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    This is a headline about the SBS – (Southland Building Society now a Bank) – on google which is all there is, because of a disagreement about payment. But this is real and informative info we should know about. The Bank is cutting back on services while still claiming that they are for NZrs. Trouble may be the chasing after the bigger dollar, the tendency of the central execs to control and limit the actual services and working arms of their organisation. But profit must be grown to pay good salaries to the denizens at the centre of the spider web.

    Add to that I am noticing the lack of – answering the phone and communicating with the People which has become such a widespread rort by unresponsive, self-involved, profit-centred, organisations. And many businesses have grown from charities even op shops using volunteers, whose prices go up, and decision-making and resources taken away from the locals who initiated everything.

    SBS used to be concerned about being considered a stable bank with community focus but what now? New management hungry for advancement? per cent

  2. Climate change is the only thing. Gaza is the crow-bar into overturning the establishment that won’t do a thing about it.

    • True sumsuch. But this economic and social system we have now thrives on disruption and charging for relief when people are needy. The PTB are waiting for a certain level of need while people still have tradable assets so they can enter the market of assisting with succour for we needy, at a cost of everything we have. That seems the rational answer to the irrational approach we observe at present. Succour, they might say, no, suckers hah hah.

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