Delaying Climate Action Won’t Help Rural Communities – Labour Party


The National Government is doing everything it can to delay taking action on climate as it announces that years of work on agricultural emissions will start from scratch.

“The longer we wait to decarbonise our economy, the more expensive it becomes and the bigger the damage to our industries and farming sectors in the long run,” Labour agriculture spokesperson Jo Luxton said.

“It puts market access at risk for our agricultural products. Labour delivered seven new and upgraded trade deals, which have opened up incredible opportunities for primary producers but mean New Zealand needs to stay ahead of the pack on exporting clean, green, low-emissions products.

“Offshore buyers demand products that are produced sustainably, and our primary producers rely on these markets. National is risking our competitive advantage by taking New Zealand backwards on climate action.

“National’s short-term thinking will hurt farmers, communities and livelihoods as the climate changes and the country endures more extreme weather events like Cyclone Gabrielle.

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“We’re committed to climate action, and to working with the primary sector to find climate solutions that will ensure long-term stability for jobs and communities.

“We were doing the right thing by working alongside the sector to come up with a long-term plan to reduce emissions from agriculture. It’s disappointing we couldn’t get something across the line but remain committed to a long-term solution.

“The Government must demonstrate how they intend to get to net zero by 2050 and release the emissions implications of their wilful neglect of climate action,” Jo Luxton said.



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