And now ACT come for our sick days


Part-time workers could get less sick leave under law change, Workplace Relations Minister announces

Part-time workers could end up with less sick leave in an update of the Holidays Act announced by the Workplace Relations Minister.

The draft legislation will be released ahead of targeted consultation in September.

Van Velden announced the move in a speech at the Pacific Economic Development Agency in Auckland.

She said she had heard from businesses who were struggling to adjust to the previous government’s decision to double sick leave entitlements from five to 10 days, which took effect in 2021.

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She said changes in the draft bill could include pro-rating sick leave “to better reflect how much an employee works”.

“Workplaces that rely on part-time workers are particularly vulnerable to unexpected staffing shortages,” she said.

This would mean the amount of sick leave workers were entitled to would depend on how much they worked – leaving part-time workers with less.

“This means in an employee works a full work week, they will receive 10 days sick leave. An employee who works fewer hours will receive a proportion of that entitlement. What that proportion looks like will form part of our consultation.”

And now ACT come for your sick days!

You will remember Luxon clearly ruled out anyone losing sick day entitlements during the election…

…but of course as soon as they get in, they lie!

Ask the cancer patients!

This hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government are in the thrall of their donor mates and their donor mates want to slash worker rights, so that’s what they will do.

Slashing workers rights to sick pay and cutting off their holiday rights will not keep workers in NZ, it will make debt slaves of them so they can never flee in the first place!

This is a nation dependent on a low wage economy and the Right intend to cement that into place.



  1. The thing that astounds me (or maybe shouldn’t) is how incompetently BvV understands our sick leave laws. Part time workers are already pro-rated/. They only get paid for the hours and days they would have worked.

    • Clearly, what she actually cares about is making sure that people stuck working two part time jobs (often on overlapping days) are never actually able to take time off when they’re sick, because she hates the working poor.

    • The way they re-label and sell their stitch ups is interesting too. This one sold to the public as ‘ the deviant worker ‘.

      The whole irrational scenario that we’re to suck into, is that naughty people deliberately get part time jobs just so they can garner some sick days !
      Utter nonsense when in fact it’s about greedy exploitation for greater profit.

  2. So ACT wants sick people to go to work, make other people sick, perform under par, make mistakes, and probably get even sicker in the process. Nobody benefits from this savagery except those with a vested interest in the breakdown of society.

  3. Luxon is pathetic. A liar who will roll over for anything as long as the landlords and landowners get looked after. That’s because A)it is self serving and B) he’s taken so much from the sector.

  4. I wouldn’t be too keen on the road works guy operating the Stop/Go sign like Nicola Willis’s dad having to work when sick. Or the petrol tank driver, or bus driver, or Indian takeaway chef, or hospital cleaner, or teacher’s aide, or a carpenter’s apprentice and the Filipino painting granny’s pensioner unit, working when health challenged. Sounds pretty damn reckless all round.

    • NZ rates so low in productivity, we are below many African countries. Our work ethic has a lot to do with it. The sick days mindset works like this: “oh…hey….I haven’t been sick but I get 10 days sickies per year…so let me take 10 days off….the fishing looks good…”

      • Maybe employers need to be more selective when employing people or provide a work environment where the employees can get job satisfaction from their work so they do not take random sick days as a relief from a boring job?

        • Sorry Bonnie that the job is boring. You’re welcome to resign, or, even better, start your own rewarding business. Please go ahead.

      • Our productivity is low because our entire economy is built around rich fucks buying and selling houses numbnuts. If you want to lift productivity we have to invest money into manufacturing, or god forbid actually building homes for the government. You are probably the dumbest troll on this site.

    • The problem is that it’s a govt idea and anything govt must be critised. It’s nervous a Marxist reflex. They could have doubled the sick leave and TDB would scream out “Govt gives up on productivity.”

      • Bullshit, it is clearly stating that Luxon promised there would be no change to the number of sick leave allocations and now their coalition partners are backtracking on his promise. It appears your continual support of this government at all costs, show’s a distinct lack of balance.
        TDB is screaming LIARS and it’s not wrong!

      • Productivity is a myth when right-wing governments promote low wage economies through punitive policy setting, such as what ACT are doing and what National have always done throughout history.

    • No it isn’t .
      Part time workers sick leave is only 10 x times the number of hours they work.
      So if they only work 1 day a week they still only get 1 days pay.
      Or if they only work 1 x 4 hours on that 1 day they only get 4 hours pay.

      So no it is not fair.

      This is nothing but a wages grab.

      • And on the other end of the scale if you work 60 hours a week, you dont get extra sick leave, seems like a wages grab, ’cause it is.

  5. The Act fuckers are intent on ECA MkII and union busting–the NZCTU and PSA better get their heads around that and plan some direct action.

    Never mind low union density–caused by the original 1991 Employment Contracts Act which derecognised unions, decimated numbers and workers rights, and even provoked an investigation by the International Labour Organisation.

    TPM and the Greens are onto all this, the CTU needs to organise regional meetings including non members and families to organise against employers large and small.

  6. Makes sense, a part time 2days per week collegue gets the same allowance of sick leave as I do working full time. Brings it in line with Annual leave.

    • Start your own blog site and make it the lead story. Now focus on the story at hand and stop trying to obfuscate.

  7. In many, many ways roger douglas, Labour’s one time, two term finance minister did us a favour by creating the cancer that’s ACT and neo-liberalism thus enabling seymour into our hearts, minds and wallets. Once we get rid of seymour, the evil little daisy, we’ll be alert to his ilk because his ilk will always be standing in the shadows as sure as night follows day. The other thing to remember is that seymour can only do what ever we let him get away with so we should probably think about what we’re going to do about that. I’m thinking a royal commission of inquiry but others might have more creative ways of dealing with lice.

  8. … and at the same time they are stunned about the increased crime rate (after cutting public service, sick pay, support for Maori and lower socioeconomic income New Zealanders, worker rights, human rights (hell, that tard Seymour and his tard supporters want to get rid of the Human rights commission – only property rights count etc.). While this pathetic excuse for a government destroy 6 years of correction for the previous administrations mess … this lot create another one that the next left government will need to correct. Because taxes have also been cut (mainly for the better off) they will also need to be corrected and borrowing may be necessary to fix the damage this lot are causing. Two and a half more years of carnage to endure as we watch the planet burn and our livelihood disappear offshore – thanks Nats/ACT/Winston First rats!

  9. Hey Anker, if you are still around, you voted for this. I would love you to justify voting away people sick leave.

    You are and always be a traitor to the workers of this country.

  10. Do you work part time Josh? nah probably not, do you know what it is like to survive on a part time wage or have to work more than one jobs to make ends meet? nah probably not.
    My sister who has a long- term mental illness was forced to work full time (by the same nasty mean government that’s in power today) when part time was good for her, she ended up sick and then didn’t work at all. I know people like our cleaners at our job (that is paru now due to lack of cleaning) there hours were cut back, and they had to look for other jobs to fill the gap and there are many others that need more hours but are not offered them. Some people have no choice as they can only physically or mentally cope with a part time job. Too much is now skewed towards businesses and the rich getting richer this is not good for our country and people.

  11. Next will be chains around ankles and those refusing to work will be asked to line up for a ” shower” such is this hard right takeover.

  12. Heard her being interviewed on national radio. She said she’d heard about all sorts of problems from business people. If the reporter had been doing their job, they would have asked her if she’d talked to workers – but then we all know the answer to that don’t we?

  13. Come on , it’s not just about sick leave. You’ve been distracted again !

    It’s about the new Ministry of Regulations with their wee hitler moustaches going after the WHOLE Holidays Act.

    Then furtively , like rats let loose in a CPU without a plan , piece by piece weakening the whole ECA.

    Then ANY other regulations, treaties , laws etc that get in the way of the DIVINE Libetarian delusion will be gnawed away too.
    It appears as random , small , incremental chewing so you won’t see the destruction until it’s too late!

    At the same time destroy the Productivity Commission put there by ACT and NATZ in the first place ?

    Why else would you put $ 48 million into this band of brown shirt, jack-booting mercenaries at the Ministry of Regulations lead by a mad man ?

    Because the Productivity Commission worked on research , science , evidence and monitored and reviewed impacts and outcomes across multiple sectors …
    Egs: IMPACTS Like not having –

    • A lunchbreak
    • An overloaded trailer unit kill you
    • A rip off by banks, insurance schemes
    real estate agents and power
    • DDT in your lunch or cyanide in your
    • Your toaster electrocute you
    • you Die at work in a building collapse
    • Your baby carseat kill infants
    • Your medicine being snake oil

    SO of course you have to hide that stuff when the donors get their prizes !


    • DV Chiscolm -$50,000 during November.

    • Hero Ltd – $50,000 on December 12.

    • Cosgrove & Partners-  $6,000 in December.

    • A Krukziener- $19,999 in December.

    • The Houghton Family Trust – $10,000.69 on October 24.

    • Garry Robertson – $11,750 in November.

    • Scott Bright-  $6,750 in December.

    Now what barrierd are in these BIG boys way that the NACTZIS can dissolve?

  14. We need to make sure Act aren’t in the next government they are downright nasty, and they have this I know best attitude and far too much power for an 8% party.

  15. Augh, augh ,e! most important casual WORKERS, as is percent, of our working productive working profit producers, how come this girl, taking advice, why, well im! taking advice, girl, is your position out of your reach, or is your job, holiday, a bus stop, always.

    • What I find hilarious is economically illiterate people like you and Trevor believe employers are the sole creators of wealth and right-wing governments are responsible for top class wages through their policies.
      Supposedly we are told that better productivity is responsible for better wages, right? Yet Bill English and John Key deliberately kept wages low because they believed in a low wage economy (Bill English’s words).
      It is a complete fallacy that employers are responsible for the livelihoods of their workers, without workers there would be no employer.
      People like you who comment on here simply have no concept on the realities of the punitive policies right wing governments promote. Business Inc love right wing governments for a reason, suppress workers’ wages for greater profits to business, simple.

  16. ” You will remember Luxon clearly ruled out anyone losing sick day entitlements during the election…”

    ” …but of course as soon as they get in, they lie!

    Ask the cancer patients!

    This hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government are in the thrall of their donor mates and their donor mates want to slash worker rights, so that’s what they will do.

    Slashing workers rights to sick pay and cutting off their holiday rights will not keep workers in NZ, it will make debt slaves of them so they can never flee in the first place!

    This is a nation dependent on a low wage economy and the Right intend to cement that into place.

    They don’t need to do any cementing Bomber the Neo liberal plutocracy that is upheld every three year electoral cycle ensures the status quo from the ECA in 1991 keeps that environment , MINDSET and implementation in place regardless of whatever free market party is controlling the treasury benches.

    LINO and its weakened worker representatives are the only opposition to the Nasties and their donors from exploiting every last drop from our once proud people.

    That is the only resistance and provides the insatiable millionaires, property barons who fund their political representatives the Nasties to pushback against any opposition no matter how weak.

    Only TPM and the on and off again undisciplined Green party think they are helping or in TPM only the poor Maori and not their destitute pakeha brother and sisters.

    • ACT are simply an appalling hard right political party born by Roger Douglas (ex Labour) and Derek Quigley (ex National) .
      From there the taxpayers union was created and just look at who was involved there…

      The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union was founded on 30 October 2013.[7] The group was first chaired for four years by John Bishop,[8] a former Television New Zealand political editor, and father of National Party list MP Chris Bishop… well, well, well?


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