National Government Takes Anti-housing Stance – Labour


In six short months the Minister for Housing has shrunk the pool of potential home owners in New Zealand, removed housing security for renters, re-introduced competition on existing stock between investors and speculators, and served power and billions of dollars to landlords on a silver platter, says Labour housing spokesperson Kieran McAnulty.

“The National Government has let New Zealanders down with the decision to sacrifice the First Home Grant, which is why the Labour Party has created a petition to call for the government to restore the First Home Grant and give first home buyers a fair go,” Kieran McAnulty said.

“Taking away $60 million reserved to help people get on the property ladder, while gifting $2.9 billion to landlords has shown the public where the Government’s priorities lie.

“The idea that this move was made to increase social housing numbers is beyond ridiculous. The Salvation Army and other community housing providers have had home build projects scrapped because the Government would not commit to funding them, and the funding announced amounts to a significant drop from previous levels. You can’t save your way out of a housing crisis.

“Not only have they taken opportunities from social housing, but they have also delivered a kick in the guts for potential homeowners.

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“For someone who’s never struggled to pay rent, deal with an insecure housing arrangement, operate a strict budget just to put a little aside each week – it may not seem like a big deal. But for many people the First Home Grant was what has helped them to own their own home.

“The Minister for Housing has an obligation to support people to get on to the property ladder, to have housing security, and access to a warm, safe home. He should have expanded the scheme, not scrapped it entirely.

“Not content with driving Kiwis out of the housing market, this Government’s brought back no-cause evictions, which means a landlord can kick a tenant out without needing a reason and without warning. We want the Government to ditch no cause evictions.

“They did have a choice – and they have made the wrong choice. But, it’s not too late for them to reconsider. We urge people to sign the petition in the hope that’s exactly what the Government does,” Kieran McAnulty said.


  1. This is the Goal of Neoliberalism & the WEF, which the Right wing Coalition of Scumbags, the unholy trinity of the Natzi Party, Act & NZ Last promote? NZ has embraced this deathcult Economic theology with gleeful delight for over 40 yrs, a utterly failed Economic theory that is just a excuse to loot & steal from the Public & transfer the Wealth to the Private Sector & Rich elites, it’s individualism over the common good? YOU WILL OWN NOTHING & YOU’LL BE HAPPY & we are seeing the implementation of this by Luxon & his crooked, corrupt crony Capitalist Govt & its appeasement to vested interests in the Real Estate Industry, Landlord class & Big Business & Big mining, the nepotism on display is unprecedented in NZ History? And ordinary NZers, you can go fuck yourselves says this Natzi Govt, your on your own, the free market will decide your fate & pick winners & losers & you are Losers, your job Kiwi’s is to be Neofeudal peasants & to live on our Plantations as Renters not Owners, only the wealthy & rich Politicians can enjoy multiple Home ownership, you must enrich us & ensure our prosperity while you live in poverty, scarcity & insecurity, but don’t worry it’s not forever, it’s only until your dying day when you’ll be set free, then your children & future generations will take over after you as our Slaves? This is the reason why BRICs & what was formerly called the Global South but is now called the Global Majority Nation’s are totally rejecting the US dominated Western Capitalist Neoliberal System that fuckwits like Seymour, Luxon & Peters are ramming down the throats of NZers & the Global Majority are embracing the fair World order thats being created by Russia, China & BRICs that will bring down this whole Neoliberalism system that only benefits a small group of filthy Rich scumbags who are looting the Globe, BRICs will guarantee everyone will be Housed & all the other necessities for life will be supplied at reasonable prices whereas the greed & selfishness of the Neoliberal system that promotes profits over people, that there is no Society, only Self interest & that Individual Rich Elites generate the wealth & can enjoy the spoils, taking the contributions of the working class out of the equation, they are serfs whose job is to make us rich? Neoliberalism’s Days are numbered, a new World Order is coming & Neoliberalism will be thrown into the Dustbin of History & Western Countries like NZ along with it, you are seeing the end of it in Realtime right now?


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