8pm live tonight: Waatea Straight Talk with Shane Te Pou + Bayden Barber + Tim Selwyn + Bomber + Jason Ake + Professor Wayne Hope + Jerrie Lee Hill


8pm Live Tonight: Straight Talk with Shane Te Pou

Bayden Barber – Chairman of the Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi on current state of Māori protests 

Political Panel: Shane, Tim Selwyn + Bomber Bradbury

-Will Māori, the left, and environmentalists unite to fight this government?
-Budget for Māori initiatives slashed.
-Government reneging on cancer drugs racist as Māori economic deprivation means they cannot pay privately.
-PM off to the Pacific. Are they interested in the words of a coloniser?
-Fast track Bill: protests across the country this weekend. What will this mean?

9pm: Jason Ake – media commentator + Kingitanga advocate

9.30: Professor Wayne Hope – Impact of media shut down to fourth estate journalism 

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9.50: Jerrie Lee Hill – children’s book author Matarik



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