Thanks ACT – the Breaking Bad meth crime wave begins like we warned it would

How it started vs how it's going

Well, well, well.

The TDB ‘I told you so express’ is right ion time.

We argued that ACTs weir desire to bring back the meth precursor would immediately lead to robberies, and it has…

Pseudoephedrine medicines the only thing taken in Motueka pharmacy break-in

    • Unichem Motueka was burgled on Saturday, and the co-owner and pharmacist says only pseudoephedrine-containing cold and flu medicines were taken.
    • Pseudoephedrine is used to relieve a blocked or stuffy nose.
    • Recent law changes mean these medicines can be purchased by the public from a pharmacist without prescription.


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…Mungo no understand.

National dumped the Smoke Free amendments because they argued reducing tobacco outlets would lead to a massive spike in crime at the remaining shops, yet they are allowing the meth precursor back into shops DESPITE being specifically told ACTs policy would see a jump in ram raids on pharmacies…

Officials back planned return of pseudoephedrine sales but suggest meth production increase

Officials have advised Associate Health Minister David Seymour, who leads the Misuse of Drugs (Pseudoephedrine) Amendment Bill, that the move comes with risks including a potential increase in domestic meth production, a higher likelihood pharmacies would be ram-raided and the potential for improper use.

…we must not have ram raids for tobacco, but we must encourage ram raids for meth?

I’m confused and feel I’ve woken up at a KKK rally wearing a trans rights T-shirt – how on earth can both arguments for tobacco and meth be so wrong?

What allowing Pseudoephedrine to be sold back over the counter will generate is a new homebake industry as smaller players locked out of global supply chains move into the market.

ACT are the Party that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing!

Just to be crystal meth clear here, ACT’s solutions are MORE machine guns and MORE meth precursor ingredients?

The market will work out the rest will it?


ACT always claim they support small business, but supporting the local meth trade? I did not have that on my bingo card.

This isn’t social policy, it’s the plot to Breaking Bad.

I honestly don’t know what the fuck is going anymore.

David Seymour


    • Not as bad as it looks. There’s 500 more cops coming, minus the 200 odd that they’re going to have to dump, minus those trained for Australia as part of a CER deal, or 501’s exchange, but who the Minister opines might return some fine day, so not as bad as it looks. Always look on the bright side.

    • Just look at the footage of him on ‘Dancing with the Stars’…

      That’s all you need to know!

      No filter…no clue…!!

  1. Seymour advocates more prisons than passes legislation for tough on crime than allows pseudoephedrine to be sold so crims can ram-raid pharmacies perfect plan for privatization this fuckhead has no moral compass

  2. Next he will be inviting the Mexicans to by pass Fiji and just sell to his rich mates so they can corner the market .He preaches anti gang shit but is clearly interested in cutting them out ofthe meth trade so his rich prick doners can take over

    • It’s even nicer living healthily so that I never get the Flu & have never been sick enough with a cold to need any medicine.

    • Every Doctor in NZ will tell you to take panadol, drink lots of liquids, and get bed rest. None will say take a mixture of psuedo and antihistamines and get back to work. Have you ever considered that you might be completely brainwashed?

    • Well Nathan I won’t disagree that IF this product clears the sinuses ( and let’s face it’s only relieving symptoms it is not a treatment) it can make someone feel less miserable. It is all just distracting from what an absolute tosser Seymour is. Any credibility he gained around the right to die legislation has been obliterated by his race baiting and wanking on about free speech when it suits his agenda. He’s an absolute turd of an individual

  3. The real, actual reason why ACT brought back pseudoephedrine is to up-end our society, such as it is.
    While we wail and moan and eat each other alive, ACT and their cronies sneer at us lying in the gutters.
    Re introducing pseudoephedrine into a poverty stricken society having been rendered so by the criminal riche who are legally able to exploit us is a battle tactic.
    David Seymour is an evil little man. He’s gleefully exploiting the desperations of us many the adherents of neo-liberalism have foisted on us while his cronies mates hoard our money and having a tremendous time while they’re at it. Research graeme hart, gibb, fay, richwhite etc as examples.
    That’s why focusing on bitching about the one bone chucked to starving dogs Maori/Non Maori issues and of sexual orientation and which side you piss from is an abstraction Sun Tzu’s Art Of War. So Stop it!
    Lets try new things if the things our abusers offer us are not achieving things that may benefit us at all but them. ( I mean fucking Duh!? )
    How about we catch Roger Douglas’s blood-boy David Seymour, pull out his butt plug, ram a cupful of P up his arse hole then see how fast he can run? ” Run Seymour Run!”

  4. I guess pharmacies will have to make a commercial decision as to whether offering more effective cold and flu remedies is worth any increased risk, now.

    • Many won’t have a choice, the pharmaceutical reps will tell the chemists to stock it or they will up the price of products like Panadol…

    • Doctors have explained that pseudoephedrine is no more effective than paracetamol as the flu is a virus and just needs to run its course. Pseudoephedrine assists with drying the nasal passage. Rest and drinking water to help hydration are the best remedies.
      Why has Seymour done this, it can only end as it has started, burglaries and other poor outcomes?

  5. At $24 a packet , when was the pharmacy not going to be robbed ?

    A shiny trinket for votes and last laugh is on the gullible, they’re not a cure, your tax refund can’t buy them and lo ! you still can’t afford food !

  6. Why does David Seymour hate people? Only someone deeply embedded in derision and disdain and any other dis around could put so much effort into ushering in so many negative policies against humans and keep that fixed smile on his face.

  7. Would be nice to see a pharmacy sign. No pseudoephedrine sold here’ but if theres money to be made, that’s unlikely.

  8. Don’t blame David Seymour for this “crime wave” – blame the War on Some Drugs.

    The government has no business deciding what recreational drugs are allowed. That is a decision for adults to make for themselves. That applies to meth, heroin, ecstasy, ketamine, and anything else you can think of.

    “Ï can’t wait till heroin is legal so I can start using it.” said no one ever.

    • The same reason you use to insist that the government has no business in deciding what recreational drugs people can use can also be applied to preventing anyone from providing recreational drugs or encouraging people to use them. While I am inclined to be sympathetic to the idea of allowing people to make their own choices in life the fact remains that not all people can make responsible decisions & the profit motive already has irresponsible suppliers of all sorts of products active in society & allowing unrestricted access to recreational drugs would cause a lot of harm.


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