Hundreds To Gather In Auckland To Make A Stand Against The Government’s Reckless Fast-Track Approvals Bill – SAFE For Animals


SAFE is proud to back the Greenpeace initiated March for Nature to stand up against the government’s reckless Fast-Track Approvals Bill.

Taking place on 8 June in Auckland, the march will bring together activists from across the country to demand justice for our precious environment, and for those who inhabit it, from the coalition government.

Together, we will be hitting the streets to resist this dangerous legislation that would actively facilitate animal cruelty and environmental destruction.

SAFE Campaigns Manager Emma Brodie says the Fast-Track Bill is an outright assault on animals, nature, democracy, and Te Tiriti.

“This Bill could pave the way for more mud farms, intensive fish farming, and mining in the habitats of critically endangered species, leading to irreparable harm.”

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“By stripping away the public’s right to have a say on these destructive practices, the Bill concentrates decision-making power in the hands of just three Ministers.”

“This unbridled authority would allow them to override existing safeguards and approve developments, regardless of the devastating costs to animals and nature.”

SAFE representatives will be in attendance to make a stand and ensure that our voices are heard in defence of our environment and the rights of all living beings.

“Our voices, which will be raised on Saturday, represent the hundreds of thousands of animals who will be affected should this Bill pass. Our presence will highlight the urgent need to protect these vulnerable beings and preserve our natural environment,” says Brodie.

We urge the media to cover this critical issue and highlight the widespread opposition to the Fast-Track Bill.

The March will begin at 1pm from Aotea Square, before heading down Queen Street.

The event web page can be found here:


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