Oil And Gas Must Stay In The Ground – Labour Party


Reversing the ban on oil and gas exploration is a disaster for the climate and will take New Zealand’s climate action backwards.

“Opening up New Zealand to oil and gas exploration is a catastrophe for climate action, and is taking us backwards. Oil and gas must stay in the ground as we decarbonise our economy,” said Labour climate spokesperson Megan Woods.

“Reversing the ban gives fossil fuel companies free rein to exploit the environment and continue to delay the much-needed transition away from fossil fuels, which are the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Climate change minister Simon Watts signed New Zealand up to an agreement to transition away from fossil fuels at COP28. Reversing the ban on exploration of fossil fuels is hypocritical and irresponsible.

“The National Government has cut funding for climate solutions by at least $3 billion showing they have no meaningful plan or vision to take New Zealand forward to net zero 2050.

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“The Government must demonstrate how they intend to get to net zero by 2050, and release the emissions implications of their wilful neglect of climate initiatives in the Budget and,” said Megan Woods.



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