New Report From Anti-Poverty Coalition Slams Government Of “A Thousand Cuts” – ActionStation


A report published today by anti-poverty coalition Fairer Future has showcased the human cost of a series of recent Government decisions ahead of this week’s Budget.
A Thousand Cuts, written by the coalition with support from the Disabled Persons Assembly, records that around 30 new Government policies will detrimentally affect disabled people.
The report focuses on five key policies: benefit indexation changes, the decision to adjust the minimum wage by a lower amount than recommended, school meal cuts, the reintroduction of prescription fees, and public transport subsidy cuts.
It shows that a carer with children reliant on public transport faces higher costs of almost $2500 because of this government. A sole parent who uses public transport, is on minimum wage and has a disabled child may face costs approaching $6000 a year because of government decisions.

“It’s important that everyone realises how much harder life has got, and how quickly that has happened under this Government, and that’s what this report is about,” says Max Harris, campaigner at Fairer Future and one of the coordinators of the report.

The 20 page report, which was peer-reviewed, calls for the reversing of funding cuts, and an increase in support and flexibility, in particular for disabled people.
“These cuts all add up,” says Mojo Mathers, Chief Executive of the Disabled Person’s Assembly. “As a result many disabled people are being hit particularly hard by the cumulative impact of the changes that Government is bringing in.”

“Recessions are a time when more resources should be extended to people who are struggling, not less, and that’s what we’ll be looking for in this year’s Budget,” adds Max Harris.


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