I have zero time for Keir Starmer


No laughing at the back, please, but guess what Keir Starmer’s gone and done now?

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has declared he is a socialist and a progressive.

No laughing at the back please.

Tony Benn was a socialist.

Jeremy Corbyn is a socialist.

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Robert Owen was a socialist.

Nye Bevan was a socialist.

Diane Abbott is a socialist.

Keir Starmer is a Tory fraud.

Al Jazeera’s damning documentary into how Corbyn was undermined and framed as an antisemite by the Zionist Apartheid Israeli supporters who falsified and lied about the level of antisemitism inside Labour to destroy Corbyn highlights why Starmer is such a disingenuous grasper.

Corbin was always a left wing Populist threat to the UK establishment and his pro Palestinian stance terrified the Zionist Apartheid Israeli supporters so he had to be destroyed by Starmer.

This antisemite game is one played all the time to silence any criticism of Zionist Apartheid Israels brutal and illegal occupation of the Palestinian people. Starmer’s Labour UK Stasi outed anyone who supported Corbyn by playing woke identity politics cancellation Lynch mobs.

Starmer’s purge looks even more callous in light of Israel’s current ethnic cleansing war crime.



  1. ” Lobby group Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) has removed its list of ‘parliamentary supporters’ from its website ahead of the general election.”

    ” 17 of Keir Starmer’s 31 shadow cabinet members are listed as LFI parliamentary supporters on the deleted page. That includes Starmer himself, shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves who is a vice-chair and shadow foreign secretary David Lammy. Labour’s national campaign coordinator Pat McFadden is also listed as a vice-chair. ”

    ” Al Jazeera reporting also revealed in 2016 that, through LFI, the Israeli government issued a £1m bounty for Labour insiders to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn. The former Labour leader is a longstanding supporter of Palestinian rights ”


  2. ” Electoral democracy, like the upcoming general election, functions as it was made to: as a tool for maintaining a power establishment, and to preserve those who move within it. It is also perhaps true that periodic elections are the strongest pillar of the illusion (and convenient fiction) that democratic processes are completely free and fair. But is this always the case – especially with candidates like Jeremy Corbyn? ”

    ” Jeremy Corbyn’s ascent to Labour Party leader in 2015, a shock result, was sunny with the promise of deep reform to this flawed, failing system. He galvanised one of the most vibrant, hopeful, and inspiring examples of a powerful popular resistance movement in recent British political history ”


  3. It was once said that Margaret Thatcher never actually died. Instead, she was reincarnated as the twinkle in Tony Blair’s eye.


  4. Jeremy Corbyn was the labour leader that was most in line with Labour Party values.

    Unfortunately that has to be counter balanced with the British public’s shift to the right over the past 45 years, however Tony Blair, while I accept that he wouldnt have been able to undo Thatcherism even if he wanted to, didnt need to take the party further right than he did.

    I would also argue that Boris Johnson was more left wing than Tony Blair.

  5. The other, far more dangerous game played is the Islamist death threat and western democracies’ cowardly, appeasing, hate speech laws.

    • From our resident Zionist. The only difference between the two is the Zionists have the western media largely on their side. Oh and maybe a silly hat and ringlets as opposed to out of control facial hair.

    • Yes, allowing hate speech by zionists like you, Brenton Tarrant, Juliet Moses, causes dangerous events like the Christchurch terror attack.

    • The last conflict is from conservative christian forces combined with the government to force false worship so Islam is not the enemy that we need to worry about.

    • Ann E – Correct…also, Corbin was an Islamic extremist supporter…he held official meetings with key leaders in the extreme wing of Islam. He, Corbin, attempted to deny this…despite official records…

  6. Strange man who doesn’t know where his first name comes from. We’ve recently learnt the whole system is just for Israel. A good realization.


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