MEDIAWATCH: The Spinoff have their ‘are we the baddies’ woke dogma moment and it’s glorious


Is it time to stop white knighting female MPs? An argument with myself

MPs don’t need to be defended from offensive speech just because they’re women. Or do they?

A Soviet Era Public Struggle Session has erupted over at The Spinoff as former Woke Dogma Purists start to confess their sins against the movement and beg for forgiveness.

The Public Struggle Session was a type of propaganda tool was used a lot in Communist countries usually before your public execution, this time around it’s former Wokesters asking forgiveness for the cancel culture extremes as the Left finds itself bounced out of power thanks in part to the alienating middle class woke dogma.

Firstly it is about time The Spinoff started challenging their woke identity politics lens.

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Read The Spinoffs review of Carmel Sepuloni’s appointment and it’s all identity politics soaked ‘you go girl’ feminism that champions her being the first Pacific Island Deputy.

There is no reflection whatsoever on her time as Minister presiding over the very weak and vulnerable that those woke newsrooms profess to care about, because when we do that, the gloss strips away very quickly.

Now let me be clear, I love our Pacific Community, and they should celebrate a Pacific Island appointee after the decades and decades of loyalty they’ve shown the Labour Party, but by only viewing her appointment through the middle class identity politics lens, The Spinoff miss the real story an do their readers a terrible disservice.

For the woke, diversity and representation are the only currency, meritocracy is a heteronormative white male privilege and nothing matters more than identity.

The Spinoff doesn’t like the culture war harvest they seeded.

The backlash we are seeing in real time to alienating pure temple identity politics has been a long time coming and we have been handing the Right culture war ammunition for at least 5 years.

I was very vocal 5 years ago when the middle class woke started their disastrous war on free speech that all they would do is inadvertently rupture dormant political fault-lines on the Right.

ACT was on .7 until woke activists gave Seymour the free speech ammunition and he’s now 7%.

For many Woke, their social media clout was the first taste of power they ever had, and many, especially The Spinoff went drunk with power.

Imagine if MeToo hadn’t mutated into a Salem witch trial where the new evidential threshold becomes ‘whatever a women says on Twitter’.

Imagine if BLM acknowledged that far more white people were shot by Police than black people and instead of rioting had progressed their argument with solidarity?

Imagine if the Trans community had not been so screamingly militant?

Imagine if the woke hadn’t started cancel culture deplatforming?

Imagine if the entire Identity Politics movement had sought to build class solidarity rather than alienating bullshit?

Since 2016s #MeToo moment, a coalition of 5th wave feminists, non gender binary activists, Critical Race Theorists and Critical Gender Theorists have manufactured a faith based woke dogma, the holy trinity of which is:

1 – All white people are irredeemable cross burning racists.

2 – All men are rapists.

3 – Everyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans Community.

Woven into this woke Identity Politics Holy Trinity, is the ‘BELIEVE ALL WOMEN’ mantra, because intersectionism decrees all men are part of a power dynamic which means they can never be victims and because women are morally superior to toxic masculinity males, they would NEVER lie about that abuse.

I have many self declaring feminist women who privately tell me they have real misgivings with some of the Trans woke dogma but are terrified of saying anything because the Fourth Wave Feminists, non-binary activists and trans ally vegan mommy bloggers rip them to pieces on social media. Part of the problem is that the Trans activists themselves have helped make this debate so radioactively toxic with their cancel culture dynamics.

This entire issue of Identity over Class has caused immense damage on the Left and rather than debating the material well being of citizens, we are lost in middle class identity politics virtue signalling that censors rather than answers and in that cultural space, anger grifters like Posie Parker flourish.

Meanwhile the planet is melting!

We get it wokies, your self constructed identity is more important than our shared humanity!

Could the Woke Spinoff please go back to sleep?

Can the Left move from Pure Temple politics towards Broadchurch Class Solidarity?



  1. It is thought provoking having us remember how ACT were just a few short years ago on .7% support. Albeit it with a gifted seat in parliament. Aren’t some of these anti faxer/tinfoil hat/chemtrail poison the children and you scare
    my chickens/Elvis lives brigade on about that these days?

  2. “But if citizens are permitted to target MPs with gendered, racist abuse, over and over and over, that will eventually make the job so unbearable only white men can stomach doing it”. LOL.

    Only honky men can take the abuse because they are so used to it!

    Women and non-whites are too thin skinned for politics!

    If you go into politics you know every three years voters get to make the ultimate abusive comment, “you’re fired”.

    • is this supposed to be funny – the only people crying are conservative men frightened of their own shadows. You see it over and over in all social media and on blogs like this. The cry babies are realising their own self-importance isn’t really important at all, and that makes them sad. boo hoo

  3. What’s the point of commenting now. I’ll never get to see a response. Why? Explain your path, youngie?

    ‘Woke’ is to me going overboard about minorities, putting it before our great rational cause. The right course, for me, is to push on for the latter and not to attack the former with the venom and vinegar you muster.

    We all learnt on the fly, so are still learning. You are right about poverty and climate change. I’m a critical bastard in my online ‘life’ but concentrating on the positive for my clients has given me great satisfaction. All our great Left leaders concentrate on the positive message over the negative. Much though I like to fight, as a hereditary periphery Briton and Irishman, I recommend this path to you.


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