GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Why we need to push back against the stupidity of the National/ACT/NZ First Coalition.


This photo, taken by my cameraman yesterday,(thanks Conan) speaks to the reason that many of the us, who filled the length and breadth of Queen Street  from top to bottom yesterday,were there.

We want to leave the world a better place for our children and our children’s children than we found it – and our current government is making decisions that are going to make things worse , not better, for the generations to come.

By the time the little boy in this photo reaches my age it will be 2100.

I ‘m sure I don’t have to tell you, but we clearly have to impress on Shane Jones, that burning coal to create electricity isn’t going to make life better for those who come after us. That Nature is more valuable than gold. That the increasing frequency of extreme weather events couple with rising sea levels will have catastrophic effects on our coastal towns and cities.

And yet, we have a Fast Track Bill currently before parliament that will give three Cabinet Ministers unbridled power to exploit large tracts of New Zealand in the name of what they choose to call progress, but which we recognise as greed.

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Legislation, of this sort, that denies proper consultation, poses a clear and present danger to our democracy .Which is why was so uplifting to realise, from yesterday’s turnout, that there many, many thousands of us, throughout our nation, prepared to say clearly to this National/Act/NZFirst Coalition – you do not speak for me. You do not do this in my name.

Kia kaha

Photo credit Conan Fitzpatrick.



Bryan Bruce is one of New Zealand’s most important and respected documentary makers. His work is available on


  1. I’m pretty sure that unfortunately, these protests will be like water off a ducks back to Shane Jones. He only cares about ordinary people in so far as he can get enough of them to vote for him to win elections. Which he can probably do by attacking Maori these days. The rest of us can all fuck off.

  2. The second mistake was having Bishop, a former tobacco company employee, as one of the three. It’s hard to trust somebody with this sort of work record.

  3. I too are concerned for the future of our grand kids .Dr Pork does not care as he will be gone with in 10 years along with his geriatric two faced leader .NZ first will die with then so the sooner they depart the better for everyone .The buffon and the skin head gang leader should vanish before then too along with the rest of the gang of 2023 .

  4. There was a record net migration loss of 52,500 New Zealand citizens in the year ended March 2024, according to provisional estimates by Stats NZ.

    “Based on the latest estimates available, just over half of these migrant departures went to Australia,” says population indicators manager Tehseen Islam.

    “This is the first time the annual net migration loss of New Zealand citizens has exceeded 50,000. That equates to 1000 more New Zealand citizens departing long-term than arriving long-term each week,” Islam says.

    You get the government you voted for NZ, enjoy. The fortunate get to leave this terrible corrupt government behind.

  5. And yet, we have a Fast Track Bill currently before parliament that will give three Cabinet Ministers unbridled power to exploit large tracts of New Zealand in the name of what they choose to call progress, but which we recognise as greed.

    I think that the word greed is used too much. It can be received as used by people who haven’t got anything and envious, pretty useless and a burden on ‘society’ wanting what the others have, though they have worked hard, got the skills, attitudes and active brains that are being looked for by the shakers and movers. In other words talking about greed to those who have ‘got on’ is for whining losers . To make any impact on the ‘successful’ and who majorly are self-centred, there has to be another choice of word/s beyond ‘greed’.

    The three ministers with dictator-type, communistic powers! over the mass of society, are promoting their activity by ideas of progress, which echo those of communism, and stupidity which follows from a great belief in ‘the giant leap forward’ and the visions of long-term plans. There is a lack of rational questioning as to outcomes and the possibility that the plan could go wrong, and lacking practical thought that there is far too much hope and money invested in it. It is the only way – TINA all over again. Stoopid – but easily led people can be turned to accept stupid negative routes once received as gospel.

  6. “Why we need to push back against the stupidity of the National/ACT/NZ First Coalition”
    Yep. Their arrogance which leads to their past crimes against our primary industry has seen them be run down by their complacency sped up by their ignorance of what the future holds. No one saw the internet coming so while tangled plots were hatched as Big Fat Old White fucks grew fatter as the beautiful country they exploited fell by the way side … behold! The Internet! All was going swimmingly until troves of info were able to be beamed at us at the speed of light and it’s showing us that the terminal fools who are our over-confident abusers have done it again. Too greedy, too arrogant, too rich, too exploitative but perhaps worst of all, too much time spent on enjoying the suffering they bring down on us.
    Remember too that the 1980’s Labour that birthed ACT and NZ First etc, like the limp dick Tax Payers Union for example was a national party brain fart baby.
    There is no labour party. Not since about 1984. We should let that sink in before we all fuck it up again.
    Hipkins is being timid and withdrawn because he’s been told to get in b’hind ya mongrel. “Shut ya fuckin mouth and keep your fuckin’ head in.” Is that not how it worked @ Chris Hipkins?
    A word of warning. Before we achieve an AO/NZ renaissance [they’ll] give throwing us under a bus ago. Is that why there’s no stock on farms and shipping’s dropped off a cliff, because I’ve never seen fewer containers in Port. We’re a trading country and from what I can see our trading’s come to a standstill. That, coupled with a controlling property market boom-scam it should scare the shit out of us all.
    Of course there’s always an option, it’s mine and it’s my favourite.
    Aggressively ban foreign owned banking here as of tonight. Then, again, as of tonight. Write off all mortgages.
    That massive, unpayable and imprisoning mortgage you got? Not anymore you haven’t.
    But because *we’ll asset strip the foreign owned banks in conjunction with the **14 multi-billionaires, the 3118 multi-millionaires each with that $50 million dollar net wealth minimum you’ll get a minimum wage so take a year off to hang out with you kids. OK, so your house is now worth about $15 k but on the up-note all that stuff you struggled to afford, like health, dental, food, transport etc is now paid for from the redistributed wealth that was stolen from you via your taxes paid for infrastructure, so don’t don’t feel too bad about finally feeling fantastic.
    ** Multi-BILLIONAIRES! Billionaires….. oh my God. And here we were clamouring for a chance at winning $50 million. A billion is one thousand of the millions. A New Zealand billionaire with just one billion could spend $50 million and still have 950 million left.
    There are fourteen New Zealand multi-billionaires. No wonder there are kids and their whanau living in Motels, and not for long and not for why you might think neither.
    Good work @ Bryan Bruce. You’re fucking awesome, you are.

    • Oh cb. If we virtually upended the financial rort that has been dealt to us as a hand we would have armed piece-keepers from our friends to protect the country against these dangerous terrorists. Chile – shot Allende, the people’s choice. But they had some resource that they were not working for themselves and wanted a bigger lice of the pie. Not so different from our situation. ‘They’ remain Poker-faced, whoever they are. We had better stick to Happy Families and Patience. Just hold the water till you need to put a fire out.

      The bitcoin world is an attempt to slide out from the rules that keep the world financial system stable enough to make reasoned decisions. A beautiful articulate and clever woman has gone missing who was connected with one big ponzi scheme, said to be from the Bu…ian mafia.

      NZ/AO is lovely, desirable, compelling, think the song Bali Hai.*
      *…Your own special hopes,
      Your own special dreams
      Loom on the hillside and shine in the Streams
      If you try, you will find me
      Where the sky meets the sea
      Here am I your special island
      Come to me, come to me…

  7. So good to see Dharleen Tana there leading the charge as a proud Green Party resistance fighter!!

  8. Nice placard at the March4Nature event–“Fast Track my Land Back!”

    Left unity and a reinvigorated class left central labour organisation are prerequisites for sending these junior authoritarians packing asap. CTU needs to organise regional delegates & members meetings including non members, families and community to get things moving.

    Te Pāti Māori has given good leadership so far, but the rest of the working class need to join in. The ideological struggle is very important as Groundswell and the right grabbing the narrative on 3 Waters showed. Three Waters has been trashed…but precarious local water, sewage systems and boil water notices continue. What a win for the right there…crumbling infrastructure must still be replaced.


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