Guilty Trump vs 6months until US Election


What can one say?

He was found guilty on 34 charges in a hush money scam to bribe a pornstar, that sentence alone tells us everything about how much a circus this has all become.

The hate algorithms of social media has taken the partisan polarisation in American culture and turned into feral.

Turns out there is something worse than Fox News and it’s called Facebook.

Trump is an orange fascist and if he regains power he will overturn the global normal and plunge the U.S into a terrifying new dawn of Amerikan fascism.

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Not only does a Trump victory spell the death knell of American Democracy, it will trigger escalation from China to Gaza to the Ukraine.

These are dark days and it demand questions of why NZ is sucking up to America when they are about to elect a tangerine Mussolini.

A corpse, a felon and a man with a worm eating his brain walk into a bar and the barman says, ‘What is this, America”?


  1. 1. As someone who is – admittedly not quite as old as Joe Biden – I sort of resent the idea that he is pictured as a corpse. He seems relatively mentally agile. At least compared to Trump although that is a low, low bar. He’s also managed to get some legislation through the completely polarised US House and Senate around infrastructure investment. He’s forgiven a lot of student debt. He’s also allegedly got inflation under control, which is more than our government has done.
    2. I’m not quite sure on what basis anyone would think that Trump is is shoo-in to be elected. This guy has successfully predicted nine out of the last 10 US elections, and the one he didn’t predict was the one where Bush cheated. He says that something drastic would have to happen before Trump wins. And given the fact that he’s beaten the polls every time just about I think we should take some notice of him.

    • He seems relatively mentally agile.

      Even a fluffing, friendly MSM source couldn’t hide it…
      “I can do it better than anybody you know. You’re looking at me, I can take you too,” Biden told TIME, including Washington Bureau Chief Massimo Calabresi and Editor-in-Chief Sam Jacobs.
      … Hamas could say (unintelligible) and done period….You know, I don’t have any (unintelligible) He wanted to know why….

      Or the WSJ:
      He read from notes to make obvious points, paused for extended periods and sometimes closed his eyes for so long that some in the room wondered whether he had tuned out.

      Plus the incredibly detailed, prescriptive note cards that he just reads at pressers and even when meeting foreign leaders. The video alone is cringe-worthy. Even if you were blind you’d hear in his voice how far gone he is.

      Amazing that people on the other side of the world are in this much denial. Even the Democrats (off the record) are not.

  2. I suppose we don’t miss the Americans until they are about to depart the world stage. Looking round the remaining powers is scary.

    • @ E.
      “Looking round the remaining powers is scary.”
      That’s because the Americans have us head-fucked into thinking they’re the hero’s and everyone else is the enemy. Paranoia has made good coin for the yanks since they stole the America’s off the First Nation people a scant few years ago.
      And while on the subject of trump. Is he any worse, or better, than any of the other loopies who’ve blundered into the oval anus? Good American politicians are like good Aotearoa / New Zealand politicians… They’re dead.
      Meet Joe Bowers. One of my all time favourite films.
      Wikipedia dumbasses.

      The concept of Idiocracy dates back to a concept Judge envisioned in 1996. Judge finished the script for 3001 in 2001, rewriting the film a year later. Filming took place throughout 2004 at Austin Studios and other cities in Texas. Idiocracy serves as a social satire that touches on issues including anti-intellectualism, commercialism, consumerism, dysgenics, voluntary childlessness, and overpopulation. 20th Century Fox was hesitant to promote the film, refusing to grant it a wide release and did not screen the film for critics. The decision not to market Idiocracy was seen as unexpected, following the success of Office Space (1999), and led to speculation. According to Crews, the film’s satirical depiction of corporations made the film financially unviable, while Judge attributed 20th Century Fox’s decision to negative test screenings; Judge stated that 20th Century Fox believed that the film would develop a cult following through its DVD release, similar to Office Space.
      See? There ya go then.

    • anus, you mean China that invaded no-one since the 70s & found a cure for diabetes? or Russia the country that helped Syria diminish ISIS from its territory?

        • Yes, just as USA’s covert operatives do to their adversaries.
          USA just squeals louder about it being so unfair because Russia and China do it better than them.

      • You over looked the fact that China is trying to steal an entire sea region and the islands within.
        Don’t be so one eyed

  3. Drumph!? Who gives a fuck!
    But what about Theresa Gattung, the lurid vulture who swooped in on OUR fucking assets and resources to pudge about knee deep in our money? And now we have 600,000 in dire poverty, 200,000 kids going hungry
    and her little plaything bnz making more in profits as a now foreign entity which shovels our money from an artificially inflated ‘property market’ money laundering scam into foreign owned pockets making the Binz one of the four most profitable banksters in the world second only to fucking Canada!
    King’s Birthday Honours: Theresa Gattung, Peter Beck among those recognised for services.
    She should be recognised for her fucking services alright, then off to prison! Some of you reading this will have suffered unnecessarily from the plots and planning of this frilly old psychedelic, psychopathic narcissist.

    • Your Jacinda, Queen of the Anti-Royals, accepted her honours quick-smart and you had no problem with that! She did a quick farmers mental calculation…”er now let’s see…Dame Jacind…hmmm.. how many dollars is in that name…yep I’ll take it”. As long as it’s a lefty it’s all good, ay!

      • Hers was well deserved Jonzie Kraut. Attacking her because she’s a lefty, is simply showing your immaturity.

  4. Mango Mussolini will surely run appeals for years? no one will have the courage to “lock him up”… will they?

    People and populations have to solve their own problems ultimately, but it is difficult in the US with voter suppression, a bent electoral system and all the rest of it. It is difficult in most of the world actually without directly challenging capital and finance capital which takes organisation and class left power.

    The good news, same as here, is the demographics are changing and fat white bastards know that and are full of fear. In the US there is renewed unionisation and the younger gens support gun control, women’s reproductive rights etc. but Jan 6 showed how close to authoritarianism America is.

    • If you look at American websites, no one really has a clue what will happen to Trump. Every time you get two law professors together you get three opinions. Personally I don’t think he will go to jail, it’s a first offence/nonviolent crime. Having said that there were 34 of them, and he pissed off the judge. See – I haven’t got a clue either.

      • “I don’t think he will go to jail, it’s a first offence/nonviolent crime”

        Strange, that didn’t help Michael Cohen in regard to related and lesser charges.

        • Putting Trump in jail creates a number of problems which jailing Michael Cohen didn’t.
          Firstly, even low security “holiday camp” type jail that he would almost certainly be put in, he still is entitled to Secret Service protection. How that would be managed I have no idea.
          Secondly, jailing a US president, even if he is ex, would be a terrible embarrassment internationally.
          And thirdly, it would make a martyr of him for the right-wing radical nut jobs who support him, some of whom at least were thinking about not bothering to vote in the election because it was “fixed”, but might change their minds. There could also be sporadic violence.

          So I think they will probably take the excuse that it’s a non-violent crime and a first offence and probably not do it. I say probably because as I said before, and which you ignored, nobody really knows – including me. I just think that’s the balance of probabilities.

  5. All a political movement that has no moral compass or even any coherent policy, especially far right movements, need a martyr,

    It can be argued that a convicted Billionaire unlikely to see the inside of a jail cell makes Donald Trump an unlikely martyr, but, but up against a tottering genocide enabler who forgets his lines, who knows?

    “I don’t think they should take any comfort in that though because if they’re relying on political gravity to win states like Virginia, heaven help them in the battleground states.
    “If [Biden] is tied at 42 in Virginia then yeah, I would expect that he’s down in Wisconsin and Nevada and Michigan,”
    Virginia-based Republican strategist Tucker Martin

  6. He paid a hooker to keep her quiet, sounds like a standard non disclosure agreement to me. Yanks love these righteous moral crusades but it hardly seems like a crime.

    • Indeed. As far as I know, many of Trump’s loudest critics are yet to face any repercussions for having sex with minors provided to them by Jeffery Epstein. It’s not so much whether Trump is guilty of anything, it’s the selective prosecution of people depending entirely on whether or not they pose a political threat to those doing the prosecuting.

      • ” Indeed. As far as I know, many of Trump’s loudest critics are yet to face any repercussions for having sex with minors provided to them by Jeffery Epstein ”

        Yes. Good point.

    • Then perhaps you should pay more attention. He falsified business records. That’s a misdemeanour in that arcane American system. But he falsified it in pursuit of another crime. That’s a felony. There are plenty of American legal people making a few bob explaining it all if you care to look.

      • The same parade of Trumptards cheered when Michael Cohen went down, they had no doubts then that those crimes had been committed or objected to Cohen’s imprisonment, even as they strived to keep Individual One* name out of it at the time.

        * Dennis Dennison (Aka D J Trump)

  7. Martyn – and yet, Trump will be President soon due to the total lack of ability to govern that many Democrats have shown…sobering

  8. If Trump can be convicted for a third party bookkeeping error from a decade ago then the rest of the American establishment swamp is now on the hook for their war mongering, global invasions, extrajudicial killings, hush payments, insider trading, withholding classified records and the rest. Previous presidential administrations have done much worse but walk free. DA Bragg and his handlers should be hauled before the courts for weaponizing their legal system for political purposes, for destroying the integrity and impartiality of the courts and for bringing America into disrepute.

  9. I fail to see how Trump is any worse for human beings in general. He might be worse for Americans, domestically speaking, but a) they deserve it b) an American civil war is what the world needs to be safer.

  10. RNZ’s disturbing normalisation and both-siding of Trump’s conviction over the past two days has been quite sickening. Offering excuses for his failure in court and repeating his post-conviction torrent of lies as though it was reasonable comment.
    It made me wonder if Steve Bannon has installed operatives into RNZ.

  11. The most racist US president in history. Another term will bring a return to the era of lynching, segregation, Hays Code, anti sodomy laws, and police repression. Also Palestinians and anyone speaking up in support them will be rounded up and put in camps.

  12. “Trump is an orange fascist and if he regains power he will overturn the global normal and plunge the U.S into a terrifying new dawn of Amerikan fascism.”

    Despite the breathless hysteria leading up to his first win, Trump didn’t do any of this between when he was on office between 2017 and 2021, so why would you expect him to do in if he wins in November?

    • 1.Because he said so.
      2. Because the people who support and surround him are not in the least democratic. Steve Bannon for one.

    • “Trump didn’t do any of this between when he was on office between 2017 and 2021”

      You are having a laugh; your mendacity is sickening to behold.

      Yes, he did.
      He attacked institutions of fact (Science); he set climate mitigation back a decade, he set his minions out to dismantle public education; he undermined separation of Church and State; he fostered xenophobia and racism; he encouraged culture wars and hatred of “the others” (a classic fascist tool); he further blurred the line between oligarchic/plutocratic involvement in governance; he fostered voter deregistration, gerrymandering and disenfranchisement; he removed woman’s right to control her own reproductive health; he enriched himself and his family at the State’s expense; he weaponised the judicial system against those who stood against him; he installed corrupt stooges in numerous positions of power including an AG who regularly lied to protect him; he put immigrants into concentration camps, he caged children and forcibly separated them permanently from their families.
      That’s just off the top of my head.

      • And how could I forget: he removed pandemic response preparation, promoted dangerous and quack cures, encouraged social rifts over simple public health measures and was arguably responsible for perhaps half a million unnecessary deaths.

  13. If Trump is an “orange fascist” why is it that his opponents are the ones who are implementing #actualfascism in order prevent him campaigning?

    If you want a true indication of what Americans are thinking about this, consider the absolute deluge of money going to his election campaign, much of which is in the form of small, sub thirty-dollar donations. The Democrats are terrified of him, especially because he’s making inroads into their black and Latino voter base.

    • “why is it that his opponents are the ones who are implementing #actualfascism in order prevent him campaigning?”

      Easy, regardless of what “actualfascism” is in your mind, Trump’s opponents are not the ones implementing fascism.

    • Andrew, we finally agree, my comment further on. This corruption of judicial process in order to deal to a political rival sets a very dangerous precedent. It is a form of tyranny.

      For the record I don’t like either Trump or Biden. I wonder if those calling for Trumps head won’t be happy with his retribution when elected. Biden father and son in front of the court on real charges. I doubt they are thinking that far ahead.

    • He’s hated by his wife. Secretly he’s hated by the righties but such is the way with righties they’d all sleep with him if they knew they’d keep their jobs, such are their sycophant minds.

  14. Well in all probability, Felon Daipher Don Dementia Loser won’t go to prison because of his age. Besides, if he did, he wouldn’t last a week. He’ll get another multi million dollar fine, and will appeal, which will be dismissed because it was a jury decision. If the polls are right, no independents will vote for him and half the registered Republicans say they’ll either not vote or will for Biden.

  15. America opposing him with everything but a promise of more for ordinary people. So, nothing. A very thin line.

  16. I’m gobsmacked by the general commentary about Trump. Put him to one side and consider where the judicial political pursuit of him is leading.

    Be very clear, when the law can be applied to Trump as it is then everybody is at risk. When a state disrespects and corrupts it’s legal system it becomes a tyranny. That is the reality. Ends do not justify means.

    • A law suit was brought against Trump, please explain to me why he should be treated any differently to anyone else that has one brought against them?

      • Very simple. The charge was tenuous at best, but that isn’t the issue. The real issue (and if you cannot see it because you are blinded by hate of Trump, or you are a moron, or both) is that there is a very obvious attempt to pursue an individual in multiple court cases. Add to that the judges instructions that made not guilty not an option, the judge preventing admission of evidence by the defense, the prize prosecution witness being on record as a serial liar etc etc etc.

    • No-one is above the law, no matter what their wealth, status, or current occupation. Felon Daipher Don was indicted by an independent Grand Jury that had no political interests. He was prosecuted by a DA that ran on an independent ticket. He was convicted by a jury that had the most rigorous scrutiny any jury has ever had.
      Only the most blinkered ignorant MAGA zombie can say otherwise.
      Politically, this will not only derail any chance of a Republican president, but will also lose that party the Senate and House.
      Having followed this and other US political developments over the past few years, all indications are that this is the death knell of the Republicans until they return to their conservative roots.
      The MAGA zombies will return to the holes they crawled out of, along with the racists, rednecks, gun nuts and conspiracy nuts.

      • Your description of judge jury and process is farcical. You are blinded by your hatred of MAGA zombies as you charmingly describe half the electorate. That said you are totally missing the point, I don’t support either party. I’m asking who are you going to call when the legal system is bent to political persecution?

        • Sorry Nick, but I’ve been following this since 2016, and the polls can’t be denied.
          From two years ago, the reliable polls (not the pseudo polls) all report the same. No democrat will vote for Daipher Don. Ever since the first indictments, no registered independent will either. That’s confirmed in ALL polls since 2022. In the same polls, half of registered Republicans say they’ll either not vote or will vote for Biden.
          The same polls specifically asked MAGA zombies the same. One third deserted him on first indictment, and another third said they would on first conviction.
          You do the maths. Only half of Americans vote, and only half of them are registered, either for a party or as independent.
          You should stop watching Hannity , Carlson and Fox, and try real independent media, not a stupid echo chamber.

  17. ” A law suit was brought against Trump, please explain to me why he should be treated any differently to anyone else that has one brought against them? ”

    Because money , title and position buy justice in the USA and here in our little tax haven in the South Pacific.

    And Neo liberal apathy ( the democratic grind ya down ) has been effective in being desensitized to the crimes of elected officials and their enablers.

    I think only murder is the only crime where the Hobbits might drawn the line ……..although I wonder. People like Trump would use it as a political weapon. Paedophilia is probably the only crime that would be disgusting enough to raise some Hobbit anger but its a free for all for the rest when you can buy the laws of your country.


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