Hit the streets this coming weekend!


Get out this week to a protest around the country against our government attacks on Palestine, Te Tiriti, the environment and democracy.

The new government has sided squarely with US/Israel by refusing to condemn Israel’s industrial-scale slaughter of Palestinians, refusing to join South Africa’s case at the International Court of Justice, joining in the US bombing of Yemen (which has acted to stop the genocide in Gaza), designating Hamas a terrorist organisation, refusing to grant humanitarian visas to Palestinians with family here, refusing to suspend and investigate Rakon’s exports of parts to US made guided missiles which are used in the killing fields of Gaza, maintaining its suspension of funding to UNRWA rather than bringing it forward and doubling it.

The attacks on Te Tiriti have been cynical and racist. The government has disrupted the process of decolonisation with attacks on Māori language and its usage for government services for example and well as flirting with legislation to remove Te Tiriti from legislation and insisting on Pākeha-dominated referendums before Māori wards can be established by local bodies. Democracy means everyone should be at the table and democracy is seriously weakened when Māori cannot be represented as of right in local bodies. We are not back in the 19th century for heaven’s sake.

The attacks on the environment are front and centre with the fast-track bill spearheaded by the likes of Shane Jones – enough said.

The attacks on democracy are inherent in the post- election negotiations whereby a multitude of awful, nasty, corporate-first polices have been introduced through the coalition negotiations without being presented to the public before they voted. These are polices paid for in corporate donations to political parties the antithesis of democracy.

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      • Treaty issues are complex enough without turning genuine protest into a grab bag of intersectionality and victimology.

        • Anus, that because you’re historically illiterate its actually quite simple your ancestors came here by consent and fucked ova the locals when they had sufficient numbers that why today you talk shit about the locals simple!

          • You are presumptuous. I am not from here and my ancestors had more sense than to come here. Plus Cook discovered the South Island whether that’s palatable or not.

            • Depends on your definition of discovered. But in terms of white folk, Abel Tasman parked off the South Island way before Cook. Abe found out people were already here.

              I take it from your comment, you have less sense than your ancestors?

    • Wrong wrong wrong.
      We did it for Vietnam
      We did it for South Africa

      I will be working producing your daily bread but support everything above.

    • Hilarious. Actually, for we New Zealanders, the control of our country by us, not international zionists, not international bankers, and whatever intersection may exist between the two, is quite important.

      You’d know this if you were from here.

  1. Don’t get it. How is calling for a halt of the production gaza bomb parts being produced in Mt Wellington not a NZ issue? How is opposing NZ troops finding targets(people) to bomb in Yemen not a NZ issue?

    • I didn’t know we made parts for weapons and am highly skeptical but perhaps you are correct. As for Yemen, that’s not anywhere near Gaza.

      • However they share a geography and they are effective in stopping trade to apartheid Israel there Eilat port is shutdown and the 10s of thousands of workers have abandon their fascist state. You are quite dumb if I may say so

        • My point (not hard to grasp) is that the Middle East has nothing to do with the terrible fast track legislation and you shouldn’t dilute protests on those with a grab bag of lefty causes célèbres.

  2. This is a joint action.
    PSNA have been having rallies every single Saturday for eight months at this place and at this time. And it is important that this continues, but as the 8th is also the date for the other action around primarily the fast track bill we have joined forces. I doubt whether anyone who goes on the Palestine rallies across the country think that the fast track bill is a great idea.

  3. These protests for some are intoxicating ,they just have to be there,even though many don’t know why they are protesting.
    New Zealand the land of protest.

    • Bob da knob wait till we start with creating a maori parliament and the reasoning behind this monumental move! The ‘Cog’ actually bit themselves in the arse by cancelling all the hard fought Maori initiatives and advocating for a referendum on the T.O.W principles. Article 2 of the T.O.W in the maori version specifically points to “self determination” this is also crafted into International law and guess who else is seeking “self determination”? PALESTINE!!

        • You mean when it says in the history books that Philip de Braose, Lord of Briouze and Bramber died in Palestine 1134

          This is all BS?

          And yes Stephen it has been known for years that Rakon make crystal oscillators that assist in the making of smart bombs and other weapons.

          • I didn’t say anything was “BS”. I said Palestinians have never had sovereignty over the land they claim. Romans, Caliphs, Saladin, Ottomans, the Mandate. No Palestinians.

        • You mean when it says in the history books that Philip de Braose, Lord of Briouze and Bramber died in Palestine 1134

          This is all BS?

          And yes Stephen it has been known for years that Rakon make crystal oscillators that assist in the making of smart bombs and other weapons.

    • Little Britain ,,, the damp failed land of whingers, boozers, inbreeds (the royal family cousin shaggers), and racists, who always want to escape their unappealing shit-hole,,,,,,, making shit-house immigrants wherever they go.

      ,,,, These whinging moaning bull-shitters realy are the ugly dregs in our community’s and society

      Bob the first, gaby, and Andrew constantly put their low grade values, morals and dishonesty on full display …..

      …. Ironically coming from a society which believes in a class structure ,,,, they don’t see that they are the dregs here.

  4. That’s a bit over top Awakesy I’m an optimistic chap wanting nothing but the best for all New Zealanders including you.

    • Maori can’t rely on your settler govts anymore they continue to fuck us ova! They sell our resources to their rich mates impoverishing Maori than blame Maori for their poverty, they use racism to hate on Maori further pushing us to the margins already being dispossessed, they gaslight Maori issues and make it our fault when we are trying to overcome the last gaslight issue. Its becoming sickening BOB and its time Maori start taking control of our own destiny and resources.

      Free Aotearoa

      • I agree with many of your points stephen but don’t agree with the way you are going about it.Your current strategy is strengthening the resolve of your opponents.

    • Nah you’re a cock Bob the troll and not a very useful one at that. You are highly unintelligent to boot.

  5. The War on Democracy? How about non-citizen voting rights and the Free Slave Agreement with the PRC dictatorship for starters? *crickets chirping*

  6. FPS Stop replying to the trolls. It takes your time and ours reading even glancing at them, and space on the blog that should go to individual thought about how to improve situations. We need merely to be aware of the wasps so they get limited, so you and I don’t get stung.

    A nuisance but there are important issues to think about. The ones they put forward are generally mendacious and unhelpful. Either they don’t understand and never will or else they are two-faced subverts.


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