GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Tens Of Thousands In Pushback Protest.

A huge March Against The Government's Fast Track Bill and its War On Nature.


I’m somewhere in that amazing crowd of 20,000 plus concerned Kiwis today with my crew Conan and Sam.

It was such a privilege to be filming with Catherine Delahunty, Augusta Macassey-Pickard and their Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki Group today.

I wrote in a recent post about how we needed some pushbacks against some of the exploitative things this right -wing Coalition government is doing, and boy did we see that today!

Tens of thousands of us, from all walks of life throughout New Zealand, marching today to tell the government that:

No! We don’t want a Fast Track Law that will give three Cabinet Ministers unbridled power to do whatever they want without consultation.

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No! We don’t want Nature destroyed in the name of greed.

No! We don’t want overseas companies plundering our country anymore.

Really inspirational to see!

Kaha kaha.

Bryan Bruce is one of New Zealand’s most important and respected documentary makers. His work is available on


    • Nz is a first world country Yeti with an average salary of $53,040. If we squander our natural resources and destroy our tourism industry we will indeed become a third would country. Lets not throw it all away for short term gain and the wealth of a few…

    • Love those who can get down so quickly to suck on corporate cock. So impressed Yeti, do you punch down on the poor for shits and giggles?

    • Selling out resources that should be mined by a government department to foreigners won’t benefit us. Just foreign aliens like Peter Thiel.

    • There are a lot of African nations who have opened up to multinational mining companies, yet they are poor and hungry. We are going to end up like the Congo, with French, Chinese and American mining companies scraping out the minerals, ruining the environment, and leaving nothing for us.

      This government is the most anti envrionment in history.

    • ” You’d prefer to see NZ remain poor and hungry instead – that’s nice ”

      We are fucken poor and hungry in the other New Zealand that’s not drowning in assets and cash to burn and can’t buy and influence government policy.

      What is being forgotten is we have been here before in the distant past when we mined , drilled , polluted and promised how rich the country would be if we just invited the multinationals in with no constraints.

      The promised return never benefits New Zealand and only the corporate plunderers , those with shares getting a return and the big money donated to certain political parties with sympathetic ministers.

      Its the same bullshit and marketing slogans re used to justify the corporate fraud that unregulated capitalism provides consistently and the Hobbits take it hook line and sinker. The COC can’t believe how easy it is to keep doing us over again and again.

    • Yeti, you don’t have to look far to see the consequences of sucking up to foreign mining. New Caledonia, Nauru both spring to mind.
      In our own country we have the mess that had to be cleaned up on Mt TeAroha and the wells left by Tamarind off shore.
      Then have you seen the heap of tailings hidden in behind Waihi and the waste sitting right beside the sea at Ti Wai Point.
      Those foreign companies won’t give a shit once they’ve taken the money and run.

  1. You know that trickle down doesn’t work? The few that gain the most wealth from the trashing of the environment will move somewhere else and leave those who stay having to pay to clean up the mess. If you think that is a sensible way to do things then you are incredibly selfish.

  2. Yeti, I would have thought you would be concerned about your mountain home, it is disappearing due to climate change which has come about by burning fossil fuels.


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