The Working Group with Barbara Edmonds + Simon Court + Shane Te Pou


TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

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TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

Panelists tonight: Labour Party Finance Spokesperson Barbara Edmonds, Māori Broadcaster and political commentator Shane Te Pou and ACT Party MP, Simon Court

Issue 1 – Fast Track protest vs Māori Party allegations
Issue 2 – The realities of a vicious Budget
And Issue 3 – ACT Party conference dreams of 15% and the rise of the hard right

It’s Shakespearean vaudeville politics

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TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

The podcast broadcasts live 7.30pm Tuesdays from the new podcast studios at  Mediaworks on TwitterFacebook, YouTube, The Daily BlogApple Podcasts, Spotify & Rova 


    • Looks a good book, Yet still this myopic Western fascination with foreigners as if they’re the source of the problem. It all starts at the home of colonial exploitation. London, now NY & LA.


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