Israel butchers 274 Palestinians to save 4 Israeli Hostages – this is a regime of murder drenched in blood

New Zealand needs to expel the Israeli Ambassador.


Gaza’s Health Ministry says 274 Palestinians were killed in Israeli raid that rescued 4 hostages

DEIR AL-BALAH, Gaza Strip — At least 274 Palestinians, including dozens of children, were killed, and hundreds more were wounded, in the Israeli raid that rescued four hostages held by Hamas, Gaza’s Health Ministry said Sunday. The Israeli military said its forces came under heavy fire and responded during the complex daytime operation in central Gaza.

Jesus wept.

274 dead to rescue 4 hostages highlights how indefensible Israel’s regime of murder has become.

The disproportionate response by Israel to October 7th is an ethnic cleansing war crime if not a technical genocide.

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That we can simply watch this level of violence continue because Israel is supposedly our ‘ally’ is a sickness we should be collectively shamed by.

The ramifications of Israel’s ethnic cleansing war crime will resonate for decades beyond the violence and all people of conscience should turn away in disgust at Israel’s actions  and Americas enabling of those actions.

New Zealand needs to expel the Israeli Ambassador.

To those students standing against this horror, to the Palestinians suffering and to the Israeli’s who have the courage to call for peace I salute you.

This Zionist sickness is an obscenity that will never end unless Netanyahu is voted out or arrested for War Crimes.



  1. Why then don’t we, as our government, expel the israeli embassy?
    Here’s directions:
    Embassy of Israel – Embassy
    36 Brandon Street
    Wellington Central
    Wellington 6146
    04 439 9500
    Open ⋅ Closes 12:30 pm
    You’re looking for :
    His Excellency Ran Yaakoby serves as Ambassador of Israel to New Zealand and Non-Resident Ambassador to the Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga.
    We could say things like ” See ya, love ya, miss you already…”

    • Because we’re a vassal state economically, securitywise and financially to Australia and the Zionist dominated U$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. And they support Israehell no matter what!

  2. And Israelis expect Palestinians to bow down and Kiss their ass.
    This war would have produced more resistance fighters than the previous 76 years of occupation.
    Israel is going to land up paying a very heavy price if DR Jill Stein wins in the USA in November.

  3. I’m disappointed that another 0 wasn’t added to the end of that total. Palestinians occupying Israeli territory (Gaza) deserve what happens to them when they murder and kidnap Israeli citizens!

    • Yes, yes, we know what you say in Sanhedrin 57a. But actually, we human beings don’t like it when you murder kids for fun.

    • The indigenous palestinians are home, the mostly white Israelis whakapa to europe the brown and black one are from neighboring arab countries & africa. I guess you haven’t caught up! the world is already educated in zionist propaganda seems like you’re not!!

    • If your logic is true then Israel is due a massive disaster as they have murdered a magnitude more innocent people than Hamas has.
      While you seem to be unaware that we are all humans and redeemed by Jesus you will not be so confident once you experience the wrath of God.

  4. Not to mention that this terrorist attack that rescued four imprisoned terrorists while murdering hundreds of humans was conducted with the American ‘aid’ pier, and trucks marked as aid trucks.

    Wow, it’s almost like the police of the elected Palestinian government, Hamas, needs to inspect those trucks before they get into the Gaza concentration camp, because they could be full of filthy zionist terrorists.

  5. Massive downplaying of this event in the world’s MSM newspapers and on RNZ this morning. Caitlin Johnson’s most recent post described this in her inimitable style. It’s beyond comprehension.

      • Get over it Nathan. Are Hamas bad, yes, but that is not a justification for the IDF murdering bystanders. If there are hostages within proximity to these civilians how the f*k do the IDF know they won’t hit the people they are supposedly trying to rescue (when they aren’t accidentally shooting them of course)? I find it unbelievable that you would use air strikes to rescue hostages.

        Are you going now tell us the 274 were all Hamas or something to the effect?

        • Probably going to cop some flak for this post but fuck you all!
          274 – is that accurate or an exaggeration for Palestinian propaganda. Yes, Israel have overreached and continue to do so – but the initial (and ongoing) attacks on Israeli civilians keep stirring up the nest.
          Yes, Israel also use propaganda – but are they not allowed to defend themselves – Not just the Palestinians but all the Arab nations in the area who ALL hate them. Well, they are entitled to respond in kind (pity they always seem to go well overboard in their responses).
          Israel were always going to overreact otherwise nobody would take them seriously and the they would continue to be attacked by ALL their Arab neighbours.

          • Get a grip Bob. Defend themselves? Are you f’ing joking? The Israelis stopped ‘defending’ themselves at least 20,000 civilians ago.

            See how you would like a bunch of bullshit land thieves, many of whom are about as Semitic as a pork chop, throwing you off of your land. All because the Europeans and Americans historically wanted the Jews out. It didn’t have anything to do with the Palestinians, but the west sure as hell made it their problem.

      • Nathan, you’re historically illiterate which is why I have always advised you to stick to knitting ‘crochet granny squares’ especially concerning apartheid Israel!

        • Stephen
          Yeah maybe, but Ada and Nathan are 100% correct now aren’t they?! As for the aggressive insults, maybe try not be a total arsehole for day.

          • Jonzie I couldn’t give a fuck how it comes across and have you seen the released hostage’s that weren’t miraculously saved by the IDF as the MSN depicts. They look quite healthy unlike ‘Bassem Tamimi’ the palestinian kidnapped prisoner held in an Israeli prison. He looked like a concentration camp prisoner skin and boned features.

    • Israel could have simply swapped some of the huge number of Palestinian prisoners they hold (hostages for all intents and purposes) for the hostages Hamas held.

      • Because that worked out so well for Israel when they released Sinwar didn’t it. Not to mention for the Palestinians he murdered upon his return to Gaza.

    • That stale one-liner maybe your idol state should just pack up and head back to where they and their ancestors come from? NO they’re not semites they are european, Iraqis, Yemenis, Moroccans, Chinese, etc…

  6. And the flaccid, dough boy Luxie is hiding like coward he is….

    Oh there he is giving the forward profits of coal and oil to shift populations in Fiji from the sea’s advance …

    And over here , all excited, his dough face quivering, announcing Premier Li Qiang’s visit.

    Oh Luxie boy, WHAT was the attraction for such a SUDDEN visit ???

    WHAT Have you secretly ‘ pre sold ‘ to China , road projects aka that $4B for potholes? a naval dock ? the Chatham’s seabed ? the Southern Alps ? Auckland’s volcanic minerals ?

    Palestine, not a word ? Just go with the flow with old US Joe .

  7. I don’t know that it was necessary “to kill 274 in order to release 4 hostages”. The mass killing looks gratuitous. The purpose may have been to send a message to civilians in Gaza to the effect that “if you are anywhere near Israeli hostages, or if they are anywhere near you, then you will surely die”. The purpose then, was to create a schism between those holding the hostages and the civilian population of Gaza. It is a very bloody and brutal way to achieve that end, and it may not even be effective. But that is the only logic that one can attribute to this massacre.

    • Gaza’s unique geographic position on the crossroads between Africa and Asia has ensured its place in history. It has guaranteed the city an important role in international politics and trade from the earliest times down to the present. Gaza offers a broad range of archaeological evidence, representing the material culture of almost seven thousand years of history.

      The whole Gaza coast is a continual historical site. Many sites and artifacts, dating back to different periods are constantly being found and reported. Systematic excavations and studies of these finds, and of Gaza as a whole, are long overdue. aza is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, north of the Sinai Peninsula and southwest of Jerusalem. A city of historical and religious importance, Gaza has been disputed since ancient times.

      With the beginning of the Middle Stone Age (Mesolithic period) circa 12,000 BC, humans in Palestine began to raise animals, to farm and produce handcrafts. For example, the skull of a dog, a picture of a bull carved into a bone and a sculpted piece of human skull, all dating back to that period, were found in the caves of Carmel.

      Around 7000 BC, Jericho became the first place in Palestine where humans built dwellings for themselves and they also built a ten-meter high wall surround the city. Thus Jericho is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth. Farming and animal breeding began there and stability characterized the area for more than a thousand years before they Mesopotamia-Somer (Iraq). The craft of pottery began in Jericho around 5000 BC, spreading from there to the rest of Palestine and Syria.
      In several Palestinian cities, numerous artifacts from the Metallic Stone Age (c.4000 BC) were found, including in the city of Megiddo, where the oldest types of decorated pottery were discovered. In Beisan, excavations in 1921 and 1922 at “Tel Al-Hesn” led to the discovery of an accumulated series of ruins of ancient cities, mounting to 18 layers, with the lower layers dating back to 4000 BC and the upper layers to the Middle Ages.
      Around 5000 BC, the first wave of Semitic migrations began and by the end of the fourth millennium BC and the beginning of the third millennium, the Semites had left the desert towards Iraq. The Akkadians settled in the south and the Assyrians in the north. The Semites are one of the three lineages of which the white race in today’s world is traced back to, and the Arabian Peninsula is considered the original homeland of the Semitic race.

      • I really don’t give a fuck about the history of the land or the clashing religions. I support Israel because they’re a Western society whereas Gaza is a 7th century shithole for woman, gays and everybody who isn’t brown nosing Hamas.

        You’d do well there.

        • Maori haters usually support fascist white supremacist states like apartheid Israel. Arseholes like you just don’t realise that your venerated state is nearly ova along with european exceptionalism. Times are changing and the world is becoming more browner so you and your ilk will be nosing brown bums in the future

  8. Fiction: Hamas is starving our hostages, torturing and raping them.
    Fact:Yet another well fed healthy hostage is released.

      • They look quite healthy unlike ‘Bassem Tamimi’ the palestinian kidnapped prisoner held in an Israeli prison for being a palestinian. He looked like a concentration camp prisoner skin and bone

    • The Zionists are busy down South at the moment and the Hezzies will keep. Besides, they’ll be easy to mop up because we’ll find most of them in your position of being groin-deep in the back of a goat.


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