Best News Story you will see this year


The amazing piece on Willie’s Oxford Speech is the best thing you will see on TV this year…

…watch this and tell me Willie doesn’t deserve our respect!



  1. I think I’d like to see him as PM, if he feels it’s what he wants.
    However, I’d hate to see him pushed into it the way people pushed David Shearer into the Labour leadership. He didn’t want it and just being the MP for Mt. Albert, having Helen Clark’s old seat, wasn’t the best qualification for it.
    Obviously, people would be wary of another young woman for a while. No need to be wary but people are so superstitious. Especially those on the right.
    We really need a break from boring pakeha men, and those who pretend to be.
    We need someone who would put our country first, not doing the bidding of wealthy donors and foreign buyers.
    Willy would offer clear explanations on how things are, for those who struggle to take it all in.

  2. Totally well done Willie is all you can say really…knew him back in the bouncer and union days and he has not changed–fortunately–as the debate illustrated.

  3. Can Mr Jackson take back the NZLP for the people who its supposed to represent after being bought out 40 years ago ?. After all the rich and business have their own parties to donate to and influence.

    Has he the tenacity , empathy , cleverness and a strategy to push a counter revolution and more importantly the support.?

    I am not at all confident given recent history and the current leadership of LINO.

    As Norm Kirk who led the last LABOUR government in 1972 said ” Its time ”

    That message is even more relevant here in the shire today than in big Norms time with the assault by the plutocracy on so many good people in New Zealand.


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