Political Caption Competition


What the National Party think due process looks like


  1. Bill: It’s the 3 cup trick you always win.

    Chwiss: Which cup is the new state house under ?

    Bill: None of them, that’s the magic of ‘ switcheroo ‘ .

    Chwiss: Oh I get it, private developers now own the houses.

    Bill : Yes , but it’s also all in the language while performing the trick.
    Instead of houses you say, ” 1500 places “. And buttabing – empty the motels into $$$ in private pockets.

    Chwiss. Cool, then say Nats created new
    ” PLACES” .
    But what about that newly divorced bloke living in his car ?

    Bill: All good, the kids can’t but he can still have his cat stay over.

  2. Toot toot. All aboard the txt gravy train… Would be great if the journos follow up on any potential txts from Bennett, Bridges, McCully, Sowry, and Joyce.


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