You must march today at 1pm


It’s time Comrades, we must march today against this terrible Government!

TDB will be covering the protest in Auckland.

We just can’t allow this deplorable agenda to progress one more inch for the donor class and their interests.

Fuck the rich.

We have no option as citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand but to join this mass protest event today.

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This Government’s agenda is now clearly out in the open and they intend to desecrate our environment for their donor mates.

They are attacking workers rights, renter rights, beneficiaries and our public services.

You can no longer sit on the fence.

If you voted National and now regret that vote, join us.

If you have already been punished by this Government, join us.

If you can no longer sit by and watch Shane Jones, Chris Bishop and Simeon Brown gain the power of Muldoon on Meth, join us!

You are going to give someone as venal, selfish and corruption adjacent as Shane Jones the powers of Muldoon on Meth to desecrate the environment for rare earth minerals that are many times more toxic than lead for a mere 2% return???

Just so we understand, this appalling human being with the crony capitalism interests of the donors ahead of New Zealand – THIS is your standard on the Political Right is it?

This is your reward for political apathy and a self denial of ‘it can’t get any worse’.

Well guess what, it can!

If the political right honestly allow this walking Pork Barrel gain the powers he wants, you don’t get to lecture the Left on corruption ever again!

Shane Jones is poisoning the earth, trashing due process and only looking after the interests of his donor mates for a fucking 2% pittance!

Are those on the Right so lobotomised in their misogynistic hatred towards Jacinda that you will allow Shane Jones?

Are you really that self-mutilating?

This Government has borrowed more than Labour did, but when Labour did it, it was to save us from Covid, when National did it, it was for tax cuts that benefit their rich donors!

This is on you, for the rest of us, let your rage howl today against this desecration of our democracy, our environment and the egalitarian values that built this nation!

See you there!

National Party environmental policy


  1. Brilliant stuff @ MB. A huge cuddle to you and yours for your efforts.
    This, this [thing], isn’t governance. It’s proxy fascist management for the hyper riche and what do the hyper riche want more than anything else? To become more hyper richer and that means we must pay.
    Farmers! This is one protest worthy of a tractor. I know you have fantasies about a yourself and a cow/luxon three-way but it won’t put marmite in the white-bread toast now will it. This Three Stooge Gooberment must get the exercise luxon’s pot guts says he needs. A little running while screaming ought to do it.
    But can I make one suggestion? More lead-in time for the next one which will give the all but mythical people not dwelling within the ramparts of Auckland, The Golden Age City of Twinkle and Sparkle and “Oh Look! A new Bentley! Quick ! Someone! Ramp up the house prices now all my loan manager” to organise themselves. One more thing and not as disconnected as you might think. Learn of an institution that keeps the facts from the people. The Project…. ( The sky has just darkened…)
    Ross Coulthart reveals the night that convinced him to investigate UFOs
    Yeah, yeah. I know but bare with. 140 minutes of WTF ahead.
    Ross Couldhart
    It could have easily been a documentary on farmers who earn our money but see almost fuck all of it come back to them and yet successive gubbimints can never admit to that as they spend billions on Bentleys and butt plugs.
    I call it The Great New Zealand Institutionalised Lie. And that’s almost certainly why luxon, seymour and hideous winston peters were dragged out of their lairs to spin Dr the fuck out of our false economy.
    The brutality they’re expressing against the all but defenceless to hide the crimes of the rich is about as low as it goes. Aye Boys?

      • I am comfortably well off. I mean I don’t have to worry about paying the doct or the dentist – I have enough money to top up my pension for the next ten years. I don’t need the top for electricity but I do I try to give away about $12000 a year to charities that are also speaking out against child poverty and the government.


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