Dear Chris Luxon – what would Jesus fund?


Dear Chris Luxon, as a devout Christian, what do you think Jesus would have funded?

A $2.9billion tax loop hole cut for the rich or funding cancer patients their medicine that you personally promised during te election?

The deplorable manner in which National promised cancer patients that they would fund their drugs only to then lie to their faces is an obscenity.

You don’t give dying people hope and then betray the so you can fund the richest landlords a $2.9billion loop hole!

Cancer patients have been totally fucked over here and no matter how you voted, they deserved better than that slap in the face!

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National promised to pay for their drugs and they have now reneged on that promise!

The cost of the cancer drug promise would have been $280million, National say they can’t find that money and have broken the promise they made cancer patients clinging onto life and hope but they DO HAVE $2.9billion for tax breaks to their rich landlord mates and $14billion in tax cuts!!!!

This is the first pro- Cancer Government in global history.

They have by their actions shamed us all!

You don’t play the emotions of cancer patients to gain votes and then not look after them!

This is a disgusting new low in NZ Political history, playing cancer patients to get elected.

I honestly didn’t believe this Government could get any uglier, they have proven me wrong.



  1. Willis reckons she will ‘look into it’ later on this year…oh really….toooooo late!…Cancer waits for no one!!

    Her economic naivety and woeful medical knowledge can best be described with two words…sheer stupidity!

    She told Jack Tame that she had saved x amount of dollars by firing all those civil servants….er no!

    She obviously never studied the law of physics which can be applied to every aspect of life…that is…
    ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’.

    She has no way of knowing if she has saved any money at all because she doesn’t have a proven datum to work off, and, she hasn’t factored in the quid pro quo effect.

    Was she has got though, is a proven ability to lie without blinking, combined with a lack of ability to think critically, combined with a tunnel vision personality disorder.

    If N.Z. thinks that she is their economic visonary and saviour, then they are sadly deluded.
    The down stream damage will be significant!!

    • Grant. Even worse, New Zealand will not be able to recruit oncologists or retain them, if they are restricted in how they can practise their speciality. Reti should know this even if Luxon and Willis are as dumb as they appear.

      • Unfortunately Shane Reti looks like he’s about to burst into tears anytime someone interviews him so I guess he’s unlikely to go into bat for the sick anytime soon by pushing back against the ghouls running the show.

  2. Second strike for the skinhead gang leader .First he claimed accomodation costs while throwing others out on the street .Second he has decided to wage war on people who survived covid under labour by killing them off by making more people smoke and non treatment of cancer .One strike left Luxy what will it be .Those ferries are coming for you ,I see the engines are made and tested I can see a massive compensation bill coming your way .So much for being a smart business man ,you are a fucken embarassment

      • NICOLA: You are breaking your election promises Chris. You told people with terminal cancer, that you would fund 13 new cancer drugs, and then reneged while back flipping while kicking the can down the road for another year.
        You said that you would build a second Mt Victoria tunnel, but now that’s disappeared.
        You also said you wouldn’t change sick leave laws, and now you’re changing sick leave laws?
        CHRIS: Yes but when I made those promises I had my fingers crossed. And made sure of it, by supergluing my fingers in the crossed position and tying string around them!
        NICOLA: But you didn’t forget about the $2.8 bil in tax deductibity given to landlords.
        CHRIS: I have 7 houses, so how could I forget a promise I made to myself?

  3. “This is a disgusting new low in NZ Political history, playing cancer patients to get elected.
    I honestly didn’t believe this Government could get any uglier, they have proven me wrong.”

    Absolutely nailed it Martyn.
    Pure jaw dropping malevolence, executed without batting an eyelid.

    There are no words

        • Bob the first. A political leader, Bill English, denouncing all our young males in the way that he did was as pretty evil as Davidson casting blame on all Pakeha for the Muslim murders in Christchurch. Elected leaders betray all of us when they use us for their own agendas, in this case, the ill and ailing. That’s as bad as it gets.

  4. So, is the Luxon Government cancelling all future cancer treatments, including the drugs used before the election? That would be newsworthy.

    • Ada Medical science is constantly evolving. New replaces old when new works better. Even spider webs on wounds require a constant supply of spiders and webs.

      • my point is that yes, the promised advanced cancer drugs won’t be delivered this year – broken promise – Instead cancer will be treated with the same cancer drugs we had last year.

        • Not relevant. The issue is that they made a false promise to swing an election. It was a lie directly impacting people’s pain, quality of life, and chances of survival.

    • Not sure Ada, did Luxon promise what you are quoting? Luxon lied at the election to garner votes, it worked but can no longer be trusted.

  5. Luxon looks surprisingly relaxed lying straight to the camera. Now because of political pressure he’s u turning. He tried it on with oddly implying they never read budgets in opposition. After now blinking, because his bs didn’t work he is now going to fund them? So they had the money or he’s now going to slash something else? All the while he will say they were forced to give tax breaks to landlords. Notice that’s one promise he didn’t break.

  6. As has been said he is of a “prosperity” rich bastards are ok, Christian stripe, that provides one more reason to question religion. Religion should be opposed in for two reasons at least–relentless oppression of women and indoctrination of kids before they have formed an independent world view.

    To deny people promised cancer medicine after getting their votes is pretty low alright. A friend of mine sold her retirement section to buy Keytruda because it was not funded for lung cancer, she is still here 5 years later but having to clean houses to get by. That will be the reality for many more thanks to Baldrick reneging.

    Pharmac does an ok job, but will always need more funding–and the Natzos better realise it. ACC levies are going through the roof too now because of long standing mismanagement and running it down.

  7. Politicians break promises all the time. What’s more, they employ teams of PR persons and advisors to help them to do it. Apart from Saint John preparing the way of the Lord, and gospel writers recording him post-humously, Jesus spoke for himself, and he said, “ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That is not what’s happening in Parliament now.

    That slippery bunch in the Beehive, and the creeps like English in the shadows, claiming Christianity and repudiating it with their actions, exemplify the words of Saint Paul, I think it was, who said,” Faith without works is dead”, so they are dead men walking, just as surely as the cancer patients who they have so cruelly told to sod off. Luxon has spoken something about not letting his religion affect his politics and it may be the one time that he’s told the truth, but that does not give him him carte blanche to be a professional liar.

  8. Dear Chris Luxon,

    Jesus said,” Give all ye have to the poor, and come follow me.”

    Kind regards

    Francis d’Assisi

  9. NATIONAL pulled that trick under John Key for the Keytruda medicine for breast cancer back in 2008/09 .
    But to campaign on it then not budget for it is the dirtiest trick ever and now back tracking fast.
    Even though they were relying on the $5 fee to fund them.
    It still stinks.
    If it wasn’t for David Seymour I doubt Pharmac would have got the $1.77 billion over the next 4 years either.
    Remember Johnathon colemans no increase in 10/11.

    • Geoffrey I think you will find it was Herceptin. Keytruda would not have been registered back then and certainly not for Triple negative breast cancer.

      What Key did was tell women, vote for me and I will fund Herceptin for a full year as PHARMAC we’re going against actual data and funding for a much shorter. Once he beat Helen, years later when pressured to fund Keytruda for melanoma he said, being now ensconced in power of course, he shouldn’t interfere in PHARMAC funding decisions. Shameless behaviour but that was John Key.

  10. NATIONAL pulled that trick under John Key for the Keytruda medicine for breast cancer back in 2008/09 .
    But to campaign on it then not budget for it is the dirtiest trick ever and now back tracking fast.
    Even though they were relying on the $5 fee to fund them.
    It still stinks.
    If it wasn’t for David Seymour I doubt Pharmac would have got the $1.77 billion over the next 4 years either.
    Remember Johnathon colemans no increase in 10/11.

  11. Wouldn’t Jesus have given every kid a mobile device to scan the web for an ‘ I Am Hope’ counsellor for maximum TWO calls ?

    Or would he have cut the funds for safe youth transitional housing by $20 M for those homeless young with shitty parents?

  12. Sago Lane, Singapore, is known as La Rue de mort. In old days Chinatown, it’s where terminally ill patients were left to die due to hospital bed shortages, and placed in the death houses very often without medical or nursing care, waiting to die. Luxon, Willis and Reti look to have picked up one or two ideas on their trips abroad.

  13. Luxon told Hosking on ZB according to Bryan Bruce that the decision not to fund the cancer drugs were made by the Finance Ministers group in Cabinet.

    Thats how cruel these people are and why when they are in government people fear them so much.

    Willis has NO empathy! None! including, Seymour Van Velden and several others in and out of cabinet.

    The National party and its ATLAS partners are rightly labeled the NASTIES for good reason.

    Jacinda and her saving lives with the COVID lockdown seems to put some perspective on a government’s duty of care and priorities.

    The money IS THERE to pay for the drugs but they have chosen NOT TO !

    Where is Winston on this ? Another overseas junket probably.

    • Winston is so far up his own arse there is a possibility he may see the light through his dentures and pull the plug on this corrupt excuse for a govt.

  14. God help us, when it comes to helping the poor Christians are pretty much the worst – at least evangelicals and fundamentalists. They have such a reputation in the US for poor tipping that they often slap back at articles that say this. In case anyone doesn’t know, tipping is very necessary in most of the US given that tips, your wages can be as low as $2.50 an hour or so.
    It always amuses me that ‘Christians’ never seem to ask what Jesus would do in any situation. Most of them don’t read the Bible. The only bits they get are the ones their pastor chooses to read to them during the sermon. And they are often concerned with the need to donate money.
    I met numerous fundagelicals in my youth, and almost all of them were nutty right wing … people, who castigated the poor for being lazy. I was at a school prize-giving speech years ago during quite a deep recession, where some Dutch reformed nutter was asked to speak because he was chairman of the board I guess. He crapped on about how there were plenty of jobs out there if you are willing to work. No they weren’t. Bastard had the reputation of employing kids from transition to work, working them for three months and throwing them under the bus just before the so-called trial ended. Lots of cheap labour that way. Fuck ’em.

  15. Jesus would care for the neediest after 40 years (exact) of NZ’s determined neglect. Which peeled up our soul, our idea of ourselves. He would then clout down the over uppity heads of the widget-makers so we could again address reality: climate change.

    It’s so simple. From a 40-year education.


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