What Taxpayers Union, Free Speech Union and ACT social media all have in common


As you are being sacked, Fanatical Milton Freedmen Soy boys, the Taxpayers’ Union are taking out full page adverts mocking you losing your job.


The Taxpayers’ Union, Free Speech Union and ACT Party social media feeds all have the same spittle flecked small dick energy about them don’t they?

Their combined twitter feed comes across like the frenetic reckons of a 19 year old Incel who hasn’t masturbated to Henti Porn for for 48 hours because mums wifi account is almost out at the end of the month.

They are like Fox News Comedy, in that they are the joke looking for a punchline.

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To mock those who lose their job, to openly Troll for the shits and giggles while preaching the moral high ground is zionist level self delusion and arrogance.

The naked celebration of Malice by these right wing astroturf organisations alongside the race baiting reckons of the ACT Party give a very clear indication of how the Right will use raw meat bigotry and petty spite to deliver their messages to their wounded supporters.

This is what Kiwis voted for, this is who we have become.




  1. I often wonder how these people who claim we have too many bureaucrats know we have too many bureaucrats. How many is too many? How long is a piece of string? Have we allowed for massive population growth? It’s just a knee-jerk bullshit reaction.
    Incidentally, it’s Hentai – don’t ask me how I know.

  2. ” What Taxpayers Union, Free Speech Union and ACT social media all have in common. ”
    They’re all useless arseholes appealing to other useless arseholes with a knack for pocketing other people’s money without lifting a dainty little finger. They’re also sinking dinosaurs trying to stay afloat but will find that they must keep roger douglas company when the truth comes out.
    Oh look!
    Wool auctions system contributing to poor returns – farmer
    Wool auctions are far more important than you might think. It’s where a highly valuable commodity goes to be hoarded and once money-laundered that wool will be sold at gargantuan prices to markets hanging out for it and that’s the bit farmers are never told about. Once sufficient laundering time’s played out that wool’s then released from the dark clutches of the mercantile firms aka AO/NZ’s criminal underworld to make it’s way to foreign markets where even more money is guaranteed but the kicker is all those who most profit from that scam never have to a lay their even more dainty little fingers on it. But then lanolin is wonderful for sticky fingers, aye boys?
    Remember? That bit between the farm gate and the consumer is a massive crime scene and the natzo’s and their parasitic ACT, Tax Payers Union and Free Speech Ticks will be latched onto it like, well, Ticks.

  3. You missed out Hobson’s Pledge, the most effective of these nonsensers, parasitizing the heads of the old like the phone scammers from India.

  4. Childish….clueless…immature…narcissistic…
    unworldly…critical thinking deficient …lying…shortsighted…moronic…

    This scum is what big money allows to rise to the surface of an easily corrupted political system..

    N.Z….from hero to zero….now in all sorts of trouble.

  5. So several thousand Kiwi workers have had their lives, and the lives of their families & dependants upended by losing their job. For an enforced austerity that doesn’t add up, yet will end up enriching a select few.
    And these lowlife sociopaths wanna’ go and brag about it? In their faces??!!

    What sort of gutter dwelling scum are these astroturfers?

    Anyone supporting these malicious freaks isn’t normal.


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