Are we really saying Shane Jones, Simeon Brown and Chris Bishop are the Brains Trust of NZ? Really?


Are we honestly saying Shane Jones, Simeon Brown and Chris Bishop are the brains trust of New Zealand?


Shane, Simeon and Chris?

THEY are the brains trust?

TDB warned you that this new hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government were going to bend over backwards for their donor class and were focused on vast environmental damage for the Trans National Mining Industry.

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Lo and fucking behold we have this egregious fast track power process where 3 of the most stupid Politicians we have, Simeon Brown, Chris Bishop and Dr Pork, Shane Jones will have the power to over ride the experts and over ride any environmental concerns whatsoever to fast track their mates projects…

Quarry connected to $55,000 donation to NZ First and Shane Jones, approached over fast-track

One of the firms approached about the Government’s new Fast-Track consenting billhas a part-owner and director whose other company has donated $55,000 to the NZ First Party and MP Shane Jones.

AJR Finance donated $50,000 to NZ First and $5000 to Shane Jones at the last election. AJR Finance’s sole director is Andrew Ritchie, who owns the company along with Mark and Elizabeth Markovina.

Ritchie is a director of Kings Quarry and, along with the Markovinas, owns 50 per cent of the company. The other 50 per cent is owned by Alexander and Stan Semenoff. Stan Semenoff donated to Jones’ campaign in 2008 and is a distant relative of Jones.

…the Auditor-General is scathing of the damage this will cause…

Auditor-General concerned about fast-track bill’s lack of transparency, protections for conflicts of interest

The Auditor-General John Ryan is concerned the Government’s fast-track consenting bill, which will give three ministers broad powers to consent certain developments, lacks transparency and effective ways of dealing with real or perceived conflicts of interest.

The bill allows three ministers to consent a range of nationally significant projects, with an expert panel having the ability to impose certain conditions on those consents.

Ryan wrote that the bill needed a stronger mechanism than just the Cabinet Manual for dealing with real or perceived conflicts of interest, given the extent of the power the legislation would grant to ministers.

…we have 3 Politicians as power crazed as Muldoon on Meth running the entire infrastructure plan of NZ!

Do you honestly trust these fucking Muppets over the advice of actual engineers and people who have to build the infrastructure?

If Labour had pulled a stunt like this, you’d all be screaming about abuse of power, but Shane Jones, Chris Bisho[ and Simeon Brown are doing it, it’s suddenly ok?

The Right are hypocrites!

When the Left borrowed it was to save us from Covid, when the right borrow more it’s for tax cuts to their rich donor mates!

Allowing 3 of the worst Ministers to have the power of God over our economy is a terrible;e idea that will produce a harvest of self interest.

This hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government is an Authoritarian one.

We have a Prime Minister who won’t even bother informing the people if we are entering a new military arrangement with America…

Watch: Prime Minister Christopher Luxon won’t say if government will consult public on joining AUKUS

…they are throwing 50 000 beneficiaries off welfare into a sea of rising unemployment caused by a technocrat Bank Governor no one elected, who is crashing the economy to save the economy while this Government wages a war on renters, workers, Māori and the environment to fund tax cuts to the richest!

This is a very Kiwi fascism. Laid back and casual.

Don’t pretend you weren’t warned.

If you are not angry at how your post covid bitterness was manipulated by the Right into voting for them, you are not paying attention!

We must march against this Government on June 8th!


  1. I do not like Shane Jones as a person .He is a bloated blowhard but he does talk sense when it comes to the reality of mining to a small country like NZ . Mines pay good wages and help the local economy. In a transparent country like ZNZ I would be surprised if too many backroom deals could be done that destroy one asset for another.With elections only 3 years apart the fear of losing will hold the government in check.

  2. I endorse your sentiments Trevor particularly the reality of mining which can be conducted in an environmentally acceptable manner.Those opposed to mining use highly emotive scare tactics not facts.

  3. Bishop has never claimed to have a brain. How could he, after being so accommodating to the American tobacco tycoons? Bill English, who is not as smart as he thinks he is, tells Bishop what to do, and Bishop does it. Jones has brains alright, and he and Peters should exercise theirs explaining to New Zealanders why it’s acceptable for Luxon, cranium-deficient both inside and out, to condemn Kiwis with cancer to debilitating lives devoid of reasonable treatment after promising to do otherwise.

  4. Trevor, so you are happy to have environmental destruction in exchange for a suggested $2b of profit for overseas mining companies accompanied by some fictitious and unquantifiable job creation.
    And as with most of these deals when the resources are depleted these companies will walk off and leave the NZ taxpayer to clean up the mess.
    Two good examples of this are the Te Aroha mine and the Tamarind oil wells.
    There will be many many more to come.
    And you can bet that Dr Pork Matua Shane will have his head well and truly in the trough.

  5. There’s ample proof that NZ has fallen in the corruption measurement scale, as this starts at the very top. Robbing the poor and vulnerable to give cash to bloated landlords and gargantuan mining executives, must qualify as the most extreme corruption this country has ever seen.
    As for calling those three cretins a “brains trust”; that’s like saying Felon Daipher Don’s zombie cult is the epitome of American intelligence.

    • Answer the question I asked above. Why do they need to pay a Minister with their submission?

      Apart from coal, which is just a retarded thing to start new mines for, other minerals have better deposits on private land not crown land. F off and try to mine those. Why not? Because they probably don’t want to pay for it.

  6. WTF .. how can these guys be any worse than the last bunch of idiots. Idiots that morally, fiscally, socially, and racially ruined NZ in 6 years.

    Ardern and Co caused the issues that these guys have to repair.

    But hey you leftie losers… Don’t let the truth get in the way of your blinded spin.

  7. The language and general rancor used in this item tells a message. That if folk actually believe this stuff where have they been the last 6 years as we fall and fail. Jones. Bishop and Brown can show there is another way. Relying on experts who have no axe to grind other than to maintain environment standards that are reasonable rather these no go zones based on ideologue and BS.
    We as a nation are going down the Swanee and it’s about time we shift the emphasis to growth better use of resources and taking many of the nations that to doing something. 158 out of 160 in OECD is disgusting


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