The ANC shock and the lost legacy of Nelson


South Africa president faces up to poor poll result

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has admitted his African National Congress (ANC) party has suffered a challenging election result, after the party lost its majority for the first time since apartheid ended 30 years ago.

Fascinating political outcome for South Africa as the legacy of Nelson Mandela fades due to extreme corruption and a sky rocketing crime wave.

Basic services like water and power have been utterly undermined by endemic corruption and the lack of realising Mandela’s vision (thanks to the usual crony capitalism and free market policies) means many are disenfranchised and resentful.

NZ had a moment at the beginning of this year where Peeni Henry was criticised for colourful language around using a gun to shoot his enemies…

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Chris Hipkins defends Peeni Henare’s use of gun metaphor at Waitangi

Labour leader Chris Hipkins has leapt to the defence of Peeni Henare after he used a metaphor involving a gun during a speech at Waitangi that some saw as inappropriate.

Henare came out with fighting words during a speech on Saturday, using a metaphor in Māori which translated into English as getting out a gun, firing at the enemy and letting the shots speak for him.

“When you take off your jacket, it’s to get ready for a fight,” he said.

“The bugle has sounded and we have heard the call. This is a fight that will not be fought just in Parliament. I lift my gun, and I let the shots do the talking.”

He was quick to clarify: “That’s a figurative gun, not an actual gun.”

…now compare Peeni’s comments to the radical EFF in South Africa, here they are singing ‘Kill the Boer’…

…could you imagine the Māori Party singing that at next years Waitangi Day?

The EFF are South Africa’s Mana Party, but with a lot more balls and AK47s.

The EFF were undermined by Zuma’s uMkhonto we Sizwe party (MK) by Zuma’s rebranding of Zulu nationalism meaning that while there is still an appetite for socialism and nationalising core services, the splintering around a clear voice to champion that leaves South African democracy drifting.

Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest leaders ever and watching his beloved South Africa continue to sink from corruption and violence is heart breaking.


    • Seem you have a problem with Maori generally! You might need some reprogramming? There a great book I recommend called “White Fragility” It might give you an insightful views to alleviating your problem?

      • “…could you imagine the Māori Party singing that at next years Waitangi Day?”

        The Act types have always imagined/feared this. It is partly the reason why in the 1980s the Waitangi Tribunal and the Maori Elite were created.

  1. Nelson Mandela accepted this crony capitalism for freedom he had no choice. He never envisioned it to be a utopia after apartheid SA however he became wealthy beyond his belief so was ultimately corrupted by cronyism at the detriment of his own people.

    • Just seen it .Anger management course needed I feel. Imaging Waititi was PM and she joined him on the World stage .
      Whose the racist?

      • Yes, except that will never happen will it. You and Andrew can prattle on all you like while ignoring the fact that the little shit David Seymour started all of this along with that stupid old prick Winston Peter’s. Years of relative progress ( sure not perfect) under Key all thrown away by our idiot PM who will roll over for anyone to keep real estate junkies and whinging dairy farmers happy. Waititi would be irrelevant ( and in reality is) if it wasn’t for that sponging little leach Seymour.

        • You make some good points. Luxon does not have control like Key did .He had to give a lot away to get power which is sad

  2. The ANC had the major misfortune to assume power in the time of peak neo liberalism. Various Corporates helped pressure the South “Effricans” to abandon Apartheid on the basis that capital could still operate there afterwards. Big mistake, but, the ANC was really a nationalist organisation not a marxist one. The rival PAC Pan African Congress was more militant but smaller in numbers.

    The South African Communist Party led by Joe Slovo essentially tailed in behind the ANC. Now it is easy to be wise all these years later…it was a horrific situation as we know…many brave acts and campaigns were waged, how would you act after 20 plus years in jail?

    Tribalism, urban alienation and movement splits still plague a move to socialism in RSA. The ANC held political office for years but not class power, and that is still the challenge for the South African working class.

  3. Can someone please inform me of even one decolonized country that has not been ruined as a result of a return to what is essentially tribal rule? Just one?.. anyone? *crickets*

  4. Can someone please inform me of even one colonized country where the indigenous people already living there were not betrayed, fucked over, and generally destroyed, both culturally and literally by the colonizers ….

    Just one … little Kim? ,,, or anyone???


    • Thats not really the point i was trying to make but thank you for your contribution. Now… if you can, answer the question.


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