In Occupied Palestine – 03 June 2024


In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Land

08:00, 03 June until 08:00, 04 June 2024

[Source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group]

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Gaza Strip

Air strikes: Heavy aerial bombardment on buildings, homes and many facilities.

Attacks: All over Gaza, there are air strikes, heavy gunfire, tank and artillery shelling, as well as missiles fired from Israeli forces and military occupation, especially in Khan Yunis. The Israeli Navy continues to fire missiles, targeting facilities and buildings along the shoreline of the whole of Gaza.

Victims: 71 people killed in Gaza brings the total number of deaths since 7 October to at least 36,550. With another 182 wounded, thatfigure has risen to more than 82,959.

Palestine today

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Israel’s forced starvation in Gaza has killed dozens of children

Israel’s forced starvation has caused the deaths of two more children in central Gaza where conditions have been made worse by Israel’s closure of the Rafah crossing, further limiting aid and trapping sick and injured Palestinians.

Over 3,500 under-fives in Gaza at risk of death due to malnutrition

More than 3,500 children are at risk of death in Gaza due to Israel’s total besieging of the strip stopping the flow of much-needed aid resulting in acute food shortages and lack of nutritional supplements, the Palestinian media office has said on Monday. The children, all of whom are aged under five, suffered from advanced malnutrition, including weight loss, loss of muscle mass, and decreased physical strength, endangering their survival, the statement said. They urged global action to ensure aid enters the strip and an end to Israel’s onslaught. The children also lacked access to essential services, including regular medical checks related to their early development as well as routine immunisations, which will “worsen their condition”, the statement said, describing the situation as “catastrophic” and “dangerous”. “Children in the Gaza Strip need immediate and fundamental solutions to all the crises they face systematically from the Israeli occupation,” the statement said.

Israel weighs up truce proposal

The ongoing Israeli invasion of southern Gaza’s Rafah has forcibly displaced over one million Palestinians into damaged and destroyed facilities in nearby Khan Younis, the UN said on Monday. 

Conditions for families there are “unspeakable,” Unrwa, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, said in a social media post, adding that it’s becoming increasingly challenging to provide essential services. The ground attack on the city, launched in early May, disrupted the flow of aid into Gaza after Israeli forces seized the vital Rafah crossing with Egypt and closed off aid. More than 3,500 Palestinian children are now at risk of death due to the “Israeli policy of starvation”, the Gaza-based government media office said on Monday. The children, who are under five years of age, suffer from acute malnutrition and are exposed to infectious diseases. 

Israeli soldiers film themselves stealing aid from starving Gazans

Israeli soldiers stationed in Rafah posted a video on social media of them cooking with stolen UNRWA aid, while millions of Gazans face starvation in what Oxfam has called the worst malnutrition crisis on record. Twitter user Younis Tirawi has identified the soldier as Captain Viberman from an elite infantry force in the Israeli army known as the Givati Brigade.

Israel kills 3 Palestinian men who ran soup kitchen in Gaza

3 Palestinian men who ran a soup kitchen and distributed free food to displaced Gazans in Nuseirat refugee camp were killed in an Israeli strike on their car today. Tariq, Hamza and Abdul Rahman Darwish, all from the same family, volunteered to support their community during Israel’s bombing and starvation campaign against Gaza’s civilians.

Israel’s lies that are being exposed because of this genocide is the most powerful thing to watch’

MEMO speaks with Amytess Girgis, a PhD student and an organiser with Oxford Action for Palestine, who says the students’ Gaza solidarity encampments are powerful. ‘This moment is unique in that there are so many people, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, it doesn’t matter what your identities are, people understand that Palestinian liberation is tied to everything and that Palestine is the litmus test for this generation.’ For Amytess, the fight is personal. As a Persian-Egyptian with American ties, her identity is deeply intertwined with the Palestinian cause. “I’ve cared about Palestine since I came out of the womb but I’m also American, which means that I am deeply aware of how much my country has been bankrolling not just this genocide, but the occupation of Palestine since day one.” This student intifada, says Amytess, represents a broader understanding that “Palestinian liberation is tied to everything,” making it a litmus test for this generation. She explains that the brutal reality of the genocide in Gaza has peeled back layers of deception that have shielded Israel’s actions from global scrutiny. Long-standing lies about Israel’s military actions are being exposed as the global community witnesses atrocities that were previously dismissed or ignored.

US: ADL files federal complaint against pro-Palestinian Jewish group

Anti-Defamation League’s complaint comes as pro-Israel groups plan to spend $100m on US elections to unseat pro-Palestinian lawmakers. The pro-Israel Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has filed a complaint in the US with the Federal Election Commission, accusing the anti-Zionist group Jewish Voice for Peace Action’s political action committee (JVP-PAC) of violating campaign finance laws. The complaint accuses JVP-PAC of “financial discrepancies” and is calling on the Federal Election Commission to levy sanctions against the organisation.The ADL has long been denounced by pro-Palestinian groups for describing Palestinian rights movements as antisemitic. The organisation has also in the past worked with US law enforcement to spy on and target Arab-American groups and has also facilitated and funded US police training trips to Israel. In March, Jewish Voice for Peace joined a coalition of 20 different progressive organisations in order to protect pro-Palestinian lawmakers and take on the powerful Israel American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac).

Biden won’t set red lines for Israel so long as AIPAC is ‘top’ Democratic campaign funder

AIPAC has spent $12 million in just two congressional races. Joe Biden notices even if the media doesn’t. AIPAC is not nearly as shy as the New York Times. AIPAC is very proud of the money it raises. They lately bragged about being the “top” contributor to the Democratic Party, and to the black, Hispanic, and progressive caucuses in Congress. “Follow the money” is a famous expression in journalism. But reporters have largely abandoned this precept when covering support for Israel. So AIPAC’s purchase of politicians is happening in plain sight with no scandal.  

Israeli universities are assisting the genocide. Canadian universities refuse to cut ties with them.

Despite the deep complicity of Israeli universities in the genocide in Gaza, Canadian universities are refusing the calls of their students to sever ties with these Israeli academic institutions. To enable their students to participate in the Gaza holocaust Israeli universities paused classes for nearly three months. As part of restarting classes, the academic institutions came to an agreement with the army to preserve the interests of over 50,000 students and faculty in the military. The universities granted various benefits to reservists killing Palestinians. Hebrew University (HU), for instance, launched an “Enhanced Financial Package for Our Students Serving in the IDF.” In 2019 HU began offering a three-year training for future IDF intelligence officers. Students in the Havatzalot program live in a former university residence only accessible by biometric identification. Regular university employees need advanced permission to enter the area. To maintain the IDF’s technological edge, cadets have studied for degrees in physics, maths or computer science at HU for over 40 years. The university provides the IDF with academic information on students enrolled in the Talpiot programme. “the opening years of the programme saw the students first and foremost as soldiers…They wore uniforms to their classes at Hebrew University and took shifts guarding Talpiot’s section of the Hebrew University campus.”

West Bank

[Palestinian Monitoring Group]

Israeli Army attack – 2 killed: Tulkarem – evening, Israeli Occupation forces, storming Tulkarem, opened fire on a motor vehicle, killing two people, Abdel Fattah Salah al-Din Jabara and Ahmed Mustafa Muhammad Rajab, before removing their bodies.

Israeli Army attack – 2 wounded 2 taken prisoner: Qalqiliya – dawn, Israeli forces, storming Qalqiliya, wounded two people and took prisoner three others.

Israeli Army attack – 3 killed 8 wounded: Nablus – evening, the Israeli Army, firing live ammunition, stormed an area in Nablus near the Balata refugee camp, killing three people, Ahmed Omar Al-Khudari, Moataz Sadiq Al-Nabulsi and Adam Salah al-Din Mansour Farraj, and wounding eight others.

Home invasion and demolition: Jerusalem – Israeli Occupation forces demolished a house in Anata.

Home invasions and demolition: Jenin – the Israeli Army demolished two homes in the village of Jalboun.

Israeli Army pastoral and apiary sabotage: Jerusalem – Israeli Occupation forces demolished a livestock shelter and beehives in Anata.

Israeli Army mosque violation: Jerusalem – 08:00, settler militants, escorted by Israeli police, invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and molested worshippers.

Israeli Army agricultural sabotage: Tulkarem – Israeli forces demolished an agricultural nursery built on 2.4 hectares of Palestinian National Authority controlled land, west of the Shweika suburb.

Occupation settler arson agricultural sabotage: Ramallah – evening, raiding Israeli Occupation settlers set fire to olive trees on Burqavillage agricultural land.

Occupation settler theft and pastoral sabotage: Ramallah – evening, Israeli invaded the Ein Samiya area, east of the village of Kafr Malek, and stole 120 sheep.

Occupation settler stoning: Nablus – Israelis, from Yitzhar Occupation settlement, stoned nearby passing vehicles, including an ambulance.

Occupation settler arson agricultural sabotage: Bethlehem – Israelis, from Efrat Occupation settlement, set fire to a local vineyard.

Occupation settler arson agricultural sabotage: Hebron – Israeli Occupation settlers set fire to crops on farmland in the al-Taybeh area of ​​Tarqumiya and prevented farmers from reaching the area, in order to save olive trees, grapevines and gooseberry bushes, as well as farm buildings.

Occupation settler vandalism: Hebron – Israeli settlers invaded the village of Susya and vandalised the area.

Raid – 2 taken prisoner: Jerusalem – dawn, Israeli Occupation forces raided the village of Beit Ijza, taking prisoner two people.

Raid: Ramallah – evening, Israeli forces raided and patrolled the village of Burqa.

Raids – 2 taken prisoner: Ramallah – dawn, the Israeli Army raided Silwad and Bir Zeit, taking prisoner five people.

Raid: Tulkarem – evening, Israeli troops raided and patrolled Anabta.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Salfit – dawn, the Israeli military raided Bidya, taking prisoner one person.



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