The NZ Right are the new easily triggered snowflakes

ACTs position on GAZA

On the political right, it’s all free speech, free speech, free speech right up until you criticise Israel…

…the millisecond you remind people about Israel’s brutal and illegal occupation and their disproportionate ethnic cleansing war crime, it’s all suddenly something to smother and delegitimise.

The manufactured outrage at the Māori Party logo for their strike action tomorrow from Farrar and Liam Hehir is nauseating and the claim by Luxon that protest action on Budget day is ‘illegal’ is so precious.

The hilarious truth is that the Right have now become the easily triggered snowflakes all of a sudden.

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Their pearl clutching bullshit is eye rolling, disingenuous and a total fucking put on!

Do you need a cuddle and some time out champs?

It’s like watching Darth Vader have a cry wank.

I find it farcical to have a problem with students protesting a real time ethnic cleansing war crime.

I think anyone tone policing Māori posters after the Right made Māori a political punching bag and are actively turning the State against the Treaty is as pathetic as Israeli apologists justifying the latest bombing of civilians.

I also think claiming the protests on budget day are illegal is driven by an enormous fear inside National that the culture war race baiting is generating a level of social unrest that could become an economic weapon if Māōri really did consider Budget day a Māori strike.

The entire political agenda of National is to underfund public services so they can privatise them while ensuring Unionism never grows.

What National have done is unify Māori so that Māori can simply stop working and the system grinds to a halt.

As the Census proves, 20% of NZ is Māori and 1 in 3 are under 25. The age of the Redneck Settler Boomers is coming to an end, the future is young and brown and that future will not be told they are second class citizens in their own country.

This reality and the sudden plunge in support of this Government...

National 33.5%
Labour – 30%
Greens – 14%
ACT – 9.5
NZF – 5.5
Māori Party 3%


…explains why the Right are suddenly whiney little easily triggered snowflakes.



  1. Easily triggered? Judging by some of the comments on this site, try downright f’ing stupid.

    Within the last decade we had a National party that was completely the opposite in terms of approach to Māori issues. Now we have a gutless dork who rolls over for little wankers like David Seymour and a stupid old c word named Winston Peters.

    • Yep…
      National and the Coalition of Chaos living up yo their name …no filter…tone deaf …
      clueless… visionless ..blind as the proverbial bat….cant’ see past the end of their Pinoccio noses ……should’ve gone to ‘Specsavers’….

  2. The Coalition have the courage to address the economic stupidity the Labour Government imposed on
    New Zealand.Nobody should want to continue the economic line of making life harder for most New Zealanders,imposed accidentally probably,due fiscal incompetence by the Labour Government.

    • Dead wrong. The coalition of chaos has zero interest in improving the welfare of ordinary NZ. They are solely interested in lining the pockets of the bribers and corruptors who bought the last election. As for that hory old excuse “it’s the previous government’s fault”, what a load of codswallop. The previous government’s financial policies were fiscally conservative by every OECD measurement. The only incompetence being shown is the current idiotic refusal to fund infrastructure, prepare for extreme climate change, and keep the internal economy on the move. As a country, we now have over 5.3 million here, yet we still have the same investment in public services that were appallingly deficient when we had 4.3 million of us. All this cretanous government has done is reduce services so their wealthy mates get tax cuts. Yet again, the unsuccessful Key policies are being trotted out, shifting the tax burden from those who should be funding their fair share, onto those who can least afford it. Unfortunately for them, the voting public is wise to the tried and failed policy. The polls reflect that. A one term government at best, if it lasts a full term – I’m betting real money it won’t.

    • If it’s economic stupidity to spend through borrowing then surely you would pay down debt faster instead of giving tax breaks that at the very best address the fees and costs they increased anyway. Let’s watch rents continue to climb as they give tax breaks to landlords. Agree Labour were completely irresponsible in terms of not introducing a CGT, but can you ever see these tossers doing that? No because they are bought and paid for

  3. If you need to know anything about Simon Court, it’s that he called a little red paint being left in the foyer of the ‘israeli’ ’embassy’ an attack on “our democracy”. Court isn’t loyal to New Zealand, his masters are in ‘israel’.

  4. Many, not all, of the pro – Palestinian mob are not into free speech…try pointing out the holes in their arguments for proof of this…they will name call, scream, swear at you, and try to fright you away…

  5. It is simply beyond comprehension that some New Zealands still support this most corrupt and racist Government in our political history.
    Despite the hard right rhetoric we see on the daily blog, we as a country are all losers under this horrendous Government.

  6. Luxon recently said “You shouldn’t politicize mental health” referring to his Gumboot financials. A classic play to shield backroom dealings and financial takings behind an image of care and giving. This government has barely said anything about the Gaza genocide or condemned the latest slaughter of children sleeping in tents yet we are to believe they care deeply about the kids of NZ? Dirty politics.

  7. The right have always been easily triggered snowflakes, even though they seem to be the ones who coined the term.


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