farmers are Maori and many non-Maori are not.
    The only real problem we have in AO /NZ is that our means of earning a living has been swindled from us by rich, fat, white fucks. I was going to write ‘cunts’ but I thought that might have been a wee bit strong a language.
    @ Maori need to join with farmers and have a wee barbi and strike. No wool, no dairy, no meats, no fruits, no veggies, no fush, no free money for Da Banksta’s!
    Hear that? That squelchy sound? That’s foreign bankster arse holes slamming shut in fright.
    Aye boys?
    Know your enemy:
    The Press.
    ANZ, ASB, Westpac and the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) are all owned by Australian banks.
    They have this year ratcheted up the margins they make between the interest they pay to depositors and other funders, and the rates they charge their borrowers, Barrett’s analysis showed.
    NZ banks ‘some of the most profitable in the world’
    It should also be pointed out that Australia is our most aggressive agricultural exports competitor so how come we’re in bed with their banksters?
    Banksters / prime video
    The Men Who Stole The World
    They’re bankers, traders, investment funds executives. They forgot all about morality to make money. The entire world had to suffer the consequences of their actions. They impoverished countries, drove millions of workers into unemployment, and contributed to the rise in extremism. So who are they? And, after the 2008 crisis, were the real culprits condemned? Could there be another?
    We had better open a window and let in some fresh air because we’re getting fucked without the kissing by rat-kiwi banks who’ve sold us out to the Australians.
    See this guy? He has no idea what’s going on, the poor bastard.
    Wool auctions system contributing to poor returns – farmer
    Tai Rāwhiti farmer Toby Williams, who is the meat and wool chair at Federated Farmers, got so fed up with low returns for his wool he stopped selling it through the normal auction system a couple of months ago.
    Ol federated farmers aye. A pack of useless tea sippers and biscuit nibblers covered in National Party finger prints.

  10. Augh, weil, time shall render their mix of greed profit toxicity, digs in. Bomber, lets look again, as this first ,fucked up bugger budget kicks in, health, jobs full forty a week, and health and home care, do not kick in, eh! only for those im a new Minister, taking advice, eh! you lot, did you not tell us youQ!s had the answers, and let us now flow, the exploit of your advisors, whom you!s elected said you!s had the answer. Comes a time, not now, their deceit will supply not only the hammer and nails, but the log timber.

  11. Te Pati Māori are full shite, they just want the gravy train to keep on flowing, they aren’t interested in anything else , it’s all show and no go .

    National are just as full of shite as are almost all of the politicians in every party, none are worth voting for nor supporting in any form .

    The party vote threshold needs to be lowered to 2% , if we don’t do this we are doomed to rehash the same old shite government after government and get even dumber and dumber politicians who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.


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