You must protest against the malice of this Government on June 8th


We have no option as citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand but to join this mass protest event on June 8th.

This Government’s agenda is now clearly out in the open and they intend to desecrate our environment for their donor mates.

They are attacking workers rights, renter rights, beneficiaries and our public services.

You can no longer sit on the fence.

If you voted National and now regret that vote, join us.

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If you have already been punished by this Government, join us.

If you can no longer sit by and watch Shane Jones, Chris Bishop and Simeon Brown gain the power of Muldoon on Meth, join us!

You are going to give someone as venal, selfish and corruption adjacent as Shane Jones the powers of Muldoon on Meth to desecrate the environment for rare earth minerals that are many times more toxic than lead for a mere 2% return???

Just so we understand, this appalling human being with the crony capitalism interests of the donors ahead of New Zealand – THIS is your standard on the Political Right is it?

This is your reward for political apathy and a self denial of ‘it can’t get any worse’.

Well guess what, it can!

If the political right honestly allow this walking Pork Barrel gain the powers he wants, you don’t get to lecture the Left on corruption ever again!

Shane Jones is poisoning the earth, trashing due process and only looking after the interests of his donor mates for a fucking 2% pittance!

Are those on the Right so lobotomised in their misogynistic hatred towards Jacinda that you will allow Shane Jones?

Are you really that self-mutilating?

This Government has borrowed more than Labour did, but when Labour did it, it was to save us from Covid, when National did it, it was for tax cuts that benefit their rich donors!

This is on you, for the rest of us, let your rage howl at the June 8th March against this desecration of our democracy, our environment and the egalitarian values that built this nation!



  1. We need intervention so we should demand, as a tax paying member of the British Commonwealth, a public, Royal Commission of Inquiry up and into every crack and crevice of our politics and our economy spanning the last one hundred years. If we try to go it alone, as in small groups making a racket, shit’s going to get Gothic.
    My preference would be for a countrywide strike by Maori and Farmers to demand that same Inquiry but that’ll never happen. It’d be more likely to see Santa Clause drive by in a party bus getting drunk, stoned and rowdy with Garden Fairies.
    What ever we decide we should do it under urgency because this catastrophic cadre of evil cunts are setting us up to on-sell to the highest bidder specifically to sweep past crimes under the table as in “Nothing to see here, move along now, never mind the Bentley…”
    Lets ask the 14 multi-billionaires, the 3118 multi-millionaires each with a minimum $50 million each net and the four now foreign owned banks making $180.00 net a second 24/7/365 making them the second most profitable banks in the world only to Canada and those whom they’ve relegated to the gutters or are forced to live like sardines in absurdly over-priced houses and lets ban political lobbying while we’re at it. Let’s start with a five year prison sentence for a first offence.

  2. My fear is this protest will be hi-jacked by the following mob:

    – Believe all of Hamas Fairy Tales squad
    – Te Pati “let’s split from the rest of NZ” Maori
    – Green toxic MPs
    – Labour “we agree with National’s actions – but keep that a secret” MPs.

    I hope I am wrong

    • And the mob who know this government is corrupt, oh and cancer patients, oh and those who thought they were getting a $250 a fortnight tax break, oh and the rest of the country that aren’t rich.

      Oh I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Thankfully i didn’t vote at all.

    So protest all you like as it’ll make as much difference as ticking your wee box every 3 years.

    Even when you win we lose!

  4. Not all of us live in Auckland.
    How about a little more publicity about other meeting points around the country.
    This protest is too important to not be more widely known.

  5. Welcome ALL regardless of colour or creed.

    the time in history you ALL can feel what it’s like to be F#Ked Over.

    Commerating the first sell off auction in England of AO/NZ lands even before leaving to steal them and into today’s AO/NZ where all kiwi livelihoods are now  cunningly appropriated by those same goals of Capitalism by the few.

    – Profit by exploiting the human and economic resources by either direct theft and or legislation to profit the few.
    – Strategies include factors such as dictating economic objectives,
    state-sponsored piracy (known as privateering);
    dictating governance systems and continually keep changing legislation over history to further coerce compliance and dilute a people’s power.
    Appropriating or destroying homes and lands, takeovers by private corporates of economic bases to destabilise, impoverish and force acquiescence;
    and includes capturing and dictating restrictions on education and knowledge systems whether by mass false indoctrination, ( eg. spreading conspiracies of ALL of your inferiorities as a species ), outright law bans or manipulating the redirection of money or underfunding.( aka starve and strangulate to coerce compliance ).


  6. I doubt that “malice “ is the right word here, but can’t think of another word fit to describe the ruthless destructive insouciance of Christopher Luxon in (a) failing to deliver on promised cancer drugs ( b) blaming the previous government for his government’s irresponsibility.

    People won’t just die. Some will live in perpetual pain, though “ live” needs to be qualified too; “exist” may be more apt. Families will experience huge stress, marriages will crumble, kids will be bear a burden of anxiety and insecurity which no child should have to, but New Zealand politicians dislike kids, all kids, probably because they dislike themselves, and with good reason. The crumbling health service will be subjected to even greater demands, paid for by we, the tax payers.

    Luxon is too dim, IMO, or too totally bad, to perceive the impact of of reneging on not just an election promise, but a moral responsibility. This may be the time for some good men to call for a snap election.


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