PODCAST: A View from Afar – Post-Colonial Blowback and Global Conflict

Selwyn Manning and Paul G Buchanan deliver this episode of A View from Afar.

Today, political scientist Paul Buchanan and Selwyn Manning examine: At a micro level, how ‘Post-Colonial Blowback’ has impacted on New Caledonia, Gaza, South Africa, India and even New Zealand.

And at a macro level, Paul and Selwyn assess how ‘Post-Colonial Blowback’ is a power giving rise to the Global South and its worldwide influence in global geopolitics.


Paul and Selwyn encourage their live audience to interact while they are live with questions and comments.

To interact during the live recording of this podcast, go to Youtube.com/c/EveningReport/

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RECOGNITION: The MIL Network’s podcast A View from Afar was Nominated as a Top Defence Security Podcast by Threat.Technology – a London-based cyber security news publication. Threat.Technology placed A View from Afar at 9th in its 20 Best Defence Security Podcasts of 2021 category.

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  1. I listen to the podcast to cut out the distraction of the interactive stuff.

    This is one of the finest political shows ever, because they play it straight rather than go for shock jock style.

    Paul Buchanan has a hell of a background and experience.


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