Settler Boomer Rednecks can’t beat Māori demographics

Boomer Cracker Settlers trying to work out how much more they can charge their Māori tenants

Nō whea koe? One in five New Zealanders now Māori – Census

    • New Census data shows a “young, resilient and rapidly growing” Māori population, that is outstripping the rest of Aotearoa.
    • There’s an “real possibility” that Māori could become a majority group in Aotearoa.
    • Census data shows the trends will only increase in the future with one in three under-25s now Māori.

As the Census proves, 20% of NZ is Māori and 1 in 3 are under 25. The age of the Redneck Settler Boomers is coming to an end, the future is young and brown and that future will not be told they are second class citizens in their own country.

I think anyone tone policing Māori posters after the Right made Māori a political punching bag and are actively turning the State against the Treaty is as pathetic as Israeli apologists justifying the latest bombing of civilians.

Look at the naked anti-Māori attack on the Treaty!

  • They will repeal 7AA of Oranga Tamariki to green light a tsunami of Māori baby uplifts!
  • They are trying to ram through a referendum on Treaty Principles that will eliminate the need for the State to work with Māori!
  • They are attempting to rip Māori representation away from local Councils!
  • They have killed off the Māori Health Authority!
  • They have slashed Māori funding in the budget!
  • They are trying to remove all Treaty references in the law!
  • They have attacked any bi-lingual moves!

Boomer Cracker Settlers have gone all in on the race baiting and are now sad sad that Māori have risen up and protested back.

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What a pack of easily triggered snowflakes these Boomer Cracker Settlers have suddenly become!

I also think claiming the protests on budget day are illegal is driven by an enormous fear inside National that the culture war race baiting is generating a level of social unrest that could become an economic weapon if Māōri really did consider Budget day a Māori strike.

The entire political agenda of National is to underfund public services so they can privatise them while ensuring Unionism never grows.

What National have done is unify Māori so that Māori can simply stop working and the system grinds to a halt.

Those of us secure in our cultural identity won’t see a Māori Parliament or protests as frightening or fearful, we see it as legitimate expression of our fellow Māori brothers and sisters.



  1. I’m not worried about Redneck Settler Boomers
    We are getting old, tired and dying. This latest wave of the ongoing colonization of Maori is being led and supported by Redneck Settler GenX and Millennial.(and one Silent Gen fossil) They are young, active and determined. Maori are going to need all of their number to combat the ongoing racism still so alarmingly visible in younger Citizens.

      • But this Government of fools is doing their best to make sure that Maori don’t move up the economic ladder, so their attitudes won’t temper, you dickhead.

    • Because it’s worth remembering that the future belongs to those with money, power, influence & knowledge, those without are increasingly left behind.

    • Be interesting India are exporting their population globally and the majority are Hindu that probably subscribe to a Hindutva strand belief a racist ideology borrowed from nazi Germany. ACT are courting the Indian diaspora when Seymour attended a gathering in Auckland early January yelling the slogan with glee “Jai Shri Ram” a slogan associated with violence especially against the muslim population.

  2. Maori can’t rely on the Pakeha parliament that has abused Maori since it inception. Maori are the true owners of this country and allow pakeha consent to live here but were bamboozled by european exceptionalism.
    Pakeha Settlers increasingly demanded the right to govern themselves. A new parliament was set up in 1854, but maori were not represented in it prior to 1868, and few were eligible to even participate in elections. The new all-Pakeha Assembly represented only settlers interest, awesome democracy don’t yah think?

    That was felt keenly by many rangatira (Chiefs), who rightfully feared that they were being subjected to the laws of the settlers whose interests were opposed to their own. That was what they hadn’t signed up to in the Treaty.

    Successive New Zealand Govts seemed more intent on imposing British laws on maori then recognising their rights under Article two of the Treaty to administer their own affairs. This situation intensified after the emergence of the Kingitanga (Maori King movement) in 1858, which came about in response to Maori concerns about the loss of both land and sovereignty. It has been suggested that government determination to assert its sovereignty – to turn its back on Te Tiriti and instead uphold a narrow version of the Treaty – was the overarching causes of war.

    Once the Government had achieved dominance, large-scale of land purchases would be much easier to achieve. So to would British law on Maori and their enforced assimilation into settler colonial society.

  3. Actually >

    Maori birth rates are 4.5
    Asian 2.5
    Pakeha 1.5

    20% of nz population is maori and 1 n 3 is under 25.

    In 20 years from now Maori will be at least 1/3rd or more of the population.

    • Did you factor in life expectancy, and the racial make up & numbers of immigrants? Also how do Pasifika people fit into your picture, as they will have a similar or greater birth rate?

      • Also birth rates tend to decrease as education & affluence increases, while large families generally increase poverty & reduce generational wealth. So the future for that one third ends up looking increasingly bleak with an increasing number trapped in generational poverty, especially when you add in the effects of migration, AI & mechanization. We need major societal changes to face this future, but I don’t see anyone delivering anything except business as usual.

  4. Interesting take on the statistics, with a fairly accurate prediction. The comment about Asian immigrants is pertinent too. These people look to how the pakeha are treating the Maori, for an indication as how they might be treated. Like many, I’m a descendant of £10 poms, and like many offspring of such, have gone beyond my parents aspirations, just as the offspring of current immigrants will. Like the vast majority, while we appreciate aspects of our heritage, we know that Maori culture, language and heritage is unique to this country, and must be treasured as such. All immigrants to some extent, feel the same. As do their descendants. Together, we make up the bulk of the population, so snowflakes are a diminishing minority. Our descendants have a different attitude; of the government of this country shits on their relatives and their generation, they vote with their feet until a better government is voted in. That’s happening now. When they return, with perspective, they will be a force to be reckoned with, politically and economically. The current inbred rednecks will be pushed aside and treated as the dinosaurs they are. If this government lasts its full term, and that’s in doubt, it’ll be the last of its kind. 2026 will see a change, which will redouble in 2029. By 2032, NZ will be unrecognisable to ACT, NZF and the National party.


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