Another week another ‘tragic mistake’ Israeli war crime and the shadow of 50 000 dead


Israel says deadly strike on Gaza tent camp was ‘tragic mistake’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged Monday that a “tragic mistake” had been made after an Israeli strike in the southern Gaza city of Rafah set fire to a tent camp housing displaced Palestinians and, according to local officials, killed at least 45 people.

The mistake only added to the surging international criticism Israel has faced over its war with Hamas, with even its closest allies expressing outrage at civilian deaths. Israel insists it adheres to international law even as it faces scrutiny in the world’s top courts, one of which last week demanded that it halt the offensive in Rafah.


That’s all Israel has now?

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Another week another ‘tragic mistake’ Israeli war crime.

At least 36,224 Palestinians have been killed and 81,777 wounded in Israel’s war on Gaza since October 7, and that doesn’t even include the estimated 10 000 dead under the rubble that they can’t dig out yet!

So we are now actually closer to 50 000 dead FFS!

We are in the shadow of 50 000 dead.

I don’t give a shit who did what on October 7th, you can not pretend that a disproportionate war crime is justifiable!

Israel is committing an ethnic cleansing war crime, that we are wasting time on Genocide semantics only make this obscenity absurd.

The carnage Netanyahu has caused by his life long reliance on harvesting Israeli fear and spite into his Government of Malice has finally erupted.

I argued in January of last year that all the ingredients for a Palestinian uprising were now in play after Trump agreed to make Jerusalem the capital to appease his Evangelical base who believe Bible Prophecy that the rapture will occur after Israel is restored to their biblical borders.

I’m not joking, that’s all true, Trump’s Evangelical Base believe in a literal Apocalypse and are actively attempting to ignite Armageddon and Trump’s reliance on them as a voting block led to his Jerusalem Capital call which ignited Palestinian protests which in turn empowered radical zionists who forced an attack on the Judiciary to ensure their illegally stolen land on the West Bank would remain theirs.

This alongside the Abraham Accords sidelined the Palestinians and in total hopelessness led to October 7th.

I’m not justifying October 7th, but sweet zombie Jesus there are reasons this all happened right?

I no longer believe in the two state solution. Gaza and the West Bank have been so horrifically scared and damaged that it is Israel AND the global communities obligation to rebuild it and that can only be done as one nation.

Israel, but not a Zionist Israel.

Gaza and the West Bank should be included inside the state of Israel and all Palestinians given full voting rights and the full rights of Israeli citizens.

The European Council of Foreign Relations is pretty damning…

Palestinians in Israel regularly complain that they are treated as “second-class” citizens. According to Adalah, there are over 65 laws in place that discriminate directly or indirectly against Palestinian citizens in Israel and Palestinian residents of the OPT. A 2010 report by the US State Department documented similar issues of “institutional, legal, and societal discrimination”.

Palestinian political figures frequently face efforts by Israeli authorities and Jewish parliamentarians to limit their political rights. These include motions to disqualify Arab parties from running in the election; criminal indictments by police against Arab politicians for participating in demonstrations; and a new law allowing 80 Knesset members (out of 120) to expel their colleagues from the parliament, among others.

…I think including Palestinians into Israel and giving them the same rights is the only way Gaza and the West Bank can be rebuilt AND protected!

Israel’s disproportionate response may not be a technical genocide, but it has generated a genocide level trauma amongst the Palestinian people.

This madness must end and radical love adopted if there is any chance of healing from this obscenity.

Our ‘side’ is dropping bombs on tents FFS.

I don’t care what they did, bombing tents can never be a justification.

This situation is so evil and so awful that we aren’t calling for justice, we are begging for mercy.

We are begging for peace.

Zionist Israel and their Military Industrial Complex backers must be pulled to heel by the rest of the planet sickened by their bloodlust.



  1. I don’t believe there is any solution.
    The rest of the world can’t get the two groups in a single state to trust the other and that that they will be safe from pogroms.
    Alternatively, how can the two peoples live side by side without really strong border walls and at least one side disarmed?

    • Agreed Ada. We need only look at the land stolen from India to create Pakistan, the 3 wars that followed between those two nations, the Hindus slaughtered in West Pakistan’s onslaught in once East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, and the on-going conflict in Kashmir. Conclude accordingly.

      • If one side is demilitarised, the other side feels safer.
        I don’t think it is at all likely that one side willingly disarms itself.
        So there is no solution.

  2. Apartheid Israel is ova the sooner the better! This apartheid state had no reason to exist but to grab resources and control a geostrategic region particular in the early 19th century the Suez canal for the Brits and also to displace the indigenous population for european settlement. The european jews are victims of antisemitism from europeans not arabs or any other races. My opinion is that the country should be renamed other than what it is because ‘Israel’ has a dirty name thanks to zionism.

    And the Oct 7 attacks didn’t just happen because of the Abrahams accord and continue suffering of the indigenous palestinians also what not particularly gleaned upon is the Al Aqsa Mosque being destroyed and replaced by a jewish temple with imported sacrificial cows, ancient hymns and growing support, by some nationalist Jews hoping to rebuild their temple in Jerusalem’s Old City, at a site at the heart of Israeli-Palestinian tensions.

    Free Palestine

  3. ‘Israelis’ have no interest in an ‘israel’ that doesn’t allow them to slaughter innocent children for fun in Palestine (or Lebanon, or Syria, or Yemen)- or to shoot the American president, for that matter, or murder a random waiter in Norway. Recent polls show more than 88% of them* support the IDF’s pace of slaughter of more than tens of thousands of humans in the Gaza concentration camp- most feel there should have been more murder. A majority oppose allowing any humanitarian aid into the Gaza concentration camp, because they get off on the innocent dying of hunger and lack of medicine.

    That’s fine. It’s how they are. They can’t be reasoned with, they don’t have morality that can be appealed to. For the sake of all humanity, Palestinian or not, Muslim or Christian, ‘israel’ must perish. And it will.

    * that doesn’t include 1948 Palestinians, the involuntary ‘israelis’, the so-called ‘israeli arabs’, of course- ‘israelis’ always solely means the zionist invaders.

    • The good people broke out of your concentration camp and returned to their stolen homes, and the evil monsters came and murdered some of them and many of their own. Simple as

    • If you don’t care what has been going on for 75 years Ann E then you are definitely part of the problem. Just tell me how many years where the Palestinians to wait before uprising and raiding and kidnapping and killing people in Israel. Do tell me?

      Tell me about all the ‘foreigners’ who live in the houses that belong to Palestinians. When I say foreigners I mean people who were never born there who have come from all parts of the world to live there. Imagine I am Jewish so therefore I have a right to go and live there, outrageous.

      And meanwhile the Zionists go on building on areas that they are not supposed to and the Palestinians do not have the right of return to their homeland.

      Very similar to what happened in Aotearoa, the shrinking land of Maori across the motu.

      • Why 75 years Michal? Persians, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs all came to live in the houses of indigenous Jews. Surely you must know some history.

  4. I am waiting for Nathan’s update on the correct death toll. In his world it was one Palestinian and at least 44 individuals from Papa New Guinea

    • Wheel – We all know Hamas BS everyone with their death tolls…so, why believe it now…by the way, most of the so called innocent dead are Hamas terrorists, then Israeli soldiers, then, sadly, Women and Children — so, what is Hamas blood thirsty leadership doing about it?

        • stand_alone.complex- what? That’s Hamas Leadership is blood thirsty? Or, you you believe in Hamas Fairy Tales still…or, is name calling your only reply?

      • “Hamas BS everyone with their death tolls”

        Gaza is smaller than Auckland and you like everyone else have seen the images of the completely destroyed city, the people fenced in to be slaughtered, the surprise is the death toll is only 50,000 but still “the death count gets higher”.

        So much gas off the coast of Gaza. Whose Gas is it? Whose Gas will it be?


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